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Katara was a slut. Or, that's what she thought of herself. The situation she had gotten herself in was something she would have never thought she would get mixed up in. She had told herself that she wouldn't have let herself get into a situation like this ever, though she never would have thought it would be possible to be stuck in this. Once one of them had found out, they both stopped talking to each other and now, her. Katara had ruined their family, she was surprised that she even had one friend left. It wasn't like she could have both of them, though she would relish in fantasy, neither of them would accept the premise. If she couldn't have both, she needed one. She would rather die without one of them. Katara felt empty when she wasn't with one of them, either in each other's embrace or they were…physically in her. She groaned, why couldn't life be easy for her? "Katara." She looked to see Suki sit down next to her, "What are you doing out here? It's freezing."

She looked around, everything was covered in a light blanket of snow and she only wore a sweatshirt and pants. Small specs of the snow had fallen on her shoulders, "I haven't really noticed," Katara replied, emotion totally vacant from her voice.

Suki handed her a cup of coffee from the local coffee bar, "Katara, it's not as bad as you're making it."

"I ruined their family Suki…" Katara said.

"No you didn't, though fucking both of them might not have been the best thing," Suki stated. "I mean, what else could you have possibly done to 'ruin' their lives?"

Katara took a sip of the coffee, "To tell you everything I did, I have to start from the beginning. When they both got the dragon tattoos…"

Katara held her boyfriend's hand as the tattoo artist began. "Tara," Zuko chuckled, "You don't have to hold my hand through this, it doesn't hurt…that much."

She smiled, "I know, I just want to be here for you, I know that I couldn't do this."

"You can say that again," Katara's eyes narrowed at the voice. She looked over to the next station to see Zuko's brother, Aang, sitting there with a toothy grin. "What? Are you mad that I can tell the truth?"

"No one asked you!" She stuck her tongue out at Aang, who just laughed it off.

"Stop picking on my boy toy," Katara turned to see Toph walking into the tattoo parlor. She wore a Metal Mulisha t-shirt and matching short shorts. Toph was the reason that both of the boys were here today. The tattooed vixen had convinced her brother to get a blue tattoo and then Zuko, then Aang. "How's it going Twinkles?" She sat down beside Aang and gave him an open mouth kiss. Katara rolled her eyes, the two of them were so open to public displays of affection.

"Good, Zuko just got started," He told her, wincing a little as the needle dug a little bit more into his skin.

Toph smiled, "You're going to look so hot with ink Twinkles."

"He looked fine without it Toph," Katara butted in from the other station. "And same with my boyfriend, but you somehow convinced them both to get one."

She got up and walked over to the small wall that separated the stations, "Oh don't be such a downer Sweetness." Katara nearly growled at her nickname. "Tattoos are expression of self, you have whatever the hell you do, I have tattoos."

"I have painting, you know that," Katara reminded her, "Don't you remember, when we use to be friends?"

"Eh, it was so long ago," Toph waved it off, "It's not like we had a horrible ending to our friendship or anything."

"Enough you two," Aang and Zuko said at the both time. Everyone knew how Toph and Katara's friendship had ended, though Aang didn't know that much details about it. Katara and Toph originally fought for Aang. When Toph had gotten Aang, their friendship ended with a fight in the girl's locker room at their school. Ever since then, Katara and Toph couldn't even handle one calm conversation. They both walked over to their respective boyfriends. "You need to relax," Zuko reminded her, "I don't want to be kicked out of here because you two started a fight."

The tattoo artist laughed, hearing their small conversation, "If two girls broke out into a fight here, I think it would be welcomed."

"Well, whatever makes you happy man," Zuko joked, both of them laughing as wiped some ink off his arm. He saw Katara slump a little in the chair, "Oh relax Tara, you need to let it go, since you're now being plowed by his older brother." Zuko whispered, making her blush a little. "You have to give him a break, he never knew you liked him back."

"I flirted with him every day."

"My brother was a little thick headed back then, not able to really tell when someone was hitting on him…well except when Toph sticks her tongue down his throat." Katara sighed a little bit at the mention. "Hey," Zuko took her face in his free hand, "You're with me now, don't think about Aang or Toph." He leaned in and kissed her, making her heart flutter.

"Harder Zuko," She grunted as he pushed inside of her again. Katara moved her hips against his. Zuko enjoyed the way that she writhed beneath him, the way she bit her lip and the little gasps each time he was fully inside of her. It drove him crazy to feel her silky sheath milk him, trying to get everything out of him. Katara groped her breasts, enjoying the pleasure flowing through her.

Zuko fully pulled out of her, Katara whined a little. He put her on all fours and entered her from behind, a non-audible gasp came from her mouth feeling his cock touch places that he could only get at from this position. She felt him squeeze her ass, making her coo in pleasure. "God Tara, you feel so good," He whispered in her ear, his tongue lightly grazed her ear lobe. Katara took a quick intake of air as his hand grabbed her soft globe of flesh. He took her rock hard nipple in between the 2nd knuckles of his fore and middle finger. She moaned in pleasure again. Zuko felt himself come closer to limit, "Tara, I'm cumming." He thrusted one last time into her and poured his fiery essence into her. The warm seed inside her brought on Katara's own orgasm, which made her arms go weak and buckled under the pressure of both of them. They both came down on the soft bed as they came down from their mutual orgasms. Zuko placed light kissed on her right shoulder earning little moans from his lover. He pulled his softening cock out of her, "I'm so happy you changed to birth control."

She laughed, "You're just happy that you don't have to spend a fortune on condoms. Especially with how big you get."

"I credit that to your nice features," He smiled. Katara rolled onto her back and kissed him.

"I love you Zuzu," Katara breathed.

Zuko's head dropped back on the pillow as he grumbled, "You know I hate that name."

Katara giggled and laid her head on the same pillow, "Say you love me too."

"I love you too Tara." Zuko told her.

"Good," She rolled to the end of the bed and started to put on his shorts and shirt.

His brow furrowed, "Where are you going? You're staying here for the night."

"I want to get something to drink, I'm thirsty." Katara told him, putting her head through his shirt and pulling her long brown hair through. "You should also wash your tattoo and put some lotion on it." He rolled his eyes. No matter what, Katara's motherly personality came out. Zuko looked at his tattoo, there was still a little bit of blood coming out of the red dragon. The head started a couple inches below his shoulder and slithered down near his elbow. It had a particular Asian style to it.

"Whatever Tara," Zuko got off the bed also and went to his bathroom, "Don't get mad at me if I'm asleep when you get back."

Katara silently laughed as she left the room. The only other person that lived at Zuko's house was Aang, but she assumed that since he brought Toph home with him, they would be busy in his room. She walked down the familiar dark hallway towards the kitchen, past Aang's door and out into the dimly lit living room. Katara was surprised to see Aang on the couch playing video games. He turned around and saw her, "Oh hey Kat."

She went into the kitchen, "You call me 'Kat' and your brother calls me 'Tara', can neither of you call me by my real name?"

"Sorry…Ka-ta-ra," Aang annunciated as he continued with his video game. "I thought I was going to have to put my headphones in if you two were going to continue screwing." Katara blushed as she grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, she didn't know that her and Zuko were that loud.

Katara walked out into the living room, "Well shouldn't you and Toph being 'screwing' right now?" She saw him go a little rigid at the mention of the shorter girl's name, but continued playing his game.

"Well," He paused his game, "I would…but she left earlier."

Curiosity struck her, "Why did Toph leave? I thought she was all over you after you got that tattoo."

Aang's head dropped a little, still not looking back at her, "Katara….Toph left me tonight." She felt her heart drop. "She went to Texas to try to become a motocross rider…she didn't want anyone else to know. Tonight was our last night together…" He put the controller on the table in front of him and slouched over. Katara went over and sat down beside him. "There was something she want me to tell you…"


She could tell he was holding back his tears, "She told me to tell you, 'He actually cared a lot about you and I'm sorry'. Toph wouldn't explain to me what it meant, but she felt that it was really important that I tell you that." Katara was surprised that Toph would leave that with Aang, especially since he was the reason their friendship ended. Aang picked up the controller and continued to play.

"Are you okay?" Katara asked, placing a concerning hand on his back. "You two were together for a long time."

Aang wiped a stray tear that had escaped his eye, "I'm fine…we've been talking about her leaving…it's just…weird not to be able to call her anymore and have her be here for me." He tried to swallow the lump in his throat but he couldn't. Aang dropped the controller again and felt the tears finally come out. Katara rubbed his back, trying to soothe him.

She pulled him into a hug, "Let it out Hun, let it out." Katara leaned back against the arm of the couch as Aang continued to let his emotions go. Her old memories of liking Aang back in High School were brought back, the reason why she wanted to be with him. Aang wore his emotions on his sleeve, like she did. That was something that she wished Zuko and Aang shared. A lot of the times, she wished that Zuko would share his emotions with her. In the years they had been together, Zuko never cried, shown sadness or opened up about how he felt about something. It was one of the things she lo-. Her eyes went wide, was she about to say that she loved Aang? Her boyfriend's brother and old crush? No way…or could it be? Katara looked down at him, he had stopped crying and his head was resting against her chest. Her fingers had been running through his hair. Katara should have gotten up, go back into Zuko's room and wake him up for another go. But she felt so comfortable with him laying with her, something she would have killed to have years ago. Katara looked at the black outlined tattoo on his arm. It was exactly like Zuko's and her brother's but using his skin color as the white. The white represented the purity and calmness within him, Air. Zuko's red represented lust, which Katara could vouch for, and anger, Fire. She hadn't heard what Sokka's was, but she assumed it had to do with how giving he could be, but in a moment's notice he could cause great destruction, like the Ocean, Water. Katara's fingertips grazed over the raised skinned, making him wince a little.

"Katara?" His voice took her out of her mind.


"Thank you, I know this is probably the last thing you wanted to do tonight." Aang sat up, leaving Katara still in her laid back position. "Especially with our past…I know Zuko wouldn't be too happy if he found us like that."

"What do you mean?"

He wiped his eyes, "Well, I guess my past with you, I had this huge crush on you back in High School before Toph and I got together. Zuko would make fun of me all the time for it all the time…I'm surprise he hasn't told you that." She was surprised too. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable about this, you can go back to Zuko now, I'll be fine." Aang picked up the fallen controller and continued on with his game. Katara got up from the couch and grabbed her water off the table.

"Are you sure you don't need anyone to talk to Aang?" She asked.

Aang shook his head, "No, I think I'll be fine for now Katara. I'll, uh, see you tomorrow." He gave her a smile. Katara was hesitant, but went back to Zuko's room. Like he had said, Zuko was asleep on the bed. She took a small drink from the bottle of water and got into the bed with Zuko. As if by nature, his arms pulled her to him. Katara enjoyed the heat he gave off, but the feeling of being with Aang stayed in the back of her mind as she slipped into a deep sleep.

Katara felt the sun on her face, but shifted a little, hoping to get back to sleep. Soon the sun finally hit her eyes and she groaned. She rolled over, but sleep was totally lost from her. Katara opened her eyes and looked at the clock. It was 11:30. She couldn't believe she had slept in that late. Katara got up, realizing she was still was in Zuko's clothes. Not like it mattered, she usually wore his clothes in the morning. Katara grabbed a hair tie off of his nightstand that she usually left there and tied her hair up in a pony tail. She left the room and went down the hallway. "Oh you poor baby," Katara recognized the voice, it was Suki. She came out into the living room to see Suki hugging Aang. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm fine Suki," Aang told her as she let him go. "It's just going to take some time to get over this." That was another thing she lo-liked, she reminded herself, about Aang, he wasn't overly dramatic and thought of things with common knowledge.

"Well, if you need anything I'm here for you Aang," Suki reminded him.

Aang saw Katara and smiled. She smiled back and went into the kitchen where Zuko was doing the dishes. "Mornin' Tara," Zuko put the last dish in the dishwasher and gave her a kiss. "Just a little warning before you go out there, Toph left Aang last night."

"I know…he told me last night," Katara said, grabbing some cherry pop-tarts from the pantry. "He was really shaken up last night." She put them in the toaster. Aang's words from last night were still stuck in her head, much to her displeasure. Katara pulled herself up on the counter and Zuko closed the distance between them and kissed her neck. "So…Aang told me something last night." She told him, her arms resting on his shoulders. "Um, he said that you knew that he liked me." His lips stopped and he pulled away.

"What about it?" He questioned.

She shrugged, "I just thought it was a little weird that you didn't tell me that your brother use to obsess over me."

"I thought it would be a little weird on our first date to say, 'Well, I like videogames, sports, and my little brother use talk about you all the time'." Zuko argued, "Why do you even care?"

"It's just something I would have liked to know Zuko," Katara told him.

"What? Do you still like him?" He questioned. "Is that why you care so much?"

Katara got off the counter, "I'm just saying it is something I wanted to know. Relax."

He sighed, rubbing his eyes, "Your right, sorry. You know how I get sometimes."

She kissed him, "It's fine." The toaster dinged, sending the pop-tarts up and she grabbed a plate. Zuko pressed up against her as she took the pastries out.

"Do you think it's possible we can just go back to my room and forget this whole thing," She felt him pressed up against her butt.

"Ew you two," They both turned to see Suki coming into the kitchen, "You do realize that your brother is out there with a broken heart and you two are trying to get busy in the kitchen."

Katara rolled her eyes as Zuko backed up, "It's not like we were going to have sex in front of him or anything. I know my brother Suki, he can handle a break up, he's a strong guy."

"You do know I can hear you all right?" Aang called from the living room. "It's not a big house or anything."

"Sorry Aang," Suki apologized. She approached Zuko, "Be an older brother Zuko." Leaving Zuko and Katara in the kitchen, she went to join Aang on the couch again.

Zuko gave her one last kiss, "I'll be back soon."

"Where are you going?" She asked grabbing her plate of pop-tarts, following him out of the kitchen.

"I'm going to get Aang some lunch from 5 guys, it's his favorite place." Zuko told her. He checked his pockets, making sure he had everything. "Aang, I'm going to 5 guys, what do you want?"

Aang didn't turn away from the TV, "Are you doing this because Toph left?"


"Then you know what you have to say for me to let you do this."

Zuko sighed, "Aang, do you want 5 Guys in you? Because I know I do." They all laughed as Zuko shook his head, realizing he was surrounded by immature people. "So it is a yes or no?"

"Yeah, just get my usual and of course something for Suki, we all know she's taken two guys, I think she can handle five." Suki playfully hit him as he laughed. Katara smiled to herself, Aang was the same as always, not showing the pain she knew that was in his heart.

"Okay, someone is going to need to go with me to help me with the food." Zuko said.

Suki got up, "I'll go." She offered.

"Cool, let's go then." Zuko pulled out his keys. "We'll be back." He kissed Katara and they left. She looked over at Aang who was playing another game.

Katara went around the couch and sat by Aang. She took off a piece of the pastry and popped it in her mouth, "What are you playing?"

"Dead Island." He answered, still absorbed in the game. His nose went up into the air, "Wait, are those cherry pop-tarts?" Katara nodded. Aang paused the game and he put his puppy dog face on. "Can I possibly have some?"

She laughed, "Zuko is getting you food right now, you can wait."

He leaned his head on her shoulder, "Please Katara, I'm just asking for a little bit."

Katara eyed him, wondering if she should give into his puppy dog look. She finally gave in and took a piece of. He flashed his toothy grin and took the piece in his mouth, then went back to playing his game. Katara silently laughed to herself at him and realized that she had some cherry filling on her finger. "Damn it, you missed some." She complained.

"Oh sorry," Aang took her finger in his mouth, his tongue swirling around her digit. Katara's face went as red as the filling as her finger popped out of his mouth with an audible pop. "How's that?" He asked.

"Uuh, um, thanks…" She was barely able to say. He went back to playing as she tried to steady her heartbeat. Katara looked at him, her stomach was doing flips. His smile, his eyes, his personality…it was as if she was back in High School. Katara pulled her legs up to her chest as she watched him slash through waves and waves of Zombies. Nothing else in the world could make her happier than being with Aang, well except for being with Zuko. That's when she knew it. She was not only in love with Zuko…but she loved Aang too.

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