Disclaimer: I do not own Terraria, this story is made for me and my friends amusement.

In this world, when children turn the age of thirteen, they are sent out on their own to journey. Every parent teaches their kids about the evils of the world, but these four, didn't. The parents didn't think they'd want to journey, therefore never taught them. Four boys just turned the age of thirteen and are on their way to the journey.
Makuson, Matt, Jet, and Boots. Matt is the oldest of the group, turning thirteen only days earlier then the others. Jet is the youngest, his birthday was the day they left on their journey. Boots and Makuson are brothers, and out of the two, Boots is oldest. These four decided to leave at Six-o-clock am this morning, right now it is noon, and they just decided to make camp. The four have swords, pickaxes, axes, backpacks and the clothing that they wear. Matt had a white shirt, white pants, a black under shirt, and short brown hair. Boots had black jeans, a red shirt, and a black undershirt, with long brown hair. Makuson had black jeans, a green shirt, and a black undershirt, he also had long brown hair like his brother. Jet, the youngest of the group, had a black shirt, black jeans, a black undershirt, and short black hair. The four decided to start building a house to live in, but little did they know, evils would come at the beginning of night. The evils live in this world, but most of them only come out at night, in the world of Terraria.

"How long is that gonna take?" Jet asked.

"Just... A bit... Longer," Matt replied. He was chopping a tree down to get wood for a house.

"Well hurry up," Jet said.

"You... could help... us you know," Makuson said. He was also chopping a tree, not to far away from where Matt was.

"Im back," Boots said. The four looked over to Boots and saw him carrying a bucket filled with water.

"Great, now we have water!" Makuson said. All of the sudden, the three heard a loud noise.

"Timber!" Matt yelled. The other three then ran away, as the tree fell on the ground. Matt picked up the pieces, and put them in his backpack.

"How can you fit all of that in your backpack...?" Makuson asked.

"Our parents each gave us backpacks, right?" Matt asked.

"Yea..." The three responded, confused as to what Matt was getting at.

"Each backpack our parents gave us had special abilities, each backpack can hold much more then a normal bag," Matt said.

"Really?" Jet asked. He then put his bag on the floor and dove into it, but instead of going inside, he hit his head on the ground below.

"Only items," Matt said pulling out a block of wood. He then put it back and walked towards the others, they were all about the same height.

"So, should we get started in the house?" Makuson asked. The other three nodded and Matt began to pull out wood. After all of the wood was out, they stared at eachother for about five minutes.

"Either of you know how to build a house?" Matt asked. The other three fell down annoyed.

"So none of us know?" Boots asked. Jet then pulled a piece of wood out of the bag and threw it on the ground with anger. The block stood still and formed a perfect square.

"What the..." Matt said.

"I have an idea," Makuson said. He then pulled out all of the wood from the bag, and began to lug it to the block, two at a time. When he reached the perfectly formed block, he threw two others on it. They all stood still, now forming a perfect rectangle.

"Well thats... Wierd..." Boots said.

"Doesn't matter, atleast now we know how to BUILD a house," Matt said. All four began to lug wood to the pile, piece after piece, they had all the walls up and were now looking at the cieling. Boots threw a piece at the side of one of the walls and it stuck there floating in the air. The other three stood there staring at the floating piece of wood. Boots began to throw more and more until the roof was shut.

"There," Boots said.

"Uh..." Matt said.

"You don't think it will fall on us, do you?" Makuson asked. Jet then stared at the cieling closely, and began to smirk.

"Guys... do you know what we just did?" Jet asked

"Made a house?" Matt asked.

"WE DEFIED GRAVITY! WERE LEGENDS, WE BROKE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!" Jet screamed. The other four stared at the cieling for a while, and finally decided it wouldn't fall.
Matt then placed down a table and began to put wood on it.

"Whats that?" Jet asked.

"Crafting table," Matt replied.

"How did you make that?" Makuson asked.

"Easy, my parents taught me how to craft," Matt answered.

"So what are you making now?" Makuson asked.

"A door," Matt replied. He then got up, broke the three wood in the way, and placed a door. Then he went back to the crafting table, got up, and placed down a table and a chair.

"Cool," Boots said. The three then heard a sound at the door, all four stood their staring in shock. Boots then pulled out his sword and walked towards the door. When he made it, he slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door. There, sitting and doing nothing, was a big green blob. All four stared at it until it leaped at boots and stuck onto his head.

"GET IT OFF ME!" Boots yelled. Matt and Makuson then pulled out swords and rushed towards the slime. Both of them swung and shut their eyes, afraid to look. When they finally opened their eyes, they saw Boots standing their, covered in gel. Makuson stared as Matt took the gel. Jet completely broke down into laughter.

"Eww, what is that stuff," Boots asked staring at Matt.

"This Boots, is our light source." Matt explained.

"What was that thing?" Makuson asked.

"Who knows," Matt replied. He then stood up and pulled out torches, he began to place them on the walls, one by one.

"Won't the walls burn!" Jet asked. Matt then stared at the cieling, looked back to Jet, and simply smirked.

"I doubt that," Matt said. When he finished, he placed the remaining materials in his bag and placed it on the table.

"Ok guys, what do you have?" Matt asked. All three of them placed their bags on the table and began to search.

"Well, I picked up some mushrooms, and some stone." Makuson replied.

"I have some seeds and a blowpipe," Jet answered.

"And I have a bucket filled with water, and some copper ore." Boots replied.

"Great, we're getting better at this fast," Matt said. He then took the others things and placed them into his own bag.

"Hey, thats ours!" The three yelled. Matt then looked at them quizically.

"Relax, i'll just hold our stuff," Matt said. After a while of sitting and talking about what happened when boots got water, they decided to see if it was night. Makuson walked up to the door and opened it, he looked up towards the sky and noticed the moon straight above him.

"Yep, its ni-" Before Makuson could finish, a giant floating eye shoved him into the house. Makuson fell on the floor in complete shock. Matt quickly got up and shut the door.


"WHO THE HELL KNOWS, JUST DON'T GO OUT THERE!" Matt yelled still holding the door shut.

"Well, this is turning out to be a fun adventure," Jet said.

"We're gonna kick some zombie ass!" Boots yelled.

"Was that even a zombie?" Makuson asked.

"I have no idea," Matt said.