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The treasure of the future


I will not cry!

It was a cold winter night; I couldn't sleep because I know my mommy would still have some cookies in the kitchen. I know she said that she would put on the cookies in the living room for Santa, but what if she forgot? Or that they weren't enough cookies? So, with that last thought I got up from bed and open the door of my room while gently shutting it behind me. I walk quietly towards the living room, but when I get close enough I hear my mommy's voice. I push the door open a little and saw my mom standing next to the fireplace while my daddy was sitting at a chair with his back behind me.

"No," Helga said firmly.

"Helga, I know this been hard, but I still need to help them." Arnold said gently.

"No, you don't, Arnold! I know you want to help them, but we can't keep doing this! I already gave up my honeymoon for them." Helga said frustrated.

"Helga, you know why we did it and you even came with me." Arnold said softly.

"I know, Arnold, but that was before Eleanor was born. We have a daughter now Arnold and she need her Dad! Criminy, Football Head, you been going there whenever they need a doctor! It's time to get them someone besides you!" Helga said while looking at him intensely.

"Helga, they just need my help, you know the Green-Eyed people don't trust anyone, but us. I try to bring them some other medic, but they simply refuse their help." Arnold said as he stood up.

"Well that's their problem! They need to try trusting other people, I mean what are they going to do when you're old and can't fly there? Or maybe their expecting we force our daughter into being a doctor like you? It's seemed like a cycle and my daughter isn't going to be tied down or come second to their needs!" Helga yelled.

"Helga, I promise to talk to them and try getting them to understand, but right now I need to leave." Arnold said softly.

"What about Eleanor? Tomorrow is Christmas, and it suppose to be with us; we're family!" Helga said while crossing her arms.

"Don't you think is hard for me too? I want to be here with my family, but I also need to think about the green-eyed-people because they have families too." Arnold said frustrated.

"Yeah, well it's good to see we come second in your life Arnold." Helga said sarcastically.

"Helga that's enough! You know you and Eleanor will always come first in my life." Arnold said angrily while glaring at her.

"Funny way of showing it, Football Head, maybe if you stay without leaving for a whole year, I would believe that!" Helga said glaring back at him with a scowl.

Eleanor felt tears in her eyes as she saw her parents fighting, they seem so mad and angry, they never really fight. The young girl decided to make her presence know by pushing the door completely open and when both her parent look at her they seem frozen.

"Mommy? Daddy?" Eleanor asked as tears made her way down her face.

Noticing their daughter sorrow fill eyes and her tears where enough to make them rush to her. Arnold gently place her on his lap while Helga brush away her tears, they both look guilty and worried about their little girl.

"Daddy, please don't leave! I don't want you to go." Eleanor said while looking up at Arnold with watery eyes.

"Eleanor, it will only be for a few days, I promise." Arnold said while he gently placed a kiss on their forehead.

The rest of the night was spend trying to stop Eleanor tears, that night was spend in Helga giving Arnold a angry glare; Arnold feeling guilty and hopeless. That night was just the first night, but it wasn't the last.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF DREAM/FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eleanor woke up with a start and looking around she saw the two younger version of her parents beside her; sleeping peacefully with a smile gracing their faces. Eleanor felt tears well up in her eyes, but she refused to cry. She didn't need too, her parents where there and they would stay with her. She stared cuddling closer to them and sighs contently. A few hours later, Helga's alarm clock was heard and they ignore it, but it still kept ringing…


"Criminy! Stupid alarm clock; I'm trying to sleep." Helga mumbles angrily from being interrupted from her dream; she and Arnold both got a little girl from the future.

"Well this sure was an interesting wake-up call." Arnold said amused while he got up from bed and smiled.

"ARNOLD!" Helga squeals in surprise. "Yes, Helga?" Arnold asked chuckling and gave her a knowing smile. "W-why? H-how? I-I mean, huh?" Helga stammered. Arnold looked at her confused, but then just smiled warmly an pointed to her left. Eleanor was just looking at the scene amused, and wave to Helga when she saw her wide eyes. "Good morning, Mommy and Daddy." Eleanor said as she yawns. "So, it wasn't a dream?" Helga asked. "Oh, you thought this was a dream, Helga? So, I'm guessing that you already had some very interesting dreams." Arnold said while he winks at her causing Helga to blush.


"Olga, wake up! Breakfast is ready and I will leave some things for Eleanor at the door. So, hurry up, young lady!" Big Bob yelled and then went down stair. Helga stared at the close door in disbelief, since when her parents made breakfast? They were actually acting like real parents… yeah, right, they probably just trying to seem normal. Helga got up from bed with Eleanor; Helga went to open the door while Eleanor jumped on Arnold. The door open and in the ground was some cloths, two new hairbrushes, two new toothbrushes and some shoes; Helga grab them and shut the door.

"Here, Eleanor, go take a shower." Helga said as she gave her some cloths and one of the toothbrushes. Eleanor nodded happily and let go of Arnold, she slowly made her way towards the bathroom and got in while the door closed gently behind her.

"So, football Head, here your brush and when Eleanor comes out you can take a shower." Helga said as she handed the toothbrush at him.

"But, Helga, you should go first." Arnold said.

"No, you go first; I need to talk with Eleanor about something's." Helga said as she sat on the bed.

"Whatever you say, Helga," Arnold said as he gave her a smile.

The stood there glancing shyly at each other while the other wasn't looking, they didn't say anything just stayed in silence enjoying the company. Eleanor come out dress with her hair blond hair still wet, Arnold went inside and was about to close the door, but gave one last glance at Helga and saw her brushing their daughter's hair. Arnold grin happily at the scene while he felt a strange sensation in his stomach, he closed the door with a goofy smiled in his face.

"So, Eleanor, I will be right back just wait here for a few minutes." Helga said as she finished brushing her hair and went inside her closet. Eleanor watch confused until she heard a loud swoon and her mother talking in a loving tone, she couldn't understand what she was saying, but she knew it was probably because she was so happy. Eleanor waited patiently with a smile on his face, until Helga came back.

"Boy, Mommy and Daddy are both so weird." Eleanor thought amused.

After a few minutes, Helga came out with a lovesick smiled. She suddenly grabbed Eleanor and twirls her around the room while Eleanor giggles happily. The door open and Arnold came out looking at the scene with confusing before smiling widely.


"Yes, my beloved?" Helga asked in a lovesick voice.

"Um, you can use the shower now." Arnold said raising a eye brow at the strange nickname, but felt his cheek flush at the adoring look she was giving him.

"Alright, here take Eleanor and finish putting her pink bow." Helga said as she handed her over while giving her a small kiss on the forehead.

Helga practically skip towers the bathroom and shut the door softly behind her. Arnold chuckle and put Eleanor on the bed, he grabbed the silky material and began making placing her bow. A few seconds he was done and he saw Eleanor looking at the door with a small smile.

"Mommy is really something special, isn't she, Daddy?" Eleanor said as she glanced up at Arnold.

"She always was, I just never really notice before." Arnold nodded his head and mumbled the last few words to himself.

Um, yeah, let me explain a few things; first, Arnold and Helga love the Green-Eyed people, but it's been taking a strain in their relationship. Arnold and Helga wedding was cut short because Arnold needed to go and take care of the Green-Eyed people, Helga went him and understood him. Arnold is a doctor and a very good one at that, but been here and their all the time was ok until Eleanor was born. Helga wants Arnold to just stay at home with Eleanor and raised their daughter together.