"Close the gates!" Zeus demanded as soon as he made it back on Olympus. The nymphs had tended to the wounds on Athena, Hercules and Apollo who were now standing with Hera and the assembled Gods, Goddesses and Demi-Gods. As soon as Zeus and Poseidon arrived and the order was given out four Satyrs hurried to close the gates sealing off Olympus to earth and the rest of the skies.

"What happens now?" Asked Hera rushing to Zeus side.

"Tartarus has collapsed in on itself taking most of the Titans with it" Zeus told her as he placed a bloodied hand on the small of her back leading her back over to the waiting army.

"Most?" she said as she thought over what he had just said.

"Tartarus has been destroyed!" Zeus yelled out so everyone could hear him. "A small army of Titans made it out before it collapsed" Hera stood beside Zeus watching the faces of the Olympians.

"That army is heading this way with one thing on its mind!" He continued "To destroy us. But we will not give them the satisfaction. We will destroy them before they get a chance"

All around them War cries cut through the sky piercing Hera's ears. The Olympians roared weapons held high with such ferocity the marble ground on which they stood shook. Nymphs and Satyrs rushed through the army handing out bronze knives and filling quivers with arrows before disappearing in to the city. Zeus and Hera moved to stand in line Zeus next to Poseidon and Hera stood next to Artemis. From behind them Zeus could hear a disturbance and when he turned around to address it he saw that his army was moving apart making way for who every was walking towards them, from behind Apollo Zeus saw the black hair of his brother Hades. As he stopped in front of Zeus he noticed Hades was dressed in his armour, a deep black colour and pitch fork in hand.

"Brother" Zeus greeted

"Zeus...Poseidon" Hades nodded back to his brothers

"What are you doing here brother; you leave the underworld for no-one" Poseidon Questioned

"I was Persuaded" Hades said motioning to whoever was behind him. Moving aside Hades revealed Ares clutching his war hammer and dressed ready for battle.

"Ares!" Hera gasped as she rushed forward and engulfed Ares in a hug.

"Ares? How?" Zeus said completely at a loss for words. "I thought I..."

"You did" Ares said pulling away from his mother "I woke up and I was with uncle"

"Did you..." Zeus began turning to Hera, who simply shrugged her shoulders and turned back to Ares smiling at him.

"Zeus, my King" Hephaestus yelled out pointing to something behind him. Turning Zeus saw what had cause Hephaestus to call out. The first of the titans where here.

"FOR ZEUS" Ares cried out as he raised his hammer launching forward beginning the charge. He was quickly followed by more war cries and soon the battle had begun. Hera had lost sight of her children as soon as she raised her bow and fired her first shots. She was vaguely aware of Zeus fighting somewhere beside her but she had no time to act on it as a titan rammed into her sending her crashing to the ground, bow flying out of her hand, titan on top of her. The titans raised the bronze knife he had taken from someone and was about to send it down into her chest when Hera reached behind her and grabbed an arrow from her quiver stabbing it into the titans face and shoving it off of her. Standing up her barley dodged another attack, grabbing the bronze knife from the dead titan and spun and brought the knife down, slicing through the titans' neck, effectively removing it from his body. Raising her hand Hera called her bow back to her and knocked some arrows letting them loose into nearby enemies'. Hera cried out in pain as a knife sliced through the flesh of her shoulder, as she turned around the titan fell to the floor revealing Apollo.

"Mother, are you alright?" he asked her as he rushed to her side and wrapped his arm around her waist to support her.

"I'm fine Apollo, what about your siblings?" Hera asked trying to push him away from her.

"It's over" he told her pointing over to where Zeus had just killed the last titan before he looked around falling on to his knees. Hera pushed Apollo away and ran to Zeus side.

"Zeus" She called as she got to his side falling to her knees and taking his head in her hands.

"I'm fine, my Love, I'm fine" he reassured her raising his hand and placing it on one of hers. Helping him up Hera wrapped her arm around his waist as Zeus put his arm around her shoulder and let her lead him back into the city of Olympus. As soon as they entered the city the nymphs rushed at them to heal their wounds.

"Is it over?" Hera Asked Zeus quietly as they sat together letting the Nymphs stitch them back up. All around them Gods and Demi-gods sat being healed by Nymphs, some sat amongst the dead titans too exhausted to move anywhere else, Satyrs moved though the battle field some handing out water skins while the others started to get rid of the bodies, picking them up and dropping them over the edge of Olympus for them to fall into the deepest part of the ocean to be lost.

"Yes, it's over" Zeus whispered as he rested his forehead on Hera's, closing his eyes.

"Thank the Gods" Hera whispered leaning into Zeus. "Thank the Gods"


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