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Perhaps you don't understand the gravity of what you have given us.

That's just as well; you always did have trouble looking at yourself from the outside, afraid of what you might see reflected in your eyes.

It's strange, that such a wonderful person would see himself as bitter and cruel. You're biased, to be sure, and many of us understand the core of you, but that does not discolor the good deeds you perform.

You see, deep down, we all want to be like you. We want to be loved and praised and be clever and crazy and smarter than everyone else, even though we can't. But we try to emulate you anyway. We come upon a situation and we ask ourselves, "What would The Doctor do?" and we have our answer. It's easy, really.

The truth is, what you've given us is ourselves. The realisation that we can be the best of humanity. We aren't beholden to anyone else. We can do what we want and say what we think without fear, because we know that even though we've never met, you would always believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are important. That our opinion matters. It gives us the strength to step forward, to tell the unjust that 'No, you are wrong'.

You might think that's not true. That we're completely bonkers. But how can you think such things when there is so much proof?

You have changed us. All of us, in the most magnificent of ways. We love with our whole hearts instead of just a part. The actions that we might have once thought of as 'I should have done that' have become 'I did it'. We defend those who cannot defend themselves, simply because it is the right thing to do. Simply because it's what The Doctor would have done.

Every once in a great while, something (or someone) comes along that changes the fundamental thought process of the world.

And that's you. Our Doctor.

To be brutally honest and a bit sort of mushy, we love you. From the bottom of (both) our hearts. We all love you. To us, you are a hero and a friend. You will be with us until the day we die. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Some of us spend our days wishing you were real. Except many of us know you already are. Even if you aren't flesh and blood, you live in us. We walk the streets as The Doctor. And we search for you, for the place we truly belong.

Because no matter how long it takes, how many lives we live, we will find you.