Polis Massa:

Padme Amidala Awoke shortly after birthing her twins and opened her eyes noticing that the room was empty. She slipped into the hallway, to see her children in the care of two Med Droids. Without thinking she slipped down the Hallway. What she heard would forever change her life. She heard Obi-Wan share with Yoda how he had left Anakin to burn in molten lava. Further more she heard them begin to discuss the fate of her and her babies.

"Tell her that died they did on Mustafar we will at Anakin's hand. Senator Organa adopt the girl you will and Master Kenobi take the boy to Tattooine you will, Then hide her we will away from the Sith," stated Yoda. Padme held her hand up to her face in horror, She felt betrayed and shamed. She felt like someone had stabbed her in the back. Without thinking she turned and ran for her babies and grabbed them and ran for her ship without looking back. She started the ship and closed the ramp as she saw Obi-Wan running out towards her with Bail. Ignoring them she started the ship in the take off sequence and took the ship off Planet. She then ran for her children and wrapped her arms around them in tears. She set a random course having no Idea of what was about to happen because of her actions.

She slept with her children in tears after nursing them and having the Med droid on ship do the final check ups. Just as she had fed her children she felt her cruiser shake violently and ran to the Cockpit to see that her controls were fried. Helplessly she ran for the twins and held them tightly as the ship was boarded by a group of pirates. She trembled as the slimy men came into view, "P-Please Don't hurt me take my money but leave me and my babies I beg you." One of the pirates glanced at her, "We won't hurt you but you will fetch a good price in the Slave Market."

"Slave Market?" asked Padme in horror. The men nodded with smiles and moved forward and took chains and slapped them on her wrists.

Padme was horrified, here she was without Anakin or anyone and now she was about to become a slave with her precious babies. She cringed as she was led onto the ship and taken to the cargo hold, "As long as you cooperate you will live and so will your brats lady you may have been rich but now you're a slave. Get used to it." Padme nodded in tears and clutched her infants as she was led away. She realized her life had been changed eternally. Perhaps her and her children would never be free. Perhaps they would be separated like the Jedi had intended. She didn't know at all. She only knew how helpless she was. She cringed as she sat down in tears. She was helpless she realized she had been so broken by Anakin's attack upon her on Mustafar that she hadn't been able to fight these men. She had simply let them take her as a slave because she had lost her courage with Anakin. The only thing that was keeping her alive was the twins.

Deep in Space: Two days later:

Padme was led to a type of slave market along with her children on some astroid like station. She cringed as she was marched in like some type of merchandise and forced to wear chains. She was stripped of her clothes and forced to wear a metal slave bikini as One of the sellers approached her, "How old are your brats?"

"A couple days."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty seven."

"Is the father living or deceased?"

"I believe he was killed in the war." The slimy man nodded and left her as she sat down in tears.

She watched various buyers walk by her. Some examined her teeth like she was livestock and to her horror she realized it was what she was. Most men had no interest in buying her as a sex slave since she was already a mother. Several examined her more than she liked to determine how well she could be used. She continued to cry as more and more buyers examined her.

Five Days Later:

Padme sat in the slave market with the twins on the fifth day shivering from the lack of warmth from her slave outfit. She wished that the sellers would let her dress in something warmer and more modest. She sighed as she saw a middle aged man with two redheaded women approach the stand. One woman she guessed to be in her forties the other she guessed to be around eighteen or younger, "Dad I am positive that that woman is Senator Amidala."

"But she is dead Serra it was on the news."

"I know but none the less there she is Dad for sale. Think of it, the mighty Amidala, our slave."

"She has two babies."

"So? The girl can be my daughter's handmaiden if, I ever have a daughter and the boy can be my slave too and Senator Amidala can be ours. I want her Dad."

Padme cringed, here was some arrogant young girl that wanted bragging rights by owning her. She watched in disgust as the girl's father stared her over. It was almost as if he was mentally undressing her although she barely had anything on. She heard the father speak, "Very well Serra we will buy them."

"Thank you," replied Serra with a smile at Padme. Padme cringed as she watched the couple pay the Seller she then felt a slave collar get placed around her neck and cringed as it snapped closed. The seller than handed the chain to the young girl whom approached Padme and slapped her cheek, "Come now slave you're ours now."

Padme stood up with Luke and Leia in each arm mustering what dignity she had left as she followed her new owner off towards her new fate.

Padme cringed as she was led into a small Medical Center. "We are going to place a Transmitter on you and your children none of you will be harmed."

Padme cringed as she felt a needle in her arm then she knew no more.

When she awoke she realized she was in a new enviorment. She felt pain in the back of her neck realizing that the transmitter was in her neck. She opened her eyes to see the young redheaded girl staring at her, "You're finally awake."

Padme nodded, "Where are my babies?"

"Right over there," Padme moved forward noticing Luke and Leia laying on a couch that was similar to the one that she had woken up on. She noticed Serra approach, "As long as you obey us you can keep them Padme can you do that?"

Padme nodded, "Anything to be with them."

Serra nodded, "Very well Padme you're my slave and remember that."

Padme nodded, "Will I be forced to wear this bikini forever now?"

Serra shook her head, "Once we arrive at our new home we will get you a more suitable set of clothes."

"Where are we going?" asked Padme

Serra smiled, "It doesn't matter all that matters is that you obey me and work for me."

Padme nodded in silence before noticing her children stir. "Do they have transmitters too?"

Serra nodded, "Not to worry none of the drugs used on them will be life threatening and I made sure that all of the equipment was sterile I can't have my slaves infected now can I?"

Padme shook her head noticing the way that Serra looked down at the children before glancing at her, "I will buy them cribs when we arrive and make up a work schedule for you. Each day you will make my family breakfast, wash the dishes, Do my hair and anything else I need done in terms of the cosmetic world. You will make my bed, Do my laundry if it needs to be done and, answer calls and do whatever chores I or my father may need done."

Padme nodded, "So I am the property of your Parents?"

Serra nodded, "Or to be more realistic the property of me and my Father. My Mother hates slavery but she can't say anything unless she wants my father's wrath. She was forced to marry my Father and so I too will probably be placed into an arranged Marriage."

Padme shook her head, "Your just going to let him control you?"

Serra frowned, "What about you? Didn't your parents arrange your marriage? Wait a minute as I recall you're not married."

"Not publicly. I kept all of my personal life away from the media spotlight. Their father, my Husband was killed in the war."

"He was a soldier then?"

Padme nodded in silence. She didn't want this arrogant girl to know everything that there was to know about her children or who their Father was."

Padme frowned as she sat down and nursed her children. Serra turned and left the room in silence.

A few days later, Padme felt the ship land and walked out of it to a waiting speeder noticing a blue sky and some bright sunlight. She entered the Speeder with her owner and headed for home with Luke and Leia in her arms.

She arrived at a large house she guessed that Serra's family were fairly wealthy. Serra smiled, "I have the perimeters set up, you can't leave the city unless I deactivate it and, only I and my father know the codes."

Padme nodded as Serra led her into a large section of the house . "This is my sitting room my room is in the back and your room is over there."

Serra then led her towards a small room that contained a small bed and she noticed a set of cribs. "You will have to share with your children."

Padme nodded as Serra left her before returning. Serra returned with a burgundy skirt and matching top. "These are your new clothes."

Padme nodded as Serra removed the chain that was connected to her collar, "Go ahead and change."

Padme nodded as Serra spoke, "I have to admit Padme despite the fact that your a Senator your body doesn't tell me that based on the scars on your back."

Padme nodded, "I got those in a fight with a Nexu."

"A Nexu?" asked Serra.

Padme nodded, "I was in an execution arena when it happened.

Serra appeared shocked as she turned to leave Padme.

Serra smiled, "And now you can't fight you belong to me and you're my slave Padme Amidala. No more Freedom or Politics for you just slavery."

Padme sighed as she removed her bikini. She tossed it to the ground and slipped on the skirt. She sighed, The Skirt barely came down a few inches past her crotch and Serra had provided her with no undergarments. She frowned, It was obviously Part of Serra's amusement to make her nearly naked. She pulled on the shirt noticing that it was an inch above her waist and left little modesty. It was obvious that Serra wanted her to look like an under dressed slave girl. Padme frowned and buttoned up the shirt and let her hair braid fall down alongside her head. She may be a slave now but she would do her best to act like herself.

Serra entered the room a short time later and smiled, "You look good."

"Does it give you a sense of power over me to dress me like a prostitute?"

Serra in response moved forward and let loose a hard slap on Padme's cheek, "I could leave you in that bikini now that is much more revealing than what I gave you. I can do whatever I want you arw my slave now. Don't argue with me," warned Serra before turning and leaving the room in anger.

Padme rubbed her sore cheek in silence. How much of this treatment would she have to endure? And for how long?

She sighed as she saw Serra's mom standing in the doorway. She entered and spoke, "Are you really Senator Amidala?"

Padme nodded as the woman buried her face in her hands, "They have no idea of what they got themselves into. I am sure that you have powerful allies."

Padme nodded, "What is this that I hear about me being dead?"

"There was a funeral for you a few days ago on Naboo it was all over the Holonet what happened?"

Padme thought for a moment, Obi-Wan and Bail must have staged her death for her and likely by now were searching for her.

"My death was staged and things didn't go as planned I was kidnapped by Pirates and sold as a slave. Now here I am."

The woman nodded, "My name is Mara. The reason your dressed in that skirt is because of my Husband and make sure your never alone with him or he may try to get you into his bed."

"I won't let him," stated Padme.

Mara nodded, "I know you won't but when other girls have refused him he has made their lives hell."

"Than I will take the abuse."

Mara nodded, "I think he knows that. Now I have a little something for you," stated Mara as she pulled out a bag and reached into it revealing a Holo Camera. "Every Mother deserves to have something to record their children's lives with. Take it as a gift."

Padme looked at Mara in shock and gratitude, "Thank you so much this is the first kind thing someone has done for me since my enslavement."

Mara nodded, "I do little since I am just a housewife but I am as much of a slave as you are. On days when my husband or daughter work you to hard I will assist you in caring for these sweet babies and as they get older I will make sure that they have happy childhoods and make sure they don't get constant work loads."

Padme nodded, "Thank you Mara I am grateful to you."

Mara nodded with a smile, "Now if you need anything or someone to talk to just come to me. And if I ever see a window of opportunity I will help you to escape but only if you take my daughter with you."

"Your daughter with you?"

Mara nodded, "She hates her father and she doesn't appreciate me fully either. All of the abuse that you receive from her is her anger towards her father that she is taking out on you and she has very few friends."

"Because of the fact that she has her attitude?"

Mara nodded in silence as Padme spoke, "Then maybe what she needs is a real friend. I will take her abuse and tolerate it and in return treat her like I would my own Queen and give her whatever she asks accept her gloating and just show her how much better of a person I am."

Mara smiled, "I like that attitude Padme."

Padme nodded as Mara left her after giving her a brief hug, "Mara?"

"Yes Padme?"

"What planet are we on?"

Mara frowned, "Praesitlyn it is a pretty isolated world."

Padme nodded, "I know about it, my husband fought here."

Mara nodded, "My son was killed in the battle he fought in the defense force."

Padme nodded, "I am sorry."

Mara nodded, "And your husband?"

"He was killed a few weeks ago on Coruscant never even lived to see his children," said Padme knowing it was a lie but had to happen. No one could no that these were Anakin Skywalker's Children.

Mara nodded in silence before leaving, "Had my Son been here you wouldn't be a slave I wish it could have been my husband died and not my son because you wouldn't be like this."

"But who knows who would have bought me? I may have to put up with abuse but at least I still have my babies and I am not being raped or exploited."

Mara nodded before leaving.

The Next Morning Padme awoke to a small alarm clock that Serra had given her. Wordlessly she took one baby each and nursed them before placing them back in their cribs to sleep. She headed down to the house kitchen and got busy. Within a half hour she had a plate of toast, Fruit sausage and eggs for Serra and two plates for Mara and her husband.

She took the food on the trey and headed up to Serra's Bedroom with a cup of tea on the side noticing that Serra was awake. Serra took the plate with a smile and Padme then headed into Serra's room and made her bed before heading back to Serra, "Are you going anywhere today?"

Serra shook her head, "No not at all. None of my stupid classes or tutors that shove down my throat how I am supposed to be a submissive little housewife someday and how I am supposed to be this and that."

Padme nodded and went into Serra's Wardrobe and chose a dress for her along with a pair of matching shoes and hairpins. She headed out of the room to the sound of Luke and Leia crying and took them in her arms and began to nurse them, She wondered if Serra ever had thought of refusing to obey her father and rebel. Perhaps she could help Serra to make her own decisions and change to be apart from her father.

A long time later, after nursing them she saw Mara standing in the doorway, "Would you like me to take them?"

Padme nodded in gratitude as Mara spoke, "You're an excellent cook Padme."

Padme smiled before heading off to face Serra, Serra had showered and dried her hair and dressed in the time that she had been nursing the twins. "You are a good cook."

Padme smiled, "Thank you I was taught by my mother."

Serra nodded as Padme got to work with her hair. "You actually can do all of these basic skills?"

Padme nodded, "There were many times that I had to pose as one of my handmaidens because of assassination attempts and I assumed all of the tasks that that Handmaiden had."

Serra found herself in shock as Padme emotionlessly did her hair like she had done it a million times.

"How do you like this style?"

Serra looked at herself in the mirror with approval, "I like it."

Padme nodded as Serra spoke, "Have you eaten?"

Padme shook her head as Serra spoke, "I couldn't eat very much of my breakfast I don't eat that much take some of the leftovers."

Padme nodded and ate a small amount of food.

She noticed Serra head for the bedroom that she shared with the twins in anger, "Mom what are you doing here?"

Helping Padme with her children."

"They are our slaves."

"I don't care Serra I have nothing better to do but look pretty so I can help a widow with her children now mind your own business."

Serra stormed out of the room in anger and Padme ignored her as she headed down to the kitchen.

Upon arriving in the kitchen she noticed a small dark haired boy of around ten in dirty clothes. "Hello whats your name?"

The boy smiled, "I am Han, Han Solo."

Padme nodded, "I am Padme, are you a slave?"

Han hung his head in shame, "Yes."

Padme nodded, "So am I. I just was bought by Serra."

Han nodded, "I was sold a few months ago and they bought me. My boss was mad at me for losing a spice shipment so he sold me as payment now here I am. I work in the garage on Speeders and help keep things clean and do whatever Mara asks. She's pretty nice I think that she likes me. But her husband beats me and Serra isn't very nice either."

Padme nodded , "Are you hungry?"

Han nodded and Padme spoke, "Just take some of the leftovers."

Han nodded as Serra entered the kitchen, "One more thing you are responsible for cooking all of our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Padme nodded, "I remember you telling me that. I can do it."

"Good because that scamp that my parents own can't cook and the slave that did cook just bought her freedom from us somehow so we need you to cook."

Padme nodded in silence, She could handle it she decided for now.

She sighed and left the room after leaving Han to do the dishes.

Padme then took a datapad that Serra had left for her and got to work immediately in cleaning the house.

A long time into her work in the house she saw Han come up to work alongside her, "So Han do you have parents?"

Han shook his head, "Never knew em I don't know their names or nothing. I think they just abandoned me."

Padme frowned, "I'm sorry."

Han nodded as Padme spoke, "Would you like to be friends with me?"

Han nodded with a smile, "I would like that and maybe someday we could escape together."

"Maybe Han but not without my babies."

"You have kids?"

Padme nodded, "One boy and a girl. Their names are Luke and Leia."

Han smiled, "We will make plans I'm a pilot after all."

"You're a pilot?"

"Yep all my life."

Oh how this boy reminded her of Ani, Padme thought as she worked. She hoped that together with Han and Mara that one day they would be able to escape. She would be patient and she would bind her time.

Padme learned that Mara's Husband's name was Cay and that his family had been good people at that he had been named for an Ancient Jedi Knight. She frowned the name was a name that the man was obviously unworthy of in her mind. She worked and scrubbed the floor before Cay walked in in anger, "Your supposed to have lunch ready and here you are working."

Padme cringed as Cay moved forward and slapped her before removing his belt and swinging it across her back. He was about to make another swing when Padme heard a, "Stop."

Padme turned to see Mara in the doorway, "She didn't know that it was time. I never told her to make Lunch Cay."

Cay in anger stormed towards his wife and slapped her across the cheek several times. "Go in and make my lunch I am hungry and make sure you have the slave doing her work."

"Perhaps if you just employed somebody you wouldn't have this problem."

Cay glared at her and slapped her third time before storming off.

Padme looked at Mara in shock, "Thank you Mara."

Mara smiled, "Just be careful I can't always cover for you."

Padme nodded as Mara left her.

Star Destroyer Exactor:

Darth Vader stood on the Command Bridge of his ship in anger, Padme wasn't dead, He had just visited her grave on Naboo and found nothing. Where was she where had he gone? He frowned under his mask. It wasn't like Padme would want to be with a freak like him. He had no face left no body really he was charred. The Emperor had insisted that his injuries were not repairable but he was doubting his Master since he had lied to him about Padme. He frowned, IF he didn't have these injuries maybe she would accept him again. He glanced at Captain Ozzel.

"Prepare my Shuttle Inform the Emperor that I am on a Jedi Hunt."

"Of course my Lord."

Vader then stormed off of the bridge and headed for his Shuttle. He would go to Kamino and see if they could heal his injuries.

Kamino: One Day later:

Vader arrived at Kamino and was greeted by none other than Taun We, "Welcome Lord Vader what can we do for you?"

"I wish to see if my injuries can be repaired with your advanced cloning. However I want my presence and everything to be kept confidential to all including the Emperor," warned Vader as he pointed his finger at the alien. Taun We nodded and led him back to the Meeting Room with Lama Su.

"Greetings Lord Vader I understand you wish to have your injuries healed." Vader nodded, "Yes I do."

"It would cost a good amount of money."

"I will pay," stated Vader. Lama Su nodded as he motioned Taun We to lead him to the Labs that were located within Kamino. Vader then saw one of the aliens approach him and motion for him to follow him into a pressurized room. Vader obeyed as the room sealed he instantly knew that it was pressurized and prepared to remove his mask. He removed all of his armor and laid down on a table as he was sedated.

The droids took various samples of his body and ran extensive tests on his breathing apparatus. After the procedure was over Vader awoke slowly and was slowly armored. Upon leaving the room he saw Taun We waiting, "I have good news."

"Lets hear it."

"Your injuries can be healed but it will take two years to grow the organs and limbs and one week to implant them and insure that they are grafted successfully." Vader nodded as Taun We continued, "It will cost Five Million Credits."

"Very well I will Pay now and will be back two years from now." Vader then left the room after paying Taun We with a smile. "Angel I will find you I hope you will accept me again. I know your alive you can't hide from me," he said as he headed for his Shuttle. Vader then set course for Exactor.