What if?

What if he admits that he's wrong? What if he said SORRY? What if he tells the world that it's his fault? What if... What if.

Chapter 2-"I'm sorry Aya."

It was nine in the evening and it was time to sleep, everyone has gone to bed, except for Souichirou, he's there up all night, still training himself to get stronger, beating himself up. Aya, who is also still up, was watching him beat himself up through the kitchen. She's so sad to see him do so. She never have imagined that she'll be seeing him like that, so fragile, so delicate. She wanted to come closer to let Souichirou know that she's there always ready to give comfort, support, and care. She's always there to cheer for him when no one else would. That no matter what, she WILL BE there.

"Aaaaaagh..." Souichirou, once again fell down at his knees, this time, crying. He felt so weak, so vulnerable, so useless. He felt that the whole world is crashing down from his feet. He felt like he's doing it all wrong, that nothing he has done makes any of a difference, that even if he tries so hard to become stronger, all he does is pity himself and doesn't makes any progress. He felt that working so hard to become stronger doesn't makes any sense, as if it's becoming stronger for no reason at all.

"Souichirou-sama." The name Aya keeps on calling, every time she sees him fall down to his knees feeling worthless. She feels like someone's stabbing her in her heart, it feels like that every time she sees him like that, she's dying inside. All she can do is watch. She can't help, she doesn't know how. "Please, stop it." She begs him to stop beating himself up from a distance. She can't take it anymore. She can't watch this anymore. Tears fell down from her eyes again, knowing that all she can do is stare at him. She felt that she's useless knowing that she can't do anything to help him.

Time passes by so quickly, two hours after, they were still both up. Aya is still in the kitchen staring at Souichirou. Souichirou? Well, he is still beating himself up. No progress at all. Even if he stays up all night, he won't make any progress with his condition. He needs rest. He needs to take a break and regain his energy. After all, where would you get the energy you need to create progress if you don't rest, eat and just beat yourself up until you're exhausted?

It was almost midnight, the both of them is still awake. Souichirou don't want to stop, he wants to get better, stronger. Aya? She wants to stay right there, and makes sure that whenever Souichirou needs comfort, she'll be right there. As the clock strikes midnight, Souichirou fell asleep in the ground. Aya was still awake waiting for him to do so. Aya got out of the kitchen with a blanket at hand. She got out of the house and went to Souichirou. She covered him up to make the ground more comfortable to sleep at.

Souichirou rolled and rolled uncomfortably. Souichirou felt really hot with the blanket. He woke up. It was about one in the morning. Souichirou saw Aya nearby. She was leaning against a big decorative rock in the Natsume home. She looked so distressed. She is worried about Souichirou and his situation. She can't do anything but look. Souichirou went closer to Aya and wrapped the blanket around her. Souichirou sighed and thought, "Aya, what will I do without you. I just can't believe that you still have faith in me that I can do this, that I can fix my problems on my own. I'm sorry for acting so obnoxious, I'm sorry that I can't admit that I am not strong as I think I am. I'm sorry that I have to be like this. I'm sorry. All of this is my fault. I'm sorry that you have been dragged into this. I am really sorry Aya."

Then Aya woke up. She caught Souichirou stating at her, it made her blush. "Souichirou-sama?" she said with a smile. "Why are you up? I'm sorry. Did I make you feel uncomfortable? I can go now if you want."

"No, stay here Aya. Just stay here with me." He said to her as he hugged her. It was so tight as if he doesn't want to let her go. He really just wants her to stay there. Be with him. Stay with him.

After all, she is the only one left to believe in him. Maybe he felt stronger whenever she's around. Maybe Aya's the one he's fighting for. Maybe, just maybe.