A/N- Okay, so there was this one day and I was feeling really weird and philosophical and it made me think about Geth and how he was a tree. That got me wondering what it was like to be a tree. I put my thoughts on paper, did a little editing, and this came out. Enjoy it, make fun of it, I don't care. Just read it.

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Much seeing.

Not all seeing, not by a long shot, but he saw much.

The wind blew his limbs gently, they swayed at its touch. It tickled, but it was a good sensation.



Day again.

Night once more.

Each day was new, different.

Perhaps to a human it would be 'boring'. But not to him.

The life of a tree was anything but boring.


They walked around the place, contemplating purchase.

He deterred them with weeds, sink holes, marsh.

The women from the community got hurt on the weeds. He felt a little guilt, but not much.

It was a small price to pay.

A very small price to get the boy here safely.

He saw all the people go about their lives on the lots nearby, and it all seemed to move sickeningly quickly. Had he once moved like that? Before being placed in the seed?

Over the years he grew upwards.

Taller and taller, a majestic tree.

His sense of time told him hours, days.

Not years.

Trees had infinite patience, it seemed.

Then they came.

The ones he was waiting for.

The lady.

The man.

The boy.

He brought his roots back, made the lot perfect.

They came.

More importantly, the boy came.

As did the Sycophant.

The one named Clover.

There were more years.

The boy was not treated well.

He could see the child's misery.

He could do nothing.

The one named Clover watched.

Not seen.

Not heard.

Even Clover did not know that the tree outside was the one they were searching for.

Not a whisper.

Not a word to the boy.

The boy grew up.

The child had no people to spend time with.

He supposed that it must be lonely, to spend your early years so alone.

Cheap guardians.

One crabby.

One drunk.

Both nasty.


Then the one named Clover revealed himself to the boy.

Life improved for him.

He was glad.

He had accomplished the watching.

Next was not as good of an experience.

The calmness, the patience had been wonderful.

The anger and frustration and speed of regular life seemed alien now.

But it was required.

He was sad to leave this form.

But fate knew best.

The next time that he had a chance he wrecked the house.

The drunken guardian chopped him down.

Separated him from his roots.

Set him on a new path.

The one fate gave him.


He thought.

Fate is a funny thing.

I was a tree.




Now I am on the path to being myself again.

I'm on the way to becoming my original physical form.

I will soon become the one that they called Geth.

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