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Treasure of the future

Chapter 1

Ohh crimany, I see big trouble

It was a typical Monday morning, well as typical as it could get anyway. It stared out normal but as they went on, the kids of PS.118 were beginning to notice something unusual. The terror of the fourth grade better known as Helga G. Pataki and Arnold, the boy with the blue cap was no were insight. The kids started wondering where they were, nether imaging that they were together.

"I just don't get it Helga, what was so important that we had to skip school so you could show me?" Arnold asked annoyed.

"You will see when we get their Football Head," Helga said pulling Arnold faster toward Mighty Peat.

When they got there Arnold saw a little girl about seven years old. She had long wavy blond hair with a pink bow on top of her head, pale skin and jelly been green eyes. The girl saw them approaching, she smiled widely and ran over to them.

"Ok, here he is, now tell him exactly what you told me this earlier," Helga said gently while she stared at the girl.

"Well are you sure he can take it?" The little girl asked worriedly.

"I don't know, but he better. Now tell him Eleanor or I will," Helga said sternly.

Arnold watch confused, he look over the little girl and saw her playing with her hair. Arnold almost chuckle at how adorable this little girl was, she look so nervous and worried; she was adorable. Helga began taping her foot while Arnold sighed and bent over.

"Hey Eleanor, my name is Arnold so what did you want to tell me?" Arnold asked patiently.

The little girl giggled and looked up at him, her jelly bean green eyes came to meet his eyes. She looked so innocent but her eyes, they had a familiar glint of mischief that strangely reminded him of…. Helga.

"I already know how you are daddy" Eleanor said giggling.

Arnold's heart stop, he was pretty sure he stopped breathing for a moment. He looked over at Helga and she met his gaze but quickly looked over at Eleanor and shrugged her shoulder.

"Um Eleanor, I am pretty sure your confused, I am nine years old and I am not you father" Arnold said softly.

"I am not confused, I know you are my dad and she is my mom," Eleanor said pointing towards a blushing Helga

"Yeah of course, Helga you made me miss school for a prank?" Arnold said giving Helga an annoyed look.

"It's not a prank Football Head, I really thought it was too until she showed me my heart shape locket with a pictured of us in it," Helga said scowling at him.

"What locket and what pictured?" Arnold asked confused.
"Here let me show you," Eleanor took out a heart shape locket out from under her pink dress and showed Arnold the pictured.

Arnold looked at the picture and in it was a man in his late twenties, his skin pale, with jelly bean green eyes and a football head. The man's arms wrapped around a beautiful, blue eyed, blond woman. Arnold blinked and looked again at the picture, the people in the photo were like two grown up versions of themselves.

"Were-" Arnold began but was cut off by Helga.

"Football Head, sit down because the story you're about to hear is going to knock you down," Helga said as she sat down on the grass.

Arnold sat down beside her and Eleanor sat between them. She looked a bit less nervous and felt a lot better now that she was with her parents but was a bit scared about their reaction when they heard their story. Nether knew the whole story, not even Helga she heard only a tiny bit before she told her to wait right here and left rapidly mumble something along the lines: 'Ohhhh crimany, I see big trouble in that football head future if this is true.'

"Ok, first let me say that I am really, really, really sorry mommy and daddy. I was just feeling adventuress, I swear I didn't mean to get stuck here," Eleanor said nervously with an apologetic smile.

"Eleanor, just tell the story sweetie," Arnold said trying to hurry Eleanor to talk.

"Well we were visiting auntie Phoebe at her science Laboratory with uncle Gerald. They were having a party for auntie Phoebe because she just finish making the very first time machine in the future, I was having fun at the party but mommy and daddy started talking about the times when they were kids. They said that even as kids they had their ups and down but they always love each other since they were 3 years old. I got curious because they always told me stories about them as kids so I just…" Eleanor got quiet and didn't finish her sentence.

"You snuck away from us, went to the time machine and got stuck here with us, Right?" Arnold said puzzled.

"Yes, daddy," Eleanor said happy that her father wasn't as dense as her mother always said he was.

"Well, I am not surprised, you are my daughter after all," Helga said smirking proudly.

"Helga, can we talk in private?" Arnold said calmly.

"Sure, Football Head," Helga said as she stood up.

Arnold stood up and followed Helga a few feet away from where Eleanor was sitting, Arnold looked at Helga and saw her still wearing a smirk on her face and a twinkle in her eye.
"Helga, you don't really think that…" Arnold said quietly pointing to Eleanor.

"Well I kind of do Football Head. I mean she has my looks and your attitude, plus the photo she showed us was proof of what she was saying," Helga said trustfully.

"And how she sneaking of from us makes her have my attitude?"

Arnold asked in disbelieve.

"Well face it football head, you save the neighborhood and became a secret spy," Helga said flatly.

"If I remember correctly you saved it with me Helga so she probably takes from you her attitude too," Arnold said smirking.

"I didn't want too, I just did it because you like always had to run towards the adventure so like always I had to follow. Face it Arnold, that girl is as adventurous as her father," Helga said smirking.

"Fine, let's just say you are right and she is our daughter, what are we supposed to do?" Arnold said sounding patiently.

"Beats me Football Head, I guess keep her around until we think of something," Helga said shrugging.

"Keep her where? We can't have her at our houses without people thinking we kidnapped her or if we tell the truth they will think were crazy," Arnold said desperately.

"Ohh crimany Football Head, what do you expect us to do? We can't just leave her here; she is our daughter for Pete sake," Helga yell scowling.

Helga saw Eleanor look at her when she yelled. She watched as her daughter got up from the grass with a big smile and started walking toward them.

"Well I might have an idea that can help" Eleanor said smiling at her parents.

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