Command Me

Summary - A short poem Sebastian writes while he watches Ciel sleep.

Command me, my master, your orders I shall obey. Make me your servant; let "yes my lord" be what I say.

"Sebastian, tuck me in," Ciel commanded.

Sebastian grinned as he fixed the covers over the small boy, tucking the tired master into bed after a long hard day.

Command me, my master, and I shall do your every will. I am your devoted slave; my freedom is yours to steal.

"Are you comfortable?"

"Shut up and fix my pillow."

Command me, my master, let me serve you to the end. You are the one I answer to; I am the on you do depend.

Sebastian fixed the pillow till Ciel waved him away. The butler watched as the boy laid his head down, eyes drooping.

Command me, my master, for I am yours to keep.

Sebastian bent and grabbed the candle holder, walking for the door.

Until you take your last breath...

He turned at the door and smiled at the boy, eyes flashing red.

...then it's your soul I keep.

With a soft breath, Sebastian blew out the candles, as the darkness took hold, the door closed with a click. Sebastian paused outside it and his smile widen, eyes bright.

"Command me, bocchan," he whispered gently before disappearing into the darkness of the hall.