Cry your heart out.

Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Pairing: Nostalgia

Genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rating: T.

Notes: Recently I watched Hotarubi no Mori e, and when I finished watching the movie, a part of me had died. THE FEELS IT CAUSED. If anyone wants to sob their heart off, I highly recommend it; it's a beautiful story. With that said, I couldn't resist writing a fanfiction, but since I couldn't find a fic about HnMe, I settled for writing a SIH fic.


Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Sekai-ichi or Hotarubi any Mori e (because if I did then it would not have ended that way!)

The first time I saw him, I was lost.

The occasional sobbing of a small child was the only thing that broke the silence of the forest. The boy, of no more than six, was sitting on his legs with his face buried in his hands. He had light brown locks and wore brown shorts with an orange shirt, both pieces of cloth dirtied with mud and dirt.

" me." He begged, although he knew no one would hear him. Probably he was doomed to stay here forever. "Please, I want to return..." He cried, trying to stop the tears from falling.

"Are you okay, chibi?"

The boy looked up, startled to hear a voice respond to his begging. He looked up front, but found no one. The brown haired boy hiccupped and looked around him- there was no sign of another person being there. "Did I imagine it?" He asked himself.

"Oi, did you hear me, chibi?" The voice asked again. This time the owner of the voice made itself present as he walked towards the small boy. "Are you lost?" The owner of the voice was a young man, probably in his teens, who wore jeans and an open white button shirt, revealing a black t-shirt underneath; everything about the teen looked normal, except for his face. His face was covered by a carnival mask in form of a fox and the only thing you could see was his black hair. The boy's eyes lit up immediately and he got up from his place and started running towards the man. "Finally, I'm saved!" He exclaimed, opening his arms to hug the man.

"Wait, don't!" The masked man exclaimed, moving aside just in time before the boy hugged him. He could just watch behind his mask how the boy tripped and fell to the soft grass.

The boy rubbed his forehead and held in a yell in pain and continued to rub the area where he'd fallen. "Uwah, why did you do that!" His tears had been long forgotten and now they were replaced with an annoyed expression. "Onii-san, why did you move aside?"

The onii-san didn't reply immediately, instead he let out a sigh and gave a step back. "Are you lost?" He repeated. When the child got back on his feet, he decided to ask again. "Oi, tell me, are you or not?" Patience was getting the best of him; he wasn't willing to stay around a boy that didn't answer when he wanted to help. He snapped back into reality as the boy was approaching him again, ready to hug him again. "No!" He jumped aside and the boy crashed into a tree this time. "...idiot."

The boy blinked in pain, rubbing the swollen area that was most likely to leave a bruise. "Why do you move aside!"

"Because you can't touch me." He replied simply, bending to grab a stick on the ground. "Are you lost? I'll take you outside the forest." The boy looked at him before stretching his hand to touch. "No, don't touch me."

"Why?" The boy demanded with a playful glare on face. Once again, he ran towards the taller, just to have the same result as the other two times. "You're odd, onii-san." By now, he had resigned into achieving touching the man, so he just sat down on the grass.

The elder remained in silence for a few seconds before responding, "If you touch me I'll disappear." The boy looked perplexed and could only tilt his head to the side before asking what he meant. "If you touch me I'll be erased from here- I'll stop existing." The black haired teen raised his hand and looked at it.

"Are you a youkai?" The boy asked with his eyes wide open. If the onii-san was really a youkai then it meant they really existed and he was seeing one! "So cool, so you are real!"

The youkai remained silent and just turned to see the boy. He sat down on the grass, legs crossed and just looked at the sky. "I am not a youkai, but neither am I human." No other word by spoken by both of them; the rustling leaves were the only thing that made noise. "Do you want to get out of here?"

"You're not going to eat me, youkai-san?" The boy asked with his eyes wide open.

The black haired got up and extended his arm, holding the stick. "..." He sighed. "I already told you, I'm not a youkai, so I'm not going to eat you." The boy got up and took the other end of the stick. "Don't be an idiot and grab the stick until you're outside of the forest."

The boy nodded and followed the youkai as he led the way along the forest, passing by many trees that all looked the same for the boy. After ten minutes or so they reached the stone stairs, and the boy thought he was going to be left alone at this point, thus was surprised when the youkai continued leading the way until the very start of the forest. "Hey, why do you use a mask? Are you a thousand-face youkai? Because I read in a book that those youkai eat people."

The teen grabbed another stick before hitting the boy on the forehead with it. "I've said it a thousand times; I'm not going to eat you." The boy held in a whimper of pain and stuck out his tongue to the youkai. "I'm not a thousand-face youkai, I use the mask to look like a youkai." He added in a solemn tone.


"You'll go alone from now on." The youkai said, sitting down on the stairs. "I cannot go beyond this point. If you continue walking down the road you'll reach your house. Don't come again to the forest or you'll get lost and I might not help you."

The boy looked down the road and smiled with relief and happiness when he saw his house. "Thank you for not eating me and taking me home, youkai-san!" He bowed down in thanks before adding. "What's your name? I'm Ono-...Oda Ritsu."

No reply.

The wind blew; giving running chills down Ritsu's spine as he finally looked at the masked man. His eyes were hidden by the huge black holes of the mask and the mouth was painted but it didn't mean it didn't scare the six-year-old. "I-I'll come tomorrow to bring a thank you present for you, youkai-san!" He stammered quickly and turned around before starting to run.

"It's Takano."

Ritsu stopped on his tracks and turned around but 'Takano' was nowhere to be seen.

After getting home Ritsu had been scolded for the whole evening and warned not the return to the forest because he could get lost. He'd asked if there were any youkai there but his uncle had quickly told he'd seen non in all the time he lived there, thus, there were no youkai.

"I'll go again tomorrow." Ritsu whispered to himself before falling asleep that night.

From that moment on, I started looking forward to the summer.

:D So what do you think~? It was going to be a One-Shot but then I realized it was going to be HUGE if it were only a One-Shot, so I decided to make it multi-chapter.

You don't need to watch the movie to understand what's going on, but WATCH IT TO SOB YOUR HEART OUT.

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