On One Conditon

Chapter 1- Possible Outcomes

She was a beauty. Her long blonde hair and tall figure made Zander swoon.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" He whispered to Kevin.

"What?" Kevin mumbles. Zander looks beside himself to find his friend staring at something else in front of him. A large pile of nachos drenched in cheese, ground beef, beans and sour cream.

"Kevin? Are you listening to me?" Zander slaps Kevin's arm to get his attention.

"I'm sorry I got bored of you drooling over Lyndsey and thought that the nachos was less of a waste of my time," Kevin said.

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with liking a girl, you should try it sometime," Zander lashes back.

"I'm already in a relationship... with my food," Kevin says taking a big bite of his nachos. Zander rolls his eyes and then directs them back at Lyndsey.

"But Kevin, she could be the one," he explains.

"You say that about every girl you meet," Kevin says. Zander doesn't respond so he adds, "dude just ask her out."

"I can't!" Zander complains. "She's different."

"How? She seems pretty normal to me," Kevin questions.

Zander lowers his voice and says, "She's smart."

"So? Is she not gonna fall for your tricks?" Kevin asks.

"Well I tried to talk to her during English but she said she was too busy writing the notes down," he explains. "Who does that?"

"If you're really having that much trouble just ask Kacey." Kevin suggests.

"Kacey? Seriously? I'll have more success asking Nelson for help."

"Sorry, I just thought that because she's a girl and knows girl stuff," Kevin responds.

"Well I mean that part isn't a bad idea it's just, Kacey? I don't really think she'll know anything about smart girls," he explains.

"Yeah you're probably right," Kevin says and plays with his nachos for awhile before getting another idea. "Hey, what about Stevie?" It takes Zander a long time to respond, thinking of the possible outcomes of asking her for help.

"I don't know, if I ask her she might just laugh in my face," Zander points out.

"But I mean you could just give it a try. You never know," Kevin hopefully responds.

"I guess."


Well there you have it! The first chapter!

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