Chapter Four

Said girl he had gone all the way with was leaning over his shoulder showing him notes she had found from Trevor. She wanted him to go over it with her so she understood everything that was going on, but Sean could hardly concentrate from the sweet smell of her perfume and the way her arm brushed against his with every movement.

He wanted to kiss her. He knew how wrong it was considering Kailani was sitting right beside him, but he had known all along the feelings had never faded. Pretend with all he might; he was still hopelessly in love with Emmie.

"... so this place that they are searching for is called Lemuria. It was said to be connected to the same landmass as Madagascar and India, but they broke apart because of plate tectonics, or something like that."

Sean glanced at the side of Emmie's face seeing the excitement evident on her features. She would get like this whether they were going through the forest to look for a bird or go rock climbing in Shiprock, New Mexico.

"They say that this Lemuria could have never existed because it was not found underneath the ocean or anywhere they could visibly see," she chuckled making eye contact with Sean. "You know how scientists are. It's not real until they could see it, touch it, taste it, or smell it. And sometimes that isn't even enough to convince them."

A flight attended stopped on their row giving the three a bright smile, "Hey, my name is Amy. Can I get any of you anything to drink or eat? It's a long flight."

"Water?" Kailani requested. She needed something to cool her off from how livid she became as soon as she found out the seating arrangements.

"Of course ma'am."

"I'll have some white wine," Emmie grinned up at the woman.

"Anything for you sir?"

Sean raised his eyebrows, "Water is fine..."

When the woman left Sean shot Emmie a incredulous look, "I can't believe they are actually going to give you something to drink."

"Sean..." she said slowly. "I am twenty-one."

"When did this happen?"

"A few months ago," Emmie sighed irritably. "Can we please get back to the map?"

"I didn't know you turned twenty-one," he shrugged.

"Sorry... baby."

He scoffed, "Not this baby crap again."

"There's always this baby crap with you," she teased. "Because you are a big fat baby."

"I am not a baby."

"How's the little teenager doing? Did you have fun in Algebra today sweetie? Did you use that lunch money mommy gave you?"

He ignored her to stare at Kailani who's eyes were cast out the window. The two girls on either side of him were polar opposites in personalities and looks...

Kailani had tall bronzed legs that seemed to go on for miles. Her chest was small, but enough to get herself noticed if she wore a shirt cut low enough. She also had this muscular body that reminded him of a cross between a ballet dancer and a body builder; slender yet bulky in all the right areas. She had these wide dark brown eyes with even darker curly hair that reached her shoulder blades. There was something fairly exotic about her that made her attractive at a distance.

However, the girls personality could be her downfall. She was demanding, ruthless, selfish, and never seemed satisfied with anything. But Sean knew she had a good side. Like when they saw the miniature elephants on the mysterious Island. She had been so fascinated by the creature that Sean saw the radiance that was hidden deep within her unravel itself.

Emmie was... well she was his Emmie. Short with voluptuous curves that would make Marilyn Monroe jealous. Glimmering gray eyes that sucked you into a deep dark abyss that no one could escape. Her hair was wavier and burgundy colored reaching down to her waist that made Sean think of a Disney Princess.

Like Kailani, she had her many downfalls. Besides her arrogance, stubbornness, and extreme haughtiness. She made Sean feel beneath her. As if he had never been on her level. It mostly had been the age card that played a toll on their relationship, well, other than Sean's fear of actually being in a relationship that appeared when he turned seventeen.


Kailani's soft voice broke his concentration, "Nothing."

"You've been staring at me for about fifteen minutes."

"I was just thinking," he explained tiredly. He was tired of the attitude she had been giving him since Emmie showed up. Sure, he would be pissed if one of her ex's appeared out of the blue, but he was actually searching for his lost uncle.

The flight attendant returned with their orders. Emmie thanked her loudly as she gripped onto the glass and immediately gulped down more than enough of the liquid. The young man beside her started to get a bad feeling as she sipped her wine happily. Here he was sitting between two beautiful women both with a fiery temper that could set water aflame; and one of them was being served wine.

Kailani leant forward so she could peer over at Emmie, who was focused on sipping her wine and going over a stack of paperwork, "So... Emmie..."

The petite woman raised an eyebrow questionably, but did not avert her gaze to her former lover's new interest.

"What is Lemuria?"

"Lemuria is somewhat like Atlantis. It was supposedly long before Atlantis, but ended roughly around when Atlantis began. The people that inhabited the island were also said to have a highly advanced culture and spirituality," she explained.

"What do you think your uncle would be doing there?" Kailani moved back so she could make eye contact with Sean.

He frowned, "I'm not sure..."

"Seismic activity of course," Emmie shook her head irritably. "I swear, that man hears anything remotely close to what could be volcanic activity and he's there."

"Do you think they found it?" Sean grabbed a book from Emmie's lap. He flipped through a few of the pages. Stopping on one that held a map he looked it over carefully. Ever since the Mysterious Island he had decided to learn how to read them correctly.

"I hope so."

Crossing her arms over her chest Kailani huffed, "I don't believe it."

Once more, Emmie's eyebrow rose dangerous high, however she did not face Kailani. Sean knew that look. He knew that look well. So good that he knew he should probably change the subject before a brawl broke out.

Sean sighed, "Kailani, what about the Mysterious Island?"

"Yeah," Kailani shrugged. "That was a once in a lifetime thing. Do you really think that no one would have stumbled upon the island by now?"

"Not if it's hidden," he argued. Now he was starting to become irritated. This was how every conversation went whenever Sean would bring up a hidden island or some kind of crazy adventure. It was always that's not real.

"It's not hidden Sean," she rolled her chocolate eyes. "It's fake. Imaginary! Non-existent!"

Emmie smirked when she saw Sean's fist clench. Now she knew the look Sean was giving his girlfriend. A look of pure disbelief. When Sean felt he was being called out on he tended to get a bit mouthy. She wouldn't deny that him being angry at Kailani was making her amused.

"Whatever Kailani," he huffed. "You never believe anything I say. It's always not real."

The girl frowned, "You know that's not true Sean."

"Oh yeah?" Sean scoffed. He turned his head so that he was looking down at his lap so that Kailani was no longer in eyesight.

Shaking her head, Kailani crossed her arms over her chest and turned to stare out the cloudy blue sky in a tense silence. Emmie gave the couple a once over before taking a delighted sip of her wine.

Amy, the flight attendant, smiled as she stopped at the isle, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Emmie raised her glass, "More wine please!"


Sean exhaled shortly, but said nothing in return to Emmie's drinking.

Almost a half hour passed before Kailani stood abruptly. She scooted past Sean and Emmie before strutting down the hall to where the bathrooms were located.

"So..." Emmie bit down her grin as she eyed Sean. "Your girlfriend is... something."

"She's just stressed," Sean muttered defensively. He glanced into her gray eyes and immediately felt derailed. He didn't want Emmie to know she had won, that she was better than any women he could ever have. Because he couldn't have Emmie. Not anymore.

"My mother and Trevor are missing. I think I'm a little stressed out too and not being a bitch," was Emmie's counter.

"Excuse me?"

Emmie looked beside her to see Kailani glowering down at her, "Oh sorry. Did you hear me call you a bitch?"

"Who the hell do you think you are?" she barked.

Sean's jaw tightened, "Kailani, come sit down."

"No, no. She just called me a bitch and you want me to sit down!"

"You're going to get yourself in trouble," Sean ground out as he noticed the nervous looks of some of the other passengers. "Now come sit down."

The flight attendant returned with a glass of wine and a troubled look, "Is there something wrong ma'am?"

"Hell yes," Kailani pointed an aggressive finger towards Emmie. "She just called me a bitch."

"Amy, would there be any way possible for me to change seats?" Emmie requested with a sigh.

"I'll see what I can do."

Emmie motioned to Hank, "Can you ask that woman beside that gentleman over there? I'm with him and we got separated."

In a rush, the woman placed a hand on the gray haired woman's shoulder who sat beside Hank. They shared a few hushed words before the woman stood from her seat and followed the flight attendant.

With an annoyed look towards Kailani, Emmie gathered her paperwork and books. Standing straight she stared hard at the younger, yet taller, female before thanking the older woman and flight attendant as she made her way to the now vacant seat.

As she plopped down Hank shot her an amused half-grin, "Nice of you to join me."

"Funny," Emmie rolled her eyes, but smiled at the older man.

"Not getting along with Kailani?"

She chuckled, "Obviously not."

"She's a handful," Hank glanced back at his step-son who was getting a tongue lashing from his girlfriend. He shook his head. Originally when they had gone to Mysterious Island and he had given Sean his awesome tips on scoring the pretty young brunette he hadn't anticipated it being anything more than a simple crush. Then when it had progressed to her spontaneously showing up for months on end... well, the girl had a loud personality.

"Well, my hands are currently holding as much as they can at the moment!" Emmie spread out her paperwork on her lap.

Hank motioned to a wrinkled parchment, "I'm good with maps."

"Really?" she smirked as she shoved the paper in his large hands. "Then have at it! I'm terrible with directions."

He brought it closer to his eye level, "Huh."


"Nothing I've ever seen before..."

"That doesn't surprise me," Emmie took out another map, which resembled the Earth in it's present state. "The map you hold in your hand is of the Lemuria in 950,000 B.C. There was a great flood that changed the landscape."

"How do you propose this map is going to help us then?"

"It probably wont."

Hank shook his head, "Then how do you think we are going to find your parents?"

"Because my mom was smart enough to send me their coordinates whenever they ventured out too far. This is the last one she sent me..." she showed him the scribbled numbers. "It was sent two weeks ago."

"They could be anywhere in the ocean."

Frowning, she opened one of the books about the island, "I know."

"I hope we can find them. Liz has told me stories of you before and from what I recall..." he smiled as their eyes met. "You're a strong woman and nothing stops you from getting what you want."