Katniss' POV

Chapter 12:

It was a quiet whisper, but not quiet enough to go heard; my name, that is. I stopped dead in my tracks, my fingers curling around the end of the hunting jacket I knew so well. The voice...the voice sounded familiar, as if I should've known it right off the bat-but it wasn't Prim, nor was it mother.

I didn't know it as well as Prim's, or mother's; but I knew it. My mind kept telling me not to turn around, at least, not yet. Wait, it said. Turn around slowly as if you are faced with a predator, and let the predator become the prey.

After another moment of silence passed, I finally did turn around; slowly, as my mind had been telling me to do so. Hesitantly and slowly, not showing any fear or surprise-that was the key.

Once I turned around completely, facing the other person whom was standing in the door, my eyes widened in slight surprise.


It had been a surprise to me, when seeing that the other person in this house-my old home-was the baker's son, the one I was currently living with; even sharing a room with, much to my dismay. It was such a surprise because, he didn't know where I lived-before moving in with him, so how did he know that I was going to be here?

...or did he follow me here?

A sheepish, shy looking smile soon appeared on his lips, his hands clasped behind his back. I raised a brow in question, trying not to show any emotion whatsoever; for I feared if I did show an emotion, it would be one of anger, and that wouldn't be the wisest thing to do.

When Peeta didn't speak, I spoke up once more. "What are you doing here?"

He blinked a few times at hearing my voice again, his eyes widening a little for a moment as he pressed his lips together, in thought, it seemed. My patience was starting to run thin at the moment he found his voice.

"I... Uh, I saw you leaving-so I thought it'd be best to...follow you and see if you would be okay," he muttered underneath his breath, adverting his gaze down to his feet.

I stared at him as he spoke, my brow furrowing together a little; taking in his words and running them over in my mind. He wanted to make sure I would be okay? So that's why he followed me?

Why would he care if I was okay or not, though? That's the one question that was bouncing off the walls in my head, demanding an answer. What was so special about a girl who had basically raided his home, almost, and was now staying there with her mother and sister? Why would he even care?

Maybe that's where we differ.

Peeta and I are different, much different; that much I already knew. He was much more kinder-much more kinder than I could ever hope to be. Even before the death of my father, I wasn't as kind as him. He gave me the bread, he gave me hope-hope that I thought was long gone.

It seemed as if he could care about anyone, even the worst person this world has to offer. Whereas, I wouldn't; he would, from the looks of it. Of course, I didn't know him that well, at least, not yet. He could be harsh, or maybe; he wasn't harsh at all. Only time could tell, time as in getting the time to know him.

It still just didn't make much sense.


It caught him by surprise, his eyes widening once again as he adverted his gaze back up to mine. He blinked once, slowly, catching his bottom lip between his teeth. "...why?" he repeated the question, a look of confusion being shown clear in his eyes. I could tell, just by looking at those blue orbs of his-that so many questions were going through his mind at that one worded question I threw at him.

I didn't speak, I didn't give him any indication of why I asked that; instead, I waited. I waited for him to continue, waited for him to speak once again and give me some sort of answer or ask for some sort of clarification. He didn't ask for a clarification, for it seemed that after a moment of leaving him to his thoughts, he got a hold of what he thought the question was about.

"Because," he replied at first. "Because-because, I do care about you, Katniss. And I just want to make sure you're not trying to get yourself into trouble, or anything.."

So that was it.

I knew he was different; much different from me. But, being different wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"I see..." I began, moving my gaze to the side for a moment. I had nothing else to really say; I never was really good at words, but I knew that I had to say something more than a simple 'I see'.

Nothing came to mind. The silence hung in the air, almost as if the two of us were mourning in silence at a funeral; but more so of two kids who had no idea what to say to one another after one of them confessed their crush on them. Though, neither of those were the source of the silence, it did almost feel like it was like that.

"Well," I finally spoke up once again, gaining Peeta's full attention. Slowly, I moved to walk past him, our shoulders brushing against one another the slightest bit. "Come along."

My words seemed to confuse him, for he spoke up as I took a step out of the house. "What do you mean-?"

"I'm going to the woods," I told him, as if it was normal for such a thing; when in all actuality, it wasn't. Turning around to face him once more, I was greeted with a horrified looking expression. "You'd like meat, wouldn't you? Besides, I haven't been there in a while and it helps me clear my head. Either, you can come along or go back and not tell where I am. Not that it matters, but who knows anymore. Your choice."

Without another word, I turned back on my heel and sauntered off to the fence. Part of me didn't care if Peeta tagged along, but the other part was hoping that he would. The company would be nice, but being alone was just as nice at some points in time. At this point in time, it didn't really matter if I was alone or not; if he wanted to come, so be it-if he didn't, that was fine as well.

"Katniss, wait up!"

I glanced over my shoulder to see Peeta's figure running after me, stumbling along the way as he picked up his pace. A small, unnoticeable smile tugged at the corners of my lips.

"C'mon then, slow poke."

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