Title: Clark Ain't the Only Kent as Can Fly

Author: LaFluff

Disclaimer: The Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville do not belong to me, this was just written as a bit of fun.

Summary: There is something strange going on in Smallville and while that's not exactly news, this time it's not Clark Kent or meteor rocks behind the trouble. There is a southerner called Luke in an Orange '69 Dodge Charger tearing up the town, and he says he's looking for his cousin.

Author's Notes: This is a crossover fic for the Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville. It has been done but I just have to do it again. I can't wait to see what Clark is going to make of his dad's law-breaking past. There will be creek jumping, there will be superpowers, there will be at least one 'Yee Haw'. You have been warned.

Thanks and Acknowledgements: None yet folks, this is the first chapter after all (and yes I am channelling my inner Balladeer).


Chapter One

Clark's head came up at the sound of squealing tyres, a bright orange car tore around the corner and sped past the Talon, a couple of local police cars on its tail.

"Well that's something you don't see every day, even in Smallville." joked Chloe.

"Was that a confederate flag painted on its roof?" Clark asked, speaking more to himself than to Chloe.

"Yup, think so. Hey, it's just what this town needs, some southern hicks to go with our meteor freaks and rich playboy businessmen."

Clark grinned and turned towards his dad, to ask him if he needed a hand with the shopping only to find dad was gone, in fact that he was sprinting up the street after the orange car.

The man known to all in Smallville as Jonathan Kent dropped the box of supplies he was carrying when the General had come barrelling past. A split-second later he recognised his cousin Luke behind the wheel, a split-second after that his only thought was, 'The nearside panel is all banged up, what's my coz been doing to the General?', then he took off after the whole screaming cavalcade with all the impetuosity of his younger days.

"Err, Clarke." Chloe asked, "Where's your Dad going?"

Clark stared puzzled as his dad disappeared around the corner of Main Street. "Not a clue." He replied, "Let's go and find out." He and Chloe followed Jonathan at a jog. They rounded the corner just in time to see him climb into the Kent family truck and take off after the orange car.

Balladeer: Howdy folks, how y'all doin'? As you can see our ol' friend Bo Duke has grown up some. But it looks like he still has a soft spot for family, and that includes Dukes, Kents and the General Lee. I am wonderin' tho, what Martha and Clark are gonna think 'bout all this…


OK, so this is something I intended to write purely for myself, but if y'all are interested I will post the chapters here for everyone to enjoy.

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