Behind the Scenes

Shortly after completing In the Beginning, it was requisite to start work on the second part of the Alternative Universe. I settled on the timeframe of the original show, 2258-2262 or there abouts. These would be essential to show just how much humanity had been affected by the events ten years before.

The story starts off where we find out that the remnants of humanity are now a protectorate of the Centauri Republic. And as such, as the Narns are planning their war against the Centauri, plan to fight against the humans as well. When the story started, the name of the remnants of humanity was called the Earth Remnant. However, as time went by, considering the fact that Earth was not part of the remnant, it became much easier to say Human Remnant. Partly due to be clerically correct and also it was much easier for me to call it Human Remnant than Earth Remnant.

It also didn't help that it was severally months before I got back to the story, so some of the story points ended up changing slightly because of it. Most noticeably the name of humanity.

Bester and Garibaldi working together was something I found intriguing. What if Bester did have some sway over Garibaldi that wasn't mind alterations? And, while at it, why not make it that he saved both Garibaldi and Lisa Hampton? So, I ended up marrying off Garibaldi and Lisa, despite my abject disdain of that character. Lisa was a woman who really was demanding and didn't care about anything that didn't automatically conform to her. Like take her stance on Garibaldi and Babylon 5. Instead of going, alright, sure, you go ahead. No, I don't want to go. But, we can still stay in touch. No, she always made it an ultimatum. Me or Babylon 5. Me or this. Me or that. Hate that woman.

In my mind, only three people could have inherited the Great Machine. Jinxo, because of his good heart. Aldous Gajic, because he was a true seeker, seeking for something lost. And I bet if anything could find the Holy Grail, it would be the Machine. And Draal. Alright, it wasn't that much of AU putting him in there. But, what better way of AUing it than having Jinxo, Aldous and Bester's assistant Kelsey all get killed fighting over control of the Machine? Especially when two actually did die? One against Jason Ironheart and the other against Duex on B5?

Sheridan allying with the Shadows. Ok, I'll admit. I wouldn't have thought of it if it hadn't been A Dark, Distorted Mirror. But, in the end, how better than to make him choose the Shadows for aid? It allowed for Lennier's throwing his lot in with Sheridan. Also, needed to kill off Keffler some way. Might as well be the Minbari who did it.

G'Kar as WarMaster was never a question in my mind. Considering his past with the military, I could see him rising to the ranks of the leading commander of all Narn forces. It allowed him in this universe his chance to strike at Emperor Turhan during a peace talk.

Ok. So here is a point of confusion. I state that when Malachi and Turhan are talking about opening peace talks, that Malachi is Prime Minister. However, when we see Londo, he's Prime Minister. With the Centauri Republic, if someone retires from public office, he retains his title. It's honorific. Ok, maybe not canonized Babylon 5, but in my mind it is. Malachi had retired in my story by this time. But, since he was on good relations with the Emperor, he could come and go as he pleased through the Royal Palace.

Yes, I did place Carn Mollari into the military. Almost forgot about him too until I started rewatching B5. And I was like, face palm, forgot about him! So, added him as commanding officer of the ship Londo was on. Convenient.

Babylon 5 was built by the Humans backed by Centauri money. As was all the Babylon stations. Commander Sinclair was promoted upon his taking command of Babylon 5 to Captain. Seeing as he was also one of the few experienced officers left. Sure, that's some massive monetary investments of the Centauri. Turhan in my mind would have wanted to keep the humans safe, since they are a protectorate. But, as is stated in The Coming of Shadows, the Centauri could only have backed so many stations before having to cut off funding.

Note however, there already is a Babylon 4 in the area. So yes, there are two Babylon 4 stations in the area. And no, the one Sinclair was on was not the one from In the Beginning. But yes, he has been to both.

Walker Smith's demise after the Mutai challenge served getting Garibaldi on Bester's side. Otherwise, I probably would have had a back story about him getting killed protecting Michael's back during the early part of the rebuilding.

Now, three months of torture and not breaking is really stretching believability. Even for Sheridan. But, That time was crucial, if Lennier was ever to side with Sheridan. Lennier would have defected overnight. Not in a long shot.

Now, as for the relationship between Deathwalker and Sinoval. Deathwalker never really cared for Sinoval. She was using him to eventually take over the Minbari by wiping out the Grey Council. But, Sinoval on the other hand did really care for Deathwalker, despite his protestations. But, in the end, they were using each other to try to take out the Grey Council. But, while I never actually got around to mentioning it, Sinoval and Deathwalker were actually trying to creature a hybrid between Dilgar and Minbari by their consummation of their relationship. Thank Valen that Kalain interfered then! Or not.

Susan Ivanova as the military governor of the Vega 7 Colony, named only Vega Colony by the show, was a logical choice for me. First and less importantly for me was the fact that she actually ran Babylon 5 pretty well. Her diplomacy was rough hewn but doable. Main reason though was is I forgot that Marcus came from Arisia III Colony. Otherwise, they would have ended up on Arisia III and not Vega 7. Oops.

Susan Luchenko's being President and Clark Vice President was a no brainer. Why not put the successor as incumbent President and why not have the predecessor as the Vice? That and Marie Crane got stolen by ADDM to be Clark's predecessor. Dang it!

Now, Vir and Mayan are not in a romantic relationship. They're merely in a very good friendship. I needed a good Minbari to be part of the Conspiracy of Light which seems really to be made up of only three people. Vir, Mayan and Gideon. I really thought Matthew Gideon could make a good techno-mage. Besides working with one, he had the same temperament in my mind. So, why not have Gideon be the one to push the head of his Conspiracy of Light along with a poet reading sonnets as they do so?

The Shadows only have one agenda. Spread chaos. The only way I could see for that to happen was them to, as one of the reviewers adequately said, "The Shadows playing both sides...". They want only the strong to survive.

And why would the Grey Council be wanting to go to war? The Grey Council does not want to war. However, with Delenn's capture, they are unable to stand against the mounting pressures from their people to finish the job. Babylon 5 I think was essential in the original universe to let the two races interact. The only interaction aliens get on my B5 is the same as the bio-weapon from Icarus gets. Brigged and spaced and stolen technologies used for testing.

And Colonel Ari Ben Zayne as commander of B5? I love the idea and he was already mentally unstable in the show. The destruction of Earth unhinged him even more. And yes, Takaishima has romantic interests in her captain. Even if he doesn't notice it.

Delenn's capture will be a turning point. It will help "The One" become united. How it will though, I haven't yet figured that out yet.

Again, thank you all who have read Signs and Portents and I hope you got as much joy out of reading as I did writing it.