Only Teasing

Set in the SwitchVerse.

"How do you know you're human?"

"What?" Tony stared at the Doctor, trying to work out if he was being serious. "Of course I'm human!"

"But how do you know that?"

"I just know silly!"

He tilted his head towards the child. "But who told you that you're human?"

"No one told me, it's obvious, look at me."

"But I look human." He grinned, trying not to laugh. "Who says you're not just a human look alike too?"

"I do." He narrowed his eyes at the Doctor, annoyed that he wouldn't listen to him. "Mummy and Daddy and Rose are human so that means I am too."

"Are you sure?"

The boy rolled his eyes, sighing and turning to Jackie. "Mummy tell him. Tell him I'm human, he won't listen!"

"Can't do that sweetheart." She laughed. "Maybe you're not."

"But then you wouldn't be human either."

She shook her head. "No, just your dad."

"What?" He eyed her suspiciously, fully aware she was lying.

"Yeah, what?" Pete turned to her, leaning closer. "I thought we weren't gonna tell him."

"Stop it!" He prodded his father's leg. "Don't lie!"

Smiling, he ruffled his son's hair. "Doesn't mean we don't love you, we do."

"But I'm human!"

The Doctor frowned, feigning insulted. "Is there something wrong with not being human? I'm not human."

"I never said that! Stop it! You know I love you." He stepped closer, tightly hugging him. "There's nothing wrong with not being human."

"Yeah?" He smiled as Tony released him and stood up properly.

"Yes!" He sighed, clearly tired of his persistent questioning. "I just know what I am, I'm human and nothing you can say will make me think differently."


"No! I know what's right!"

Jackie smiled, picking him up and cuddling him. "I'm so proud of you."

Tony looked up at her, blue eyes staring up into hers. "Proud?"

"Yeah." She nodded, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Always."

He beamed at her. "At least someone loves me."

"They're only teasing." She laughed. "You know they love you." She held him tighter as he wrapped his arms around her neck to hug her back. "And you're definitely human."

"I know."

"Not so sure about your dad though."

As Tony giggled Pete shot his wife a look, a half smile on his face. "Yeah, thanks, I love you too."

Jackie smiled, watching him over the top of their son's head. "Oh go and give him a cuddle before he goes all grumpy on us."

As he pulled him closer Tony reached out towards his dad, happily settling into his embrace. Smiling, Pete pressed his face into his son's fluffy blonde hair, looking up at Jackie. "I'm gonna miss your cuddles when you grow up."

Tony looked up into his father's eyes, earning himself a smile as Pete saw his own eyes staring back at him, a perfect copy even down to the hazel and green flecks in them. He could never describe how incredible it felt to see himself in his children. "I'll always give you a cuddle when you want one."

"Really?" He rubbed his son's nose, smiling at the reminder that he had his mother's nose; he had so much of Jackie in him. "Even when you're as big as Rose?"

"Especially then."

"Oh but you won't want to cuddle me then, you'll have someone else to cuddle like she does." Pete tried to ignore the grin on the Doctor's face that he could see in the corner of his eye.

Tony continued to beam at him. "But she still hugs you."

"That's different, hugs are different to cuddles. You'll get too old for cuddles with your dad."

The child frowned, he loved to cuddle with his family but it made him smile to know he would still have someone to cuddle when he was older. "Then you'll just have to settle for hugs and cuddle Mummy instead."

He pressed a kiss to Tony's hair, holding him tighter as he looked up at Jackie, she had a smile on her face. "Deal."