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This is completely insane

For a guy like me to complain

I found her and although I know

The best thing for her is to let her go

To bring her back to her home is my goal

I tell myself to save my soul

But lately I'm not so sure

All I know is that my feelings for her are pure

I've fallen victim to her charm

Even if she does fall asleep with her head on my arm

I know one day we'll have to part

Is it lame to hold what's in my heart?

What would have happened if I had never found her in my cart?

I suppose it really doesn't matter

I laugh because it's so silent without her chatter

I see her ears begin to twitch

She's been awake the entire time that little witch

Her knowing smile makes my resolve turn to mush

As I realize that my thoughts were out loud I begin to blush

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