E/O Challenge word: Hope

Triabble word: Help

Now and Always

The damn demon had fought dirty.

Okay, hardly breaking news; it's what the hellspawn dicks did, and Sam took great satisfaction in sending its evil stinking ass back to hell.

Its cowardly attack had left Dean slumped helpless in Sam's arms; a stab wound to the back, and a vicious slash bisecting his chest.

Terrible dark stains crept slowly over Dean's shredded T-shirt, draining his consciousness as they spread.

Gently patting Dean's clammy-face as his head lolled limply across Sam's shoulder, Sam hoped he could coax Dean to stay awake.

"Dean," he whispered despairingly, "No sleepin', man, stay with me ..."


Dean could hear Sam's voice, but it was fading in and out, like crossing boundaries between radio-stations. That thought made Dean feel sad and empty, pining for his beautiful baby and her crappy analogue car-radio.

Come on Winchester, get a grip. Moping ain't helping…

He hauled himself half upright, fist tight in Sam's shirt.

"Let's get outta here, Sammy," he tried to say, but as he moved, something seemed to give way in his chest. A wave of darkness swept over him.

Aw shit. He couldn't leave Sam on his own to cope with Hallucifer; the kid deserved some hope.


And so he fought the pain; rode out the tidal waves of darkness and despair as he battled to stay and help his brother.

He heard Sammy's pleading voice – "stay with me" – and tried to respond. But his blood soaked body refused to co-operate; would not (could not) let him answer – right now breathing was hard enough.

Listening to the words of love and encouragement Dean hoped that the squeeze of his hand would be enough.

His brother needed him and that was the only thing that mattered. It was the only thing worth living for – now and always.


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