I watched Ten Inch Hero last week, and absolutely loved it. Priestly was like the coolest guy ever! This idea popped into my head, hopefully you guys will enjoy it!

I own nothing! Especially not Priestly's awesome hawk :(

Jen, Tish, and Piper sat in various positions, lounging in the Beach City Grill talking about, of course, boys.

"He's just so…so (sigh)amazing" Tish said with a dreamy smile covering her sun kissed face. She was of course speaking about Tadd. They had met in the shop and after a couple weeks she was convinced she was in love. Or lust…who cares?

"So we've heard" Jen replied from behind her computer. She was typing away with a small smile on her face. Fuzzy22 always made her smile.

"Yes, we've all heard about how amazing Tadd is", Trucker said jokingly as he appeared out of the back room. "I'll be back soon girls, I've got to pick up a few things". The girls waved as Trucker disappeared out the front door.

Piper just laughed. Things were going well at the grill; Jen had Fuzzy (even if they had never met face to face), Tish had Tadd (the most…like…amazing guy ever), Trucker had Zo (or would soon it seemed based on her recent frequent lunch visits) and she had Noah and Julia. Life was good for everyone it seemed. Her mind wandered as she thought of Noah before she snapped herself back to attention. Her mood darkened a bit as she realized she had almost forgotten someone, Priestly. Did Priestly have anyone? It would seem the answer was no as he had never said anything. She thought about her colorful friend for a few minutes before she came to the realization that he was not there, even though it was already getting late.

"Guys, has anyone seen Priestly today?"

Tish rolled her eyes, "No, he's late as usual".

Jen nervously bit her lip, "Ya, but he's never this late". The three girls glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, all starting to feel a bubble of nervousness forming in their guts.

Tish spoke first, "Your right, he's like a half hour late, is his car here? Maybe he went with Trucker."

Jen and Piper shrugged before Tish spoke again, "Well lets go see, it's not like anythings happening out here".

Tish hopped off the counter as Jen logged off the computer and stood before following Piper to the back of the restaurant. When they opened the back door and stepped out into the late morning sun they saw something they wish they never had.