I dropped the pencil as my dad, Aruto, walked in.

"ikuto, I have a new case. She was a mother, and her daughter has nowhere to stay.. Would you mind if she stayed with us?

I sighed.

True, it was. My dad was like a csi agent, I guess. I don't remember the corect word for it, because my 17 year old mind doesn't feel like working past this annoying homework I was doing before my dad barged through the door.

Really, honestly I didn't want to get involved in my dad's buisness as a cop, murder solver, whatever. It didn't seem particularily safe, or exciting what my dad did. I could easily like it if my dad was a fireman, or some sort of wrestler.. more or less, I didn't care. But his job was scar-ing. I didn't want to look at his work.

What was amazing about having your dad as a cop anyway? When I was younger students thought it was so cool.. ok nine year olds do thin kthat stuff is cool I guess.

Not me. I hate it. He's never home, he's risking his life, and sometimes when I got picked up from school younger, there would be eyes boring holes thorugh my head from the criminal in the back seat.

Creepy. But, I'm not a girl, so I don't need to scream or anything, it's just insanely awkward.

Anyway, back to the moment.

"So is it ok with you? She'll probably have to stay in your room, but if you say it's not ok, I can just lt her sleep on the couch until she get's a proper bed.."

I sighed. "It's fine." Awkward really. A scarred girl sleeping in my room, greeeeeaat.

"Great, she's in the car, I'll get her in here now. Please make her comfortable, Ikuto." He glared.

This man really reminded me of tsukasa, how he lied, and covered every serious ssubject with charming words.

Oh boy, this will be again, very fun. Note my sarcasm.

A pink haired girl walked in, followed by my father. she looked about eleven to thirteen. Bubblegum pink hair, short, plus she had honey labelled eyes. She looked upset, and her eyes were barely awake, due to the scaring words she was told an hour or so ago, I can't say I can blame her from being in shock..

"Ikuto, This is Amu Hinamori." He nudged her closer to his son.

It was a childish scene really. I had to share the room with this girl, and I was seventeen, she was acting like a little shaking dog right at the moment, though I dn't really know how to act if a parent died, since I've never been in trouble like that.

"Hello Amu. I'm Ikuto." I held a hand out to the scared girl.

Step 1 Ikuto, gain her trust.

"Hey, do you want to want to do something?" I asked once she nervously shook my hand.

She blinked a few times, and then she replied. "No. I'm fine." She then frowned again, and asked Aruto somewhere she could go to be alone for a while.

She walked into my room.

Instead of homework ikuto, let's find a was to cheer her up.

Renee: Woo! New story 3

Ikuto: =u=

Renee: what, WHAT?

Ikuto: you.. just made me interested in a total stranger..

Amu: I'm not a stranger..

Renee: -_- you know what. Chapter two will be out soon, and it will cear up.