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Katniss' POV

Chapter 1:

I groaned slightly, turning on to my other side slowly. All I wanted at the moment was to drift off to sleep once more. I know it was probably time to get up and start moving but all I wanted right now was to doze off once more. For some unknown reason I was even more exhausted than I normally was. It confused me because I went to bed at a reasonable time but I was still tired as could be. It made no sense to me, not one bit. I guess I needed more sleep.

I let out a small sigh, the little breath escaping past my now parted lips. My eyes were still closed, not opening up just yet to let in the not so intense sun rays. It wasn't that late in to the morning quite yet so the sun wasn't really out.

Why was it so hard to get back to sleep?

Of course, when I actually want to get back to sleep…sleep doesn't want to come so easily. It's probably smiling evilly right now, mumbling to itself, 'You're going to have to work hard for it Katniss!'

Sleep was being so cruel right now. I just wanted to drift back off to sleep, as I stated before. Most likely everyone else was fast asleep, that everyone else being my mother and Prim. I wanted to join their 'pack' so to say, just follow suit.

Groaning once more, I lifted my head slowly up off the pillow I had been sleeping on. I turned my attention to Prim's sleeping figure beside me. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, like she was having the best dream in the world. Knowing Prim she was probably dreaming about fluffy cute animals, all the good things in life. That's Prim for you!

I then noticed that my mother wasn't in her bed…nowhere in sight actually. My brow furrowed in confusion but I never did get up to look around for her. I would, if I wasn't so exhausted. My body was in shut down mode almost, it just wanted me to go back to sleep but my brain refused to let me drift off once more.

Was it really that hard…to meet sleep again?

Apparently it was since I couldn't find it right now, my mother included. She just completely disappeared, with no trace or even a clue to where she could have gone. It kind of frustrated me just a bit to see that she was gone. She didn't even leave us a note or nothing to tell us where she went, not even the slightest clue.


I sighed softly, not noticing the fur ball lying down at my feet. I also didn't notice how the fur ball was now glaring at my feet, not in a very nice way either.

Finally feeling a presence staring at me, I looked down at Buttercup. When the cat felt eyes on him, he knew it for his head snapped upwards and out eyes met. A stare down between cat and girl.

Buttercup really thinks high of himself, I knew that well. It looked like he was trying to get a message to me through his eyes. Nothing nice, obviously. Buttercup doesn't like me ever since I tried to drown him. Haven't been on good terms with the ugly thing since.

Eventually, Buttercup gave up on staring me down but not without hissing at me for good measure. I rolled my gray like orbs, feeling Prim shift slightly in her sleep beside me. I don't know how she can love that cat; he is nothing but trouble in my opinion and just another mouth to feed. He's lucky Prim loves him…or he would've been long gone by now.

Looking around once more for my mother, I realized that she was gone. What I mean by gone is that she wasn't in the house; she was out and about in District Twelve. Either that or she was a really good hider.

I let my head fall back on to my pillow, my eyes closing slowly. I pulled the covers up to my chin, feeling sleep coming once more. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like so long, sleep was coming once again.

Sadly though, before I could drift off completely in to sleep, I heard the door open. That signaled my mother was now home from wherever she had gone this early in the morning. The sun was barely out yet and she was already up and walking around, shocking.

I heard footsteps but I didn't react at all, wanting to find sleep for at least a few seconds, if not a few minutes. The echo of the soft footsteps seemed to be getting just a tad bit louder, meaning my mother was getting closer. At least…I hoped it was my mother.

In mere seconds, I felt hands on me. The hands moved me back and forth the slightest bit, shaking me in an attempt to wake me. I groaned, reaching up slowly to push the hands off of me. A sigh escaped my mother's lips.

"Katniss wake up," my mother prodded, shaking me once more. I groaned once more, shaking my head.

"I don't want to get up," I whined quietly, acting like a small child. I would actually be up by now but today I wasn't, obviously.

"Please Katniss, you need to get up," my mother whispered, reaching down to push my hair out of my face. I opened my eyes slowly, looking up at her. She sighed once more, obviously wanting me to get up. I had no idea why she wanted me up yet, but I could tell it wasn't going to be the best thing in the world by the sad smile she had on her face. I sighed, nodding slowly before opening my mouth to speak.

"Alright, alright. I'm up, I'm up!"

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