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Harry sat around the house watching the four children play. The twins were now a year old, David was almost three and Clover is seven. Remus and Lucius stayed home and taught Clover the things she needed to know out side of Muggle schooling, which Harry insisted she attended.

The past year was had work for Harry, he continued to try and not push Lucius away while having as much time alone with Remus as possible. It was slightly easy in the beginning with the twins around and Lucius having to take care of them so much. Clover had asked Harry one day why he didn't spend as much time with the twins as he did her and David, and that made him change his ways towards the two tiny babies.

He quickly fell in love with them and slowly fell in love with Lucius because of them. Remus and Lucius still insisted that they all go out on dates every week, while Molly watched the children. The older woman was in heaven with so many children in her care again.

Harry had a lot on his mind this morning, he loved Remus unconditionally and wanted them to take the next step. The only problem was that he didn't love Lucius like that and he knew Remus would say no if he didn't ask Lucius also. They hadn't even sealed their bond magically yet either, which he knew the other two men were anxious about doing.

He just couldn't bring him self to have sex with Lucius or even stay in the room when Remus and Lucius wanted to have sex. They had tried many times over the past year to have him join, but he continued to refuse. He knew he was being stupid, they were all together now and he was only hurting Remus by continuing to act like this.

He continued to have conversations with Severus about all of this. He was amazed that it only took the other man three months to seal the bond magically with his mates. Harry stood up, finally deciding that he would ask both the men tonight his question. He knew he was quickly falling in love with Lucius and maybe this would strengthen their bond.

Harry quickly got ready and went to gather all the children to bring them to Molly's before meeting the other two men where they told him. When he apperated to the destination they told him he was shocked. He was standing in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere. There was a picnic basket laying on a big blanket in front of him and firefly's flying around to light the area. It was gorgeous.

Strong arms wrapped around him from behind and soft lips attached themselves to his neck. He knew it was Remus right away and relaxed against the other man. Lucius came in front of him and smiled before moving forward and placing a gentle, questioning kiss on his lips. Harry pulled the other man closer and deepened the kiss, wanting him to know this was alright. When they all finally unwrapped from each other, Harry sat down and pulled them down with him.

"This is great guys. Thank you." Harry smiled.

"Well we know how much work you have been doing and figured you needed a very relaxing night, Love." Remus stated.

"Thanks." Harry replied as they all started to eat the food in the basket.

After they were done eating Harry laid down on the blanket and watched the fire fly's he waited for the two men to situate before he sat back up and faced the both of them.

"I have an important question to ask and I need you both not to say anything until I am done alright?" He asked. He watched as they both looked at each other for a moment and then nodded towards him.

"Alright. Remus you know I have loved you since we first got together, you are my mate and my life and I never want to loose you again. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Lucius we have had a very rocky road for many, many years. I have been falling in love with you more and more everyday and can't see my life with out you in it any longer. What I am trying to ask the both of you is, Will you both Marry me?" Harry didn't have a chance to really look at the two men before he was laying on his back with two very happy men on top of him.

Remus was kissing him passionately on the lips as Lucius was slowly removing his clothes. The cool air hit his body, sending chills across his skin and making him moan into Remus' mouth.

Remus stood up and Lucius stood behind him removing his clothes in front of Harry. The sight was sexy as hell, watching them undress each other in front of him. He couldn't believe he refused to watch them before, they were gorgeous together.

Harry reached up and pulled Remus down to him once the man was fully unclothed and began kissing down his body. In the corner of his eye he could see Lucius begin to pleasure himself. Harry made his way down to Remus' cock and took it into his mouth. He loved hearing his mate moan and whimper under him.

Harry pushed one finger into Remus' awaiting hole and pumped in in and out along with the rhythm of his mouth over his cock.

"Harry. Fuck, stop teasing take me." Remus shouted. Harry quickly added a couple more fingers, stretching and preparing Remus for him. Once he figured he was ready, Harry quickly pulled his mouth and fingers off his mate and lined himself up, while watching Lucius finger fuck himself to preparation.

Harry pushed into the hilt, balls slapping Remus ass as the man kneeled on his knees. He started to pump slowly in and out as they both watched Lucius. Harry nipped on Remus's neck to get his attention and whisper into his ear.

"Fuck Lucius while I fuck you. I want to seal our bond tonight. I love you." Remus growled, his wolf taking over just thinking about bonding. Harry let Remus lean forward with his cock still in the man ass and watched as he dragged Lucius over to them and forcefully flipped the blonde over onto his knees.

Harry stilled his movements as he watch Remus' cock sink into Lucius. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen, watching his mate begin to fuck Lucius. Once he knew Remus had a good pace going, Harry matched his movements.

The three were moaning and whimpering when a white blinding light surrounded them. Harry couldn't help but begin to move faster as he sank his teeth into Remus' shoulder. He heard Remus growl and then Lucius scream out in pleasure.

"I'm coming loves, good god this feels amazing." Lucius shouted. Harry felt Remus' muscles clench his cock, and he knew his mate was coming undone right then, the power of their orgasms sent Harry over the edge and he spilled his seed into Remus. In the back of his mind he wished that Remus could get pregnant, but he pushed it aside when he saw the white light dissolve into the three of them.

They all fell over on their sides, wrapping arms and legs around each other, when they were finally finished. Harry raised himself up on his elbow to look at the other two men's faces and smiled.

"So is that a yes." He asked laughing.

"Of course love. Why would we say no. Now we are magically bonded, I can't wait to legally bond as well." Remus replied.

"Same here. Now let's get some sleep before we have to get back to the children. That was amazing and I'm exhausted." Lucius smiled before closing his eyes. Harry laid back down and wrapped his arm around both men.

"I love you both." He whispered before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep himself. Feeling much more content than he ever has before.