I sat up.

Ikuto was sitting on his side of the bed, and not interuppting me whatsoever in my sleep.

Did I mention, now I'm an uneasy sleeper, and Ikuto was now sleeping with his pillows on the ground?

He did want to respect, me..

I went to go touch his arm, to wake him up.I thought I'd let him sleep.

I got up, to go to the park.

I needed some entertainment, Plus if the ice cream truck came by, there was a few dollars clunking in my nightpockets.

I walked outside, the breeze carrying up my nostrils, bringig the fragrance of fresh daisies.

Ah, how the birds chirp in the morning. They made squeeks as I walked down the road, and found myself at a school park.

I found myself on a swing, since it was the best place to think, and have fun at the time.

"Hey, hey boss, is that her?" He wisipered behind a big flufy green pile, probably some type of exotic plant.

He smiled, holding a knife.

ikuto woke up in the cold of the floor, and realised he didn't hear any noisese or turning anymore. That was like a lullaby to him lately.

He got up, but she wans't on the bed. His heart shudered coldly.

Where would she go? Who would she be with? Aruto wasn't home. Was he with her?

No, he couldn't bring her because he is working.

Where. Was. She.?

He jolted up, still in his boxers, and he ran around outside.

He iddn't care about anything right now.

Where was the girl? He was her role model, not her sleeping careless brother or something!

He ran down the street, to see her on the swing.


He held his heart and sighed, and called her name, then ran to her.

The boy was about yto run out of the bush, but she was interrupted by another person.

He held the knife at his side, getting up to plan another attack. But at a nother time.

Ikuto held the girls shoulders, and pulled her into a hug.

"Don't scare me like that, Amu! You know how worried I was?" He looked at her, fire going through his face.

She smirked. "You look like your going to cry-" He looked her dead in the eye, coldly, and painfully. He looked.. So sad right there.

"I was so worried about you! I'm not joking. Your mother just got murdered, and you dare to bring up a stupid topic while I Just ran all over the place looking for you!"

He noticed she was in tears now. He lowered his eyebrows and hugged her. "I'm sorry. You had me scared." He simply said, holding her head close to his chest as she cried.

"I- only wanted to go to the- the park Ikuto.." she murmered.

"I know. Let's just forget about this, I'm sorry." He patted her head, and held her hand. "It's ok. Let's go home."

Renee: Short, I know. Plain, I know more! It sucks with grammer A LOT, I KNOW ! just read it if you can, and future chapters will be more amazing as there relationship decends.