I may sound like a whiner but I didn't want to move to Vermont, but it never seems like the kids get a choice in the matter, right?

"I am not going to finish packing! I am not leaving!" I yell as I slam my door to my room shut. I pace back and forth.

"Yes you are! I'm not dealing with you anymore! Do what I say!" I hear my father yell from downstairs.

I sit on my chair next to the window and look out it, my beautiful view that I won't have any more, it's the beach. I sigh.

I decide that even if I, don't eat, yell at my dad, and lock myself in my room. He's still going to make me move. I don't want to leave my best friend Trish behind, or my school or the amazing mall. But my dad decides he wants to move to Vermont, the "Green Mountain State" so he can retire from the music store business and live in the quite country side and go snowboarding whenever he wants to, isn't he kind of old for that?

I start taking down all of my pictures that are taped to the wall. All of the memories I've had here with my friends. I sigh again and put them into a small box. That was the last of the things that needed to be packed. We leave, tomorrow.

"Please, don't leave me!" Trish cries. She's wearing a hat that has cell phones stuck to it.

"Trish, this is already hard enough for me! You know that I wouldn't move if I had the choice." I reply.

"But who am I going to cry to after I get fired from the cell phone accessory cart?" She points to her hat. "Or who am I going to talk to about cute guys I see around the mall?" She gets on her knees and acts like she's begging.

"You have plenty of friends; you can get a new best friend in no time. You'll have your many different jobs to keep you busy!" I reassure her.

She hugs me and I hug her back and we say our goodbyes.

I start to leave and Dallas, the boy I've had a crush on for so long but I've never gotten to tell him, walks by. He smiles and waves. I wave back.

Goodbye, boy I've never had the guts to ask out.

I get into the passenger seat of my father's red jeep Cherokee and put my ear phones in to drown him out when he gets in. I know he'll lecture me the whole way there.

He puts the last suit case in the trunk, slams it shut and gets in. He looks and me and notices my ear phones. He rips one out of my left ear.

"Hey!" I say.

"You think you're going to ignore me all the way there?" He laughs.

I nod, "Yes actually."

"I know you're going to miss your friends Ally, but think of this as a new beginning. It's going to be great!" He smiles and starts the engine.

I stare out the window, "I don't need a new beginning. I am fine with the way things are now."

His smile turns into a frown, "I wish you wouldn't be so negative about this."

"I wish you wouldn't force me to move thousands of miles away from my best friend and the only life I've known for the past 16 years." And with that, I put my head phone back in, and volume up full blast.

I hate traveling, and I hated this travel the most. It took what seemed like forever and I didn't like having to deal with my dad.

I was asleep when I suddenly hear my dad, "Ally!" he says, "wake up!"

I moan but open my eyes, "What?" I ask.

"We're here!" His eyes are big and bright and his smile is huge.

I look out the window and I see it. A huge, white house with dark blue shutters and it looks pretty old.

"This," I stop and stare for a moment, "Is our house?" I ask.

He nods and gets out. He opens up the trunk and unloads our luggage. I look into one of the windows upstairs and I see someone, just an outline. I look at my dad to see if he notices but he's too busy sticking half his body into the back seat to get another suit case out. I look up at the window again, and no one's there.

Odd, I think to myself. I must have been seeing things.

He hands me my suit cases and backpack and I follow him onto the front porch. He takes his keys out of his pocket and unlocks the door.

It's just as big inside as it is on the outside. He gives me a tour, and it's a really beautiful house but, it's not Florida.

He brings my upstairs to my room, which happens to be the one I imagined seeing someone in. There's a small bed in the corner of the room, and a dresser near the window. I throw my stuff onto the bed and look out the window. All I see is a field and woods.

"What do you think?" He asks.

"Well, it's not the beach." I sigh.

"You'll get used to it." He laughs.