All Grown Up

Just last week, Isabella would never have believed that she would be sitting here in Adyson's bathroom, holding a pregnancy test.

She would have laughed in your face if you told her it would be positive.

Sure, she had her fair share of fun, going to parties and experimenting in all sorts of illegal ways, but she'd always managed to keep it in check.

Until now.

It's broken, Isabella thought to herself, but she knew that wasn't true. No matter how much she wished it into being.

She spotted an old photo of herself with Adyson on the mirror, and Isabella inspected it to try and guess her age. Twelve-ish? It was hard to tell.

She'd been so innocent back then.

"Hey. Did the thing work?" Adyson yelled, banging on the door. "Mom's gonna get suspicious if you're in there too much longer."

"Of course it worked," said Isabella, head still spinning. "What did you think it was going to do, tell me I have salmonella?"

"Shit..." Adyson whispered. "You really are pregnant."

Isabella stood up and opened the door, holding up the test. "I'd say that's a positive." She walked out the door, shoving past Adyson as she went.

"God, Iz, Tanner's gonna be pissed when he finds out," Adyson cried, following after her. "He's gonna refuse to pay child support."

"Tanner's not the father."

Adyson stopped short. "What?"

"Tanner never touched me at Rachel's party. He hates it when I'm drunk."

"Then who's the dad?"

Isabella sat down on Adyson's bed. "Sam Hutchins. He's in my Econ class." A lone tear started to run down her cheek. "I honestly don't even know why I had sex with him. I just wanted it so bad..." Her face crumpled. "I've always said I would save my virginity for Phineas...if he ever comes back."

"Seriously, Isabella? Sam Hutchins? He sleeps with like 5 different girls every weekend. If only Izzy had behaved, and learned to stop at just a kiss. Just because Phineas moved away doesn't mean you can automatically throw your life away over it," Adyson said sarcastically. Her expression changed. "You aren't gonna keep it, are you?"

A pause.

"I don't know," Isabella said tersely.

"You'd be really stupid if you did," Adyson continued. "You'd have to quit school. Plus then you'll forever be known as the whore who slept with Sam Hutchins - "

"SHUT UP!" Isabella shouted. "I can't deal with this. What the hell am I supposed to do? I'm seventeen years old!"

"Just remember, Isabella, that it's all your own fault, whatever you bring on yourself with this," said Adyson as she walked out the door.

Isabella burst into tears. "Am I supposed to love it?" she asked, looking towards the heavens. "This...thing that is going to screw up my life?"

She knew she was going to have to tell her mom about this at some point. She could already picture the scene, how desperately angry her mother would be, shouting curses in Spanish and Hebrew. How she would wear holes into her shoes just from the amount of pacing her mother would do. How the anguish in her cries would rock Isabella to the core.

And the only thing Isabella could say to her would be seven simple words.

"Look at me, Mom, all grown up."


Remember back in 7th grade

Endless games of truth or dare

Double dates in dark arcades

When I close my eyes I'm there

I think my mother took this picture

Back when were all just friends

Memories that fade and flicker

Burn again when I pretend

Life is short and life is strange

Trouble now and troubled past

Times have changed they rearrange

And little girls grow up so fast

Feel it how it grows inside me

Swirling ball of anguished cries

Haunted daunted so unwanted

Feel its anger in me rise

Dream a dream then end another

Life is there to interrupt

Someone out there call me mother

Look at me mom all grown up

Good Catholic girl, her soul is saved

And now of course it comes to this

If only Ivy had behaved

Or learned to stop at just a kiss

It hits me paralyzing shudder

Face the music take a bow

Just another unwed mother

One more sad statistic now

Dream a dream then end another

Life is there to interrupt

Someone out there call my mother

Look at me I'm all grown up

Look at me I'm all grown up

Big decision wait in anger

Suppose he says it's my choice too

Should have thought before he banged her

Taking one and leaving two

Am I suppose to love this child?

Is it just that simple then?

Tell me how this change will happen

Tell me how and tell me when

Tell me how and tell me when

Dream a dream and dash another

Life is there to interrupt

Someone out there tell my mother

Look at me I'm all grown up

The story ends in total damage

It's an unforgiving world

Seventeen, how will I manage?

How can I?

I'm just a girl

A/N: I felt like torturing Isabella. No, just kidding. I've just had this song stuck in my head the past few days and decided it would make an interesting fic.

Also, if you're wondering what happened to Drabble Days, I gave it up for Lent. It will be back, with 31 new chapters, on April 9th. =D (Did I get 31 requests? Yes. Yes, I did.)