Amy was no longer Amy Rose anymore; because she had tried and tried for years to impress Sonic, but he ditches her and runs away from her. His Ex-girlfriend Sally wants to start over the relationship with Sonic. Sonic was happy to have Sally back. Sonic replaced Amy with Sally. Amy was out of the Team. Sonic's friends were not happy for what Sonic did. They avoided him because he always shows up with Sally.

His friends were searching everywhere for Amy but they could not find her. Sonic didn't care if Amy is lost or missing. But he's supposed to be the hero. He realized that his friends were worried about Amy, except Sally. Sonic doesn't understand why Sally didn't care about Amy. His friends didn't talk to him or hang out with him because of what he did to Amy was very wrong. They no longer talk to him anymore. Sonic felt like a jerk, for replacing Amy with Sally was a big mistake.

It's been a year now that they still could not find Amy; everything has not been the same. No Eggman, and no danger. But there has been crime going on. Shadow was also missing too. They don't know what happened to him.

Sonic and his gang were at Tails' workshop. His friends didn't even look at him, because he has his arm around Sally.

"Guys, come on. Why have you been avoiding me? What did I do?" Sonic asked.

"You replaced Amy with Sally. That's the reason why" Rouge hissed angrily. Sally smirks and scoffs.

"Oh, puh-lease. That pinky is useless. She always gets into trouble" Sally said. Blaze was now pissed. Her flames around her appeared.

"Don't ever say she's USELESS!" Blaze's eyes turned into fed flames.

"Sonic, she's scaring me!" Sally acting like she's scared.

"Blaze, calm down!" Sonic said as he protects Sally.

"This is all your fault SONIC!" Blaze in rage.

"For what?"

"You so-called hero, it's been a year that Amy is missing or something! She might be raped, beaten, or kidnapped! And you don't care?" Blaze screamed in rage.

"Blaze is right, Sonic! Amy is an innocent girl. She might be held hostage at all times. Amy is very young, she could be raped, and maybe end up pregnant" Silver said.

"Who cares if she's raped? She deserves to get pregnant" Sally said rudely. Sonic and his friends gasp in shock.

"Sally, how could you say that?" Sonic shocked.

"What? If she doesn't know how to defend herself, then it's her fault if she's raped or pregnant" Sally said sweetly to Sonic.

"I can't believe you said that Sally. Silver is right, Amy could be in danger. Oh my god, I'm so stupid to replace Amy with you!" Sonic hissed in anger.

"But I thought you care about me, Sonikku" Sally saying his petname that Amy use to say.

"Don't call me that, only Amy calls me 'Sonikku'" Sonic snarled.

"Oh, and now you're talking about her?" Sally scoffs.

"You know what Sally? I think I should break up with you again. You are not a nice girl. I'm kicking you out of the Team" Sonic said.

"What? But—Sonikku—I-"

"I said only Amy calls me that pet name!" Sonic yells at her.

"I'm going alone, to look for Amy and bring her back in the Team. I will not leave her out there in danger again" Sonic sped off out of the door.

The gang looked back at Sally, they were about to throw her out of the workshop.

As we go to Amy; she has changed. Her pink quills were now longer, where it stops to her waist. She no longer wears her red headband, dress, boots, gloves or her gold ring bracelets. She is now wearing a black leather tank-top; showing her pierced ring belly button, black leather legging pants, and black leather high knee boots. She even has tribal tattoos on her arms. Her makeup was dark and black; black eye shadow, black eyeliner, and black lipstick. She was with Shadow the Ultimate Lifeform; he was like a brother to her. He knows what that blue Faker did to Amy was very hurtful. Shadow had taught Amy his Chaos powers for a year. Since that his chaos color power is red, Amy's chaos color power is pink.

"It's been a year that I got kicked out of the Team. That blue idiotic jerk. I can't believe he replaced me with that squirrel" Amy said darkly.

"I know; he should never do that to a sweet rose. I don't know why that Faker got back with that selfish princess. She cheated on him a long time ago" Shadow said darkly.

"I know, but why would she want him back if she broke his heart? I don't get it" Amy said as she folded her arms.

"I heard that she's hanging out with Sonic's anti. That green Faker" Shadow hissed quietly.

"What? For how long?" Amy asked.

"Five months. Sonic doesn't know that she's cheating" Shadow said.

"Well, it's Sonic's fault for replacing me with that cheating squirrel. He should have been hanging out with me, because I never cheat on him" Amy said.

"I know, he should have been with you. But let's get back to the topic" Shadow said.

"Yeah, you told me that Eggman is looking for me. To use me as bait to lure that blue Faker" Amy said as she called Sonic a 'Faker'

"I know, but you're no longer the damsel in distress anymore" Shadow grinned.

"I know. I don't know why that fat-head does that, but I'm about to give him an ass whooping" Amy smirks.

"I would love to see that Doctor's face and get his ass kicked. It would be funny as hell" Shadow chuckles. Amy giggles cutely.

"It sure will. Now let's go brother" Amy said.

With Sonic

Sonic has been looking everywhere for Amy; but there was no sign of her. Just then, something grabbed Sonic. It was Scourge; Sonic's anti.

"What a surprise, bluey" Scourge smirks.

"Scourge. What the hell are you doing here?" Sonic glared at him.

"Let's just say that Eggman is after someone" Scourge said.

"And who might that be?"

"I'll give ya a hint. Who is pink and always carries a hammer?"

"…..Amy?..." Sonic's eyes were wide.

"Ding-ding! Ladies and gentlemen, Sonic figured it out" Scourge teased.

"I am not letting Eggman capture Amy again" Sonic growls.

"Oh really?" Sally appeared in.

"S-Sally?" Sonic speechless.

"Hi Sonic. Hi Scourge" Sally flirts with Scourge. Curling her finger on his chin. Sonic couldn't believe this.

"I should have known, you were hanging out with Scourge the whole time!" Sonic shouted in anger.

"Mmhmm" Sally said.

"You were cheating on me, IS THAT RIGHT!" Sonic shouted.

"Yup. And you also trusted me, but you were fooled" Sally smirks.

"I should have never replaced Amy with you!"

"Hahaha! Oh really? You threw her away like trash. And you call yourself a hero" Sally laughes.

Just then, a pink figure with a mask on; dashed into the scene.

"Chaos Spear!" the pink figure throws a couple of pink spears right at Sally and Scourge. Sonic dodge rolls to the side. Watching the pink figure attacking those two.

"Surprise!" the pink figure said. She does her martial arts skills to beat Sally and Scourge. Scourge was fast; as he evades her attack. He then wolf whistles at the pink girl.

"You look sexy in that leather outfit, babe" Scourge said seductively.

"Hmph!" she then teleports behind him and kicks his back head hard. He was knocked out cold. Sally then got scared; she runs away.

"Don't ever call me 'babe', you pervert" the pink girl said darkly. She then turns around to look at Sonic.

"Hmph!" she huffs angrily and walks away. Sonic runs after her; he was right in front of her.

"Yo! Who are you? Why didn't you attack me?" Sonic asked this pink figure.

"Why do you want to know?" the pink figure asked.

"Who are you? Remove that mask" Sonic hissed at her. That didn't scare her.

"Fine, but I warn you. You will be shocked to see who I am" the pink figure said. She then removes the mask off. She shakes off her quills as it straightens. Sonic was now speechless and shocked.

"A-Amy….Is that you?" Sonic was shocked.

Amy now looks sexy and wears black leather outfit. She looks more like that character Elecktra from the movie 'DareDevil'.