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"What?" Tidus' heart stopped for a moment, or at least he thought so. Auron was standing right there looking at him, piercing eyes looking almost through him.

"I said I need to talk to you," Auron's voice was calm, but stern at the same time. He had an odd look in his eye. He walked toward Tidus slowly, then looked over him for a moment.

Wakka walked out into the room casually, looking from Auron to Tidus. "Hey Sir Auron, what's up?"

Auron turned to Wakka with a small groan to himself, but he shook his head and looked toward the door. "I believe Yuna and Lulu wanted to talk to you Wakka."

The Redhead nodded a bit, smiling lightly as he gave Tidus a firm slap on his butt, walking out the door and closing it behind him.

"Now that we're alone..." Auron stated, looking back to Tidus. He slowly walked closer to the boy, leaving a small space between the two of them. "I know it was you that was out there listening to me last night."

Tidus gulped, a lump in his throat. "W-what are you talking about Auron?"

"You know what I'm talking about. Not that I am angry, I just wondered how much you heard."

Tidus' heart began to race, and he looked into Auron's eyes for a moment. "Ah, not a whole lot..."

"Did you hear anything early on?"

Tidus shook his head.

"So...What all did you hear?"

"I heard you complimenting me..." Tidus smiled a bit, unknowingly blushing.

Auron smirked softly to himself. "I wasn't complimenting you, I was just talking without thinking."

Tidus frowned a little, then blinked as he felt Auron's hand run up his arm. "Ah, well, sometimes...people do that..."

Auron slowly slid his hand over Tidus' shoulder, then down the boy's chest, stopping in the middle before pulling away for a moment. "You remind me so much of Jecht..."

Tidus began to feel nervous, a small gulp coming up as he looked into Auron's eyes. "Ah...Is that g-good...or bad?"

Auron leaned in toward the boy's lips, a small breath of air coming from him. Tidus backed up a bit, whimpering lightly as he fell onto the bed, the older man falling atop him. "Ah...A-auron, what are you-" He was cut off by Auron's lips upon his own, and he tried to pull away, but the weight of the older man weighed him and his arms down. Tidus struggled a bit from underneath Auron, but he continued to kiss the boy, groaning gently. Tidus continued to struggle, and he cried out as he felt Auron's tongue making its way into his mouth.

Auron pulled his lips away from the boy only to look at him in the eyes as he covered his mouth with a hand. "Stop struggling..It'll be much easier if you cooperate."

Tidus shook his head, struggling still and he looked to Auron, glaring a bit as he tried to bite the older man's hand. Auron sighed a bit, not wanting to, but he gently pushed up into Tidus' ribs, causing the boy to cry out in a little pain.

"This'll go a lot faster if you just let it go..." Auron's words stayed in Tidus' mind as he felt his stomach cramp in pain.


Tidus lied there, his eyes glazed and his body sore. He had passed out in the midst of Auron's little romp, but he found himself fully clothed and he didn't seem to be sore anywhere down below. Auron was nowhere in sight. Tidus could only feel one feeling in his body and mind, Anger. He looked around, rubbing his eyes for a moment. He groaned again, looking to the door. Wakka walked in from around the corner, and he shook his head a bit. He saw the scared look on Tidus' face and he ran over to the boy, sitting beside him on the bed.

Tidus began to cry a bit and he wrapped his arms around Wakka's waist tightly, burying his face into his shoulder and neck. Wakka blinked and he looked down at the scared little boy, kissing him on the top of his head softly. "What's wrong Tidus? Auron say something to you?"

Shaking his head, Tidus looked up to Wakka with slightly tear-stained eyes. "H-he...Wakka..."

Wakka glared just slightly. He knew what Tidus was going at, or at least he thought he did. "Did he...Rape you, Tidus? Cause I swear, if he did-"

"N-no...That wasn't it Wakka. I just...He...He was really scary...I felt...He's supposed to be the one looking over me right?" Tidus shook his head in confusion, clinging to Wakka a bit harder.

Wakka nodded and sighed heavily, holding the boy close to him as he rocked back and forth lightly. The two sat there, Wakka comforting Tidus as he closed his eyes, thinking of Auron. 'I can't believe Sir Auron would do something like this...What's...Good God...'


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