Author's Note: Cara Mia = Italian for my beloved, my love, ect. Mon Cherie = French for my dear. Co-written with Beauty of Bloody Thorns.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Addams Family. If I did, there would be a 3rd movie with Pubert is grown up.

Pugsley's What?


"Ok, class. Today we have a group project." the art teacher, Mr. Rooks, said. He started pairing people up. "Anderson and Taylor, John and Derek, ….." he went through the list. "Pugsley Addams and Neo Moore."

"Who?" Pugsley and Neo said at the same time from the back of the room.

"You two sit right next to each other." Mr. Rooks told them. The class laughed a little.

"Oh." Pugsley said looking over at the short, skinny, pale, white headed kid, who was wearing a silent suicide shirt and black baggy cargo pants, sitting next to him.

Neo coward away from the tall, big, brown headed boy who looked like he could break him in half, now known as Pugsley.

After everyone had their partners, Mr. Rooks explained that the project was to make a model of something that would appeal to kids. "Oh, and you only have 2 days so it might be wise to work on it after school." He sat at his desk. "Well, what are you all sitting around for? Get to work." He snapped.

~After School~

Neo was walking out of the school. "Neo!" he heard his name called. He turned to see Pugsley running toward him. "Hey." Pugsley said when he caught up to Neo. "Should we work on our project? We could at my house."

Neo thought about it a little bit. He was hesitant. He'd heard about the Addams's. He'd heard that they were all creepy and deranged. He knew Pugsley's sister, Wednesday, and was terrified of her. "S-sure." he finally said and followed Pugsley.

Neo was a little nervous as they walked down the sidewalk. "I'm not going to hurt you." Pugsley told him.

"It's not that. It's just that tall people make me nervous." Neo said. "I don't like when people tower over me."

"But doesn't everybody tower over you?"

"Yes. T-that is w-why I'm nervous a-all the time." Neo stuttered out.

They started discussing the project soon after. "Well, we could do something about Disney." Pugsley said with disgust in his voice.

Neo started to twitch. "NO!" he said with a shudder.

Pugsley smiled. "Your alright." he said patting Neo on the back. Neo jumped away from the hand.

"Don't. I have a height and touching problem."

"Yeah, I would have never guessed you had a height problem." Pugsley said sarcastically. Neo gave him a death glare that didn't have any effect on Pugsley. Pugsley just smirked.

~At Addams House, Neo's P.O.V~

We were walking through the gate when suddenly it closed on my shirt. "Uh." I said nervously and frantically tried to get free.

Pugsley looked a little amused by my reaction. "Open up gate." he said and the gate let me go. I ran over to Pugsley who was grinning.

We walked up to the door and Pugsley rung the doorbell. "Why are you ringing the doorbell of your own house?" I asked, my back toward the door. Pugsley just had a smirk on his face. "Why are you smirking?" I asked as I heard the door open. I turned around and freaked out.

A very tall, scary man stood at the door. I backed up real quick, forgetting Pugsley was right behind me until I backed into him. I started twitching. I could hear him chuckle.

"Who?" I asked looking back at him with fear in my voice.

"That's Lurch. He kind of like a butler." Pugsley pushed me into the house. I was starting to regret agreeing to come to his house.

Once we were inside, a tall woman in a tight black dress came down the stairs. "Pugsley. You're home. Wednesday said you had a art project." She looked at me. "Who is this boy?"

"This is Neo. He's my partner for the project." Pugsley explained. I started to twitch. "He has height issues." He ruffled my hair and I hit his hand away. "And touching issues." he turned toward me. "This is my mom, Morticia."

I looked at the woman. She was pretty with curves. "She's your mom?" I asked in disbelieve.

"That's what I said, shorty." he said. I punched him in the side.

A man walked in and Pugsley looked away from me. I shook my throbbing hand. He defiantly wasn't soft.

~Pugsley's P.O.V~

Neo punched me in the side. It didn't really hurt though. Then my father, Gomez, walked in. When Neo thought I wasn't looking, he shook his hand in pain. I couldn't help, but smirk a little. I made sure he didn't notice though.

"This is my father, Gomez." I told Neo. He stopped shacking his hand when he knew I was looking. "This is Neo." I told my dad.

I started talking to my dad, but out of the corner of my eye I was watching Neo, who was holding his hand in pain. I smiled again.

Suddenly, I hear Neo scream. I look over and see him on the floor gasping for air. Pubert is standing were Neo was with a knife in his hand and Wednesday is behind him.

"Was that scary enough?" Pubert asked Wednesday. Pubert is now 9 years old and is a lot like Wednesday. Pubert also matured fast so he acts like a 13 year old, male version of Wednesday.

"Yes, I think he might have peed his pants." She said.

"Cool. I'm going to go scare the neighbors." Pubert said.

~Neo's P.O.V~

"Pubert." Morticia said sternly. 'oh, good. She's going to stop him', I thought. "That knife is to small to scare anyone properly."

"You're right." he said and left the room.

I was trying to control my breathing. "Oh, that was my brother Pubert and you know Wednesday." Pugsley explained as he crouched down next to me.

Pubert returned with a butcher knife. "No blood shed this time." Morticia said.

"Did she say 'this time'?" I asked frightened. "He's just like STACY!"

"Moore?" Pubert asked.

"Yes, why?" I asked unsure. "Wait a minute!, does she call you Mr. A?" I say with a wide eye look, he nods to me. "So YOU'RE the kid that gave her the idea to string me up from our balcony over rabid dogs with spiders crawling all over me!"

"So you're her brother!" Pubert said. "Nice to meet ya." he said sticking out his hand that held the butcher knife. He almost cut my face. "Oops, sorry, wrong hand." He stuck out his other hand.

Before I could take it, Morticia interrupts. "Pubert, if you make a lot of blood shed I will not like you let you on the website you like so much."

"But I have to talk to PoisonMaster23." Pubert whines to his mom.

"Wait, you're PsychoticKiller24." I ask then look at the knife. "I should have known."

"You're.." Pubert trails off. "Man, now I feel bad." He shakes my hand.

"You honestly didn't notice by my hair. I told you my hair was naturally white." I say.

"I thought it was dyeeee, oh crap. Stacy told me never to say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Pubert screamed as I squeezed his hand hard. "LET GO! YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK MY, AHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed as I tightened my grip. He finally got his hand free. "I'M SORRY!" he yelled as he ran out of the house.

~No one's P.O.V~

"mmh." Wednesday mumbled under her breath. "He might have potential."

"Oh, Cara Mia, it's like lost son." Gomez said kissing Morticia's hand.

"I know what you mean, Mon Cherie." Morticia said staring at Neo.

"Well, lets go work on our project." Pugsley told Neo and they left the room.

"He has potential to fit in." Gomez said. "But he's a little to jumpy."

"That can always be fixed." Wednesday said. "We fixed Joel didn't we. And he was worse than Neo."

~Dinner Time~

Pugsley and Neo walked into the kitchen. "What's for dinner?"

"You!" Mamma said pointing to Neo. He jumped a little. Then she smiled. "Puberts told me about you. I like you already." she said. "I'm Pugsley's grandma."

"Hi." Neo said unsure. She looked like a crazy old bat. Then he remembered that his family doesn't know where he was. Neo pulled out his cell phone and called his house. Stacy answered. "Hey Stacy, wait don't." Neo dropped the phone, suddenly and it hit speaker phone. The sound of a song from the Little Mermaid could be heard. Neo sat on the ground, holding his ears, and rocking back and forth saying, "Make it stop, make it STOP!"

"Where is that atrocious music coming from." Fester said walking into the kitchen with an axe. He cut the phone in half and the music stopped.

Neo picked up the phone and looked at it. The top and bottom were connected by one wire. "You…cut….my phone… half." Neo shrugs. "Oh well. It was a piece of crap anyway."

He threw the phone and it landing in the pot of food. Mamma tasted it. "So that's what it was missing. An electric kick." She said.

They ate and Neo got to know them a little bit. "Here drink this." Wednesday says handing Neo a bottle.

"Um, ok." Neo says and drinks it. Wednesday stares at him like she's waiting for something. "What?" he asks.

"Yeah, it's official." Wednesday says.

"What?" Neo asks again. The label peels to show that what he drunk was poison. "Oh, so that's why it tastes familiar." They looked at him strangely. "I went through a suicidal phase." He explained. "Oh, can I borrow a phone."

A minute past and Lurch brought him the phone. He just grunted when Neo thanked him.

"Oh, man. What if Stacy answers?" Neo said.

"I'll call." Pubert said and took the phone from Neo. Neo was about to tell the number, but Pubert was already dialing. "Hey Stacy. Neo's over here and wants to talk to his older brother."

"NO! Don't tell her to give it to Rick, tell her to give it to my other brother."

"Sorry, Rick's already on the phone." Pubert stopped. "Wait, you have another brother?"

"Yeah, my twin, Steven, but he hates sunlight so he stays in the attic or his art room all day and takes classes online." Neo explained. "We don't look much alike though. Steven's got pitch black hair and is naturally tan." Neo answered the phone. "Hey Rick. Can you possibly leave the gate op-." he stopped.

"He hung up on you didn't he?" Pubert asked.

Neo nodded. "Well, you can stay here in Pugsley's room." Gomez says.

"Anywhere else? Like a guest room." Neo asked nervously.

Pugsley just threw Neo on his shoulder and started toward the stairs. "Put me down!" Neo says as he hits Pugsley in the back.

"Hey." Pugsley says. Then the others hear a yelp.

"Don't slap my butt." Neo yelled. Another yelp. "Stop it!"