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Bright light, everywhere. The warm rays from the sun shone their brilliance upon the urban city of Luca. Tidus scruffed his feet against the rocky walkway toward the blitzball stadium, his eyes gazing up into the never-ending blue sky. "Such a beautiful day..."

After the group had left Besaid and made their way out of Kilika, they docked in Luca, where they stayed to prepare for the Championship Blitzball Tournament between all the teams across Spira. Tidus had promised the captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Wakka, that he would help bring them to victory this year. He had about an hour or so of free time to walk around the town, and he took full advantage of it. He went to the cafe and got something to eat, and was now on his way back to prepare for the tournament.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and he jerked a bit, stopping as he turned quickly looking to the other person. It was Yuna, a kind smile on her face as always. "Did I scare you?" She laughed softly and then took her hand back, cupping them together.

Tidus shook his head slowly and then looked at the girl. "Oh no, I was just kinda lost in the day, that's all. Really beautiful..." He peered over Yuna's head and into the sky behind her for a moment and released a gentle sigh.

Yuna blinked and then turned around momentarily, gazing toward Tidus' glance at the sky. "You're right, it -is- a very beautiful day..."

The two stood there for a moment as they became lost in the soft breeze and sunny sky. Yuna looked away, back at Tidus with a small smile. "Perhaps you should get going then?"

Tidus blinked for a moment, then lifted a hand behind his head. "Yeah, I should. I promised Wakka I'd be there early." He felt a small smirk inside him as he thought to himself: "And I plan to keep it that way." He turned to the stairs, beginning to walk with his view directly to the front of him. Yuna tagged along behind, stopping as Tidus walked into the Auroch's locker room, and she ran to the seating.


Tidus pushed open the door of the locker room, finding the Aurochs practicing a few passes before the game. Wakka was in the eastern corner, looking into the mirror with queued lips. "Hmm..."

Jassu growled a bit as he was hit upside the head with a blitzball, falling back on the bench. "Watch how hard ya throw Keepa!" Keepa quirked a brow with a tinted glare in his eyes. "I do, you're just not watchin', ya?!"

Tidus shook his head and leaned against the wall. "Tsk tsk tsk..." He walked up to the quarreled team members. "You two, you're always fighting."

Wakka's ears perked up a little, the sweet sound of Tidus' voice finding its way to him. He turned his gaze sneakily over to the boy, looking up and down him with a small smirk. He made his way over to the three, sighing heavily. "That's enough you two, hm? The game's 'bout to start, we don't need none of this!"

Tidus nodded in agreement, looking over at the captain with a small smile. "Good point, Wakka."

The Redhead nodded, walking to the front of the locker room. "Listen up! We got a new player on our team, ya? He's gonna help us win the championship cup! One of you is gonna have to stay out for this game."

The Auroch's murmured among themselves before pushing Keepa to the front. "I guess I'll take that as Keepa is the one you want gone?" Wakka crossed his arms in front of himself, looking over them all. "This decision is final, ya?"

The team all grunted in agreement and Keepa sighed, sitting down on the bench. "Keep cool, hm? I'll switch you in during the second round." Wakka patted his teammate on the back, turning to Tidus. "You'll be center, that alright with you?"

The boy shrugged, leaning against the lockers this time. "Fine with me, but you all gotta promise me we're gonna win! Can't ruin my reputation, hm?"

Wakka laughed heartedly, nodding softly. "Ya-huh!" He glided his way to the door, opening it quickly. "Well, don't just stand there, we got a game to play!"

The Auroch's bounded their way out the door with hoots and hollers, making way to the sphere pool.


Crowds. Large, seemingly never-ending crowds. Yuna had gotten a seat, and she noticed Lulu and Kimahri walking their way up the main stairs. She waved her hands high in the air, trying to signal to them. She called out their names, and Kimahri turned to her, Lulu's gaze following his. They stepped around the people, making way and climbing up the stairs toward the summoner.

"So they're playing in this round, right?" Lulu's voice was a light pant from the trek. Yuna nodded gently, looking over to the scoreboard. "Yep, Besaid Aurochs versus..." she paused, then gulped lightly. "The Luca Goers..."

Kimahri shook his head a bit, looking over the crowds of people. "Luca Goers are too good."

Yuna and Lulu both nodded a little, a sigh escaping the mage. The trumpets began as the Luca Goers swam into the Sphere pool, the crowd going ballistic with waved hands and shouts.

The tides turned quickly when the Auroch's swam into the pool, people beginning to throw things with boos and yells. Wakka sighed heavily as he heard the distorted sounds, and he immediately knew they were boos. He continued swimming to his place, a groan escaping him as bubbles floating about.

Tidus and Bickson arrived in the center, the whistle blowing as the blitzball flew upward. The two bolted upward, Tidus thrusting his hand up to grab the ball, but he came a little short, Bickson speeding away with the ball. The boy cursed under his breath and he glared slightly, swimming toward the opposing goal.


"Goal!!!" The announcer's shout boomed throughout the stadium, and the game ended, the bell sounding. The score was 5-4, the Luca's favor. Tidus yelled out in the pool, only to find that the sound that came out was nothing but a small cry. He had sustained a punch and kick to his stomach, but he was fine. Wakka, however, was the Luca's target, and he ended up with some pretty bad blows.

The teams had removed themselves from the sphere pool and made their ways to the locker rooms. Wakka was lied down on the bench by his team mates, and Tidus sat beside him. A small sigh escaped him as he looked to the other guys. "Don't just stand there, hm?! Your captain is in pain, could -somebody- go get some help?"

All the Aurochs fumbled about, running out the door, slamming it behind them. Tidus looked over Wakka, an extremely light blush making way to his cheeks. Wakka released a small, pained groan as he tried to lift his head up.

"Don't move," Tidus said softly, reaching for a cloth. "Don't need to make it worse than it is."

Wakka tried to nod in agreement, but he just fit with a groaned out "Yeah."

Tidus wiped the captain's brow gently and he sighed a bit, looking around the locker room. Wakka locked his eyes onto the other, the gaze looking over the boy's soft complexion. He was a little wet from the game, and the glint of it upon his skin made him look cuter than usual. Wakka thought from the first day he met Tidus that he was the cutest and not to mention, sexiest thing he had ever seen. Tidus' eyes trailed their way back toward Wakka, and the Redhead averted his view quickly, as to not get caught looking at him.

"Why did you stay here?" He asked softly, stretching an arm around weakly.

"Well, I can't leave you alone now, you're injured. It's just rude to do that," Tidus' response softened Wakka's expression, and he laughed, coughing in between them. "That's pretty nice of you, ya?"

Tidus nodded, wiping Wakka's brow again. "Yeah, just the way I was brought up I suppose..." He trailed off, thoughts of Zanarkand...Home...Flowing through his head, and he slumped down for a moment.

Wakka's eyes peered up at the other and he cleared his throat a little. "You doin' okay?"

Tidus shook his head, coming back from his mind, a small nod afterward. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Thinkin' about home?"

Tidus looked down at Wakka with a raised eyebrow. "How'd you know?"

"Just the look in your eyes. Y'look sad, you know?"

Tidus nodded, looking away for a moment.

"There's bound to be someone you know in Spira." Wakka tried to comfort the boy, he could see the pain tearing away at him.

Tidus shook his head and sighed heavily. "Thanks Wakka, but I just...I just may give up with looking for people."

Wakka shook his head, sitting up and ignoring the pain he felt in his chest. "Don't say things like that Tidus." He set a hand on the boy's shoulder, looking into those soft blue eyes...

"Wakka...?" Tidus felt his heart rate increase a bit, a small lump forming in throat.

"I just can't stand to see you like this Tidus, sorry if I got out of hand..." he quickly removed his hand from the boy's shoulder.

"Wakka..." His heart must've been beating faster than a hummingbird's, and the lump grew and grew as he leaned forward, closer to Wakka's face.

The Redhead's face got a confused look on it as he felt Tidus leaning in. His mind told him he should move back, but his heart said stay put. He closed his eyes gently.

Tidus paused for a moment, taking a deep breath and swallowing the lump as he leaned forward, setting his lips softly upon Wakka's.


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