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The thwarted imposter. Chapter one, Athena's bow.

Odette's POV

I sat on the water in the form of a swan, my webbed feet becoming cold and wet in the waters of Swan Lake. I sat forlorn, because Derek's ball was happening tonight and I was stuck as a swan. I could not change into my princess self as the moon wasn't supposed to rise. Just then, I saw a sliver of light from behind Swan Lake castle. The moon had risen, a thin sliver of moon light being the only visible part. This stage was called Athena's bow. It was all that I needed. I swam frantically to the opposite side of the lake, the moon light barely on the edge. The moment my wings touched the moon light, I transformed into Princess Odette in front of the astonished eyes of Speed, Juan bob, and Puffin.

I ran to my white horse, she was hidden in the bushes surrounding the castle. I mounted her quickly, and rode as fast as she could gallop too Prince Derek's castle. I rode through the town square at lightning speed. Serine, my horse, galloped to the steps of the castle in front of the astonished eyes of the footmen. I slid off of her saddle, and hiked up my skirts as I ran swiftly up the stairs. I banged on the door hard three times. Soon I heard chamberlain open the door. He gasped. All of the guests stared up at me in astonishment, especially, Prince Derek and myself in a black dress, an imposter. Rothbart had put an imposter in my place so that Derek would vow to her. He had tried to kill me.