A clap of thunder woke me early that morning. My head was resting on Peeta's shoulder, his arm curled around me protectively. I shut my eyes again, not wanting to play this silly love story any more. But as I felt his warm breath on my cheek, the line between real and not real was becoming more blurred every day.

I glanced up at his face to find him staring down at me.

"Good morning," he smiled. It was contagious; I smiled back at him, "Morning."

His eyes shifted upward and his smile widened, "Katniss, your face. It's all better!" His fingers brushed my forehead tenderly.

Peeta's leg. I leaped up, pulling down the sleeping bag to examine the deep cut on his thigh. The skin was puckered, the scar a jagged, shiny pink line, but the wound had closed.

"Your leg too!" Looking back I grabbed his face and kissed him quickly on the mouth. My attention turned back to his leg, amazed at how quickly it had healed, thankful that I had been able to retrieve his medicine.

"Katniss," he whispered, his voice husky. His hands found my face and pulled my eyes back to him. I never could get over how blue his were. I didn't think eyes that beautiful should be looking at me the way he was looking at me now.

He didn't blink as he moved his face closer to mine. I knew the cameras wouldn't be up this early, no one in the Capitol ever got up this early. So there was no point in this made for TV kiss.

But I couldn't bring myself to stop him as his lips pressed gently against mine. And I couldn't bring myself to stop the satisfied sigh that escaped from me as he kissed me again. I felt the corners of his mouth tug upwards in a smile. He deepened the kiss, drawing me closer.

I shouldn't do this. Shouldn't lead him on. Surely he knew that no one was watching us now. Surely he understood the purpose of our romance. But the thing with Peeta was that you could never be sure. That silver tongue of his made it hard to discern fact from fiction. I knew for a fact though, that this kiss was all for me. That line blurred to the point of being erased as I realized that this kiss was all for him too.

My thoughts usually moved a mile a minute but his lips forced me to only think about him, the way his fingers felt at the nape of my neck, or the soft way he whispered my name. I realized in that instant how much I had missed him. How terrified of losing him I had been. My heart ached when I remembered how ill he had been just yesterday.

"Peeta…" My breath hitched in my throat. My hands moved to hold his face, to be sure that he was safe and with me, that I wasn't imagining this. His grip on me tightened.

"I'm here," he said ending the kiss and reading my mind. His fingertips moved to my face again, "I'm here. Always."

A/N: Watched the movie. Loved it. Had to write this. Just a little one-shot in the cave! This is my first time writing for The Hunger Games,so feedback is welcome :)