A/N: Alright first off I'm sorry for everyone reading Everything was lie…My muse for that story seems to have taken a break, I have some really great ideas for it but my muse just left the building and decided to reside with this story I am now writing. I have had this swimming around in my head for a little bit and was only waiting for permission from someone to use a couple things from their own story.

So I would like to thank RenesmeeRita for allowing me to use a couple ideas from her story Hey princess. Mainly the name of the children that will appear in this story and some of the abuse ideas and trial.

Warnings: This is a Slash Story(Mainly male/male/male) Yes this will eventually end up as a threesome. Their will be both Abuse between adults and some mild child abuse(Mostly of telling from a child to an adult nothing very vivid in this aspect). Some of the characters will be OC, the war is long over and people change. This is AU obviously with having MPREG in it and there will be obviously mention of past MPREG and future MPREG in this story. If you do not like any of these than please do not read.

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Summary: Harry is in a very loving relationship with Remus and get a very big surprise when Lucius Malfoy shows up to his door with two kids in tow. Harry's past comes to bite him in the ass but he can make this situation into something better, especially when he starts having feelings for someone other than Remus. How will Remus handle all of this news?

Chapter 1:

Harry loved coming home from work, especially after having a very trying day interrogating people with out getting any answers. Today was a very trying day, they had pulled Marcus Flint into the Auror department for questioning about some activity that was happening against muggles. The man was just how Harry remembered him from Hogwarts, big, dumb and aggressive.

Harry had been there, in that little room with the man, all day. He tried and tried to get answers from him but the damn idiot just wasn't giving in. Harry wanted to tear his hair out and couldn't stop thinking about his lover waiting for him at home.

When he came into the house he threw his jacket on the rack by the door and went in search of his lover. Just thinking of the man as his lover put a large smile upon Harry's face. Last year he wouldn't have imagined the man felt the same way for him. He had harbored feelings for him since Hogwarts and finally found the nerve to tell him.

When he did, the man crushed him into the wall and practically devouring Harry's mouth. He realized it was the wolf inside of him and was glad when he found out that he was the others mate. Remus had figured it out when they first came in contact on the Hogwarts express all those years ago, but couldn't tell him because of his age.

Remus admitted to him that was the reason he never wanted to be alone with Harry. He was too afraid of his wolf taking over and claiming him. Claiming is what Remus did that night. He took Harry to bed and they didn't see anyone for three days. Harry could still remember how sore he was when he finally climbed out of bed, but he couldn't have been happier.

As Harry reached the kitchen, the smell of fried chicken and potatoes passed by his nose. His stomach growled in frustration for having missed his earlier meals, making him walk faster into the room. He stopped short when he saw Remus leaning in front of the stove and quietly made his way to the other man.

While Remus was still leaning over, Harry placed his hands on the other man's hips, holding back a laugh when Remus jumped in surprise. Remus turned around, smiling at Harry, before placing a small kiss on the other mans lips.

"Don't do that again Harry. I could've knocked my self out jumping like that." Remus stated as he pulled away from Harry's grasp.

"Sorry love. I just couldn't resist." Harry laughed as he took a seat at the table, watching Remus pull dinner out of the oven. Just when the two men were about to dive into their meal there was a knock on the door.

Harry looked over to Remus with a look asking if he was expecting anyone. When Remus shook his head, Harry pushed his chair away from the table and stood to go answer the door. When he opened the front Door, his mouth dropped open at who was standing on the other side. Remus came up behind him and he could hear his lover gasp.

"Mr. Malfoy. What are you doing here?" Harry asked with a slight sneer in his voice.

"I have something to tell you. If we could take this inside I have two little ones who are cold." Lucius nodded to his arm and behind him.

Harry took another look at the Malfoy patriarch and saw a little girl pocking her head out from behind him and a little boy squirming in his arms. Both had light blonde hair, making Harry wonder if they were the mans children.

"Uh. Sure. Come in." Harry replied, moving out of the way and in turn making Remus move behind him.

Harry watched gob-smacked as the older man walked into the house with the little girl trailing behind him. Lucius swiftly moved into the living room and placed the baby down on the floor, atop the blanket he was wrapped him.

"Alright Mr. Malfoy, what was it you needed to talk to me about?" Harry asked as he and Remus sat on the love seat across from the other man.

"Well I am just going to be straight forward with you. These two little ones are yours Harry." Harry heard himself laugh at those words but stopped short when he realized Lucius was not joking.

"Excuse me but I don't ever remember having any type of sexual relationship with you Mr. Malfoy?" Harry tried pushing the next thought out of his mind, dismissing it as he would have known.

"They are not mine Mr. Potter. They are my sons." Harry felt himself go white, he was dreading hearing that confirmed out loud. The past was slowly creeping up on him and he wanted to run and hide.

"I don't understand what you want me to do?" He said trying to regulate his breathing, the memories of his time with the younger Malfoy flashing in his mind.

"I need you to take them. I love my grandchildren, don't get me wrong, but I don't have the means to take care of them." Lucius sighed as he felt his granddaughter crawl onto his lap and start to play with his hair.

"And you think I do?" Harry felt Remus grab a hold of his hand making him look at his lover.

"We do Harry. More than Lucius does." Harry cocked his head trying to understand.

"After the war I lost a great deal Harry. All my assets were taken from me by the Ministry, I was finally able to separate my self from Narcissa after years of being forced to be with her and well the first time I saw Draco was two days ago when he dropped these two off with me. I didn't even know of them until now. I knew they were yours from the birth certificates Draco had left with them. It pains me to have to do this, but I know you will not forbid me from seeing them either." Lucius was looking helplessly into Harry's eyes making him hang his head.

He had no idea that the ministry had taken everything from the Malfoy's. After the war Harry had split from Draco for awhile, finally breaking free from the grasp the other boy had on him. Then he met up with him right before he had poured his heart out to Remus and he regretted it and quickly left the next morning before Draco had awaken.

"What are their names and how old are they?" Harry asked looking down to the little boy of the rug.

"This little Princess is Clover Darcy Malfoy-Potter, She is five. The little tyke on the floor is David Scott Malfoy-Potter he is six months old." Harry felt Remus pull his hand away from Harry, making him feel slightly sick.

As he calculated in his head, Remus got up off the love seat and excused himself from the room. Harry figured Clover was conceived right before he broke it off with Draco the first time and David was the one night he spent with Draco before he got with Remus. He hung his head in shame, knowing Remus was upset.

"I'll take them. You can come around when ever you want to see them, just no mentions of the past please. I have to go set up rooms for them, so if you could please stay until that is finished, I would be grateful." Harry stated as he stood from the couch.

"I can do that. I want to spend some more time with them before I have to leave. Thank you Harry. Just please don't let my son know they are here, and I would love to hear about how you had ended up with him in the first place." Lucius smiled at Harry with a hint of something behind his gaze Harry's couldn't put his finger on.

"I don't know if I want to tell you anything, and you never have to worry about me saying anything to Draco, I don't even talk to him any longer and don't plan to." Harry nodded to Lucius before he made his way upstairs, planning on talking to Remus the moment the children's rooms were done.

A/N: So what does everyone thing about this so far. Next chapter will be Remus' reaction to the children and Harry's relationship with Draco. Harry will explain a little about when he was with Draco but not everything just yet.