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Tsuna barged into his apartment and harshly kicked his shoes off. He went to his room and slammed the door closed. Mochida felt like he's intruding something. He uneasily stood at the door before he closed it behind him. He walked to Tsuna's room and gently knocked.


"What? Leave me the hell alone!" Tsuna snapped from inside. Mochida could felt his irritation building up.

"Quit acting like a brat, will ya? I don't know what the hell happened or why is this happening but don't you think I deserve some explanation before you start acting like this on me? We know each other for less than 24 hours but I…." Mochida trailed off. He resisted the urge to punch the door out of frustration.

"What? You're what?" Tsuna asked lowly as if mockingly. "You know nothing about me, or my past. You don't even know why I transferred to Namimori. You don't know what I did in Shimon. You don't know about my family!" Tsuna shouted the last part in rage. He could barely contain his anger.

Mochida took a deep breath to calm himself down. Shouting at each other at this moment won't give anyone merit. He looked at the door once again and started speaking, "Well? Why don't you start now? Like I said, we know almost nothing about each other. From what I could gather, you are somehow related to Luce, the sky Arcobaleno. You are to consider about that arranged marriage or something. Seems like a family business to me." Mochida clapped for himself inwardly. He managed to cover his irritation at the thought of the arranged marriage.

Tsuna didn't reply immediately. He kept silent at the other side until Mochida almost couldn't take it anymore.

"Luce isn't my sister."

"W-what?" Mochida asked, startled.

"Luce isn't my sister. Though you could say that we are so close to each other that before we knew it, we already refer to each other as siblings. There is another one. He's the middle kid or something. Luce is the oldest sister and I'm the youngest. Our families had been in some sort of alliance for hundreds of years already."

"Okay…." Mochida blinked at the door.

"About the betrothal," the brunet opened the door and Mochida felt his eyes widened at his boyfriend's orange narrowed eyes.

"Leave, Mochida." Tsuna's voice was void of emotion and it felt like a bucket of ice was splashed to his back. Mochida started to tremble before he knew it. This Tsuna was nothing like the one before. This one brought himself like a noble, with his chin up and the frown on his lips. This Tsuna was one who expected himself to be obeyed by anyone. This Tsuna was very light on his feet as he walked towards Mochida until he was right in front of the handsome black haired boy. The brunet gazed at him emotionlessly.

"Leave before they find out about you. In our family, backstabbing is anything but unusual. If they ever find out about you, they will erase your existence entirely."

Mochida's eyes widened.

Tsuna gritted his teeth, "The alliance with the Trad 6, those old farts will surely do anything to get it. Though my grandpa will go against it, the council will be more than happy to give me on a silver platter as the alliance's agreement. If they find out about this relationship, they will kill you for sure, to ensure that nothing gets in their way, even one measly relationship." The brunet turned his back on Mochida. "You should go. Get your things and go home."


Even hours after that, Tsuna could still felt his lips tingling in that annoying way. He tossed himself from side to side as he let out a groan of frustration. He punched the soft mattress repeatedly.

'This isn't supposed to happen! Why can't he just left like a good boy and leave me the hell alone? He just had to…to…. UGH!'


Mochida turned back to the boy, his bag in hand as Tsuna kept his gaze away from him. Mochida suddenly frowned. He stepped forward and before Tsuna knew it, the handsome black haired boy had crashed their lips together. The brunet was too stunned to move as he stared wide-eyed at Mochida's closed eyes. Seconds later, Mochida pulled away and there was a glint in his eyes that Tsuna failed to see before.

"I won't give up on you that easily. As long as there is a possibility, I will keep chasing you till my last breath."

Satisfied at Tsuna's speechless state, Mochida Kensuke smirked and left the apartment. Tsuna stood at the doorway, dumbfounded.

End flashback

Morning came too early for Tsuna. The brunet groaned at the glaring sun. He grudgingly sat up and stretched his limbs like a cat. He groggily did his morning routine. By the time he was done, it was 7:00am, and he'd just remembered something.

'Oh shit, I forgot about Tara! I just ran out of the shop without explaining anything to Luce! I hope Fon-san isn't mad at me! Ugh! Why do I have to be such a rash-head?'

The brunet ran all the way to Fon's shop. The brunet saw Fon was watering the plants outside his shop as the brunet slowed down on his pace. The sounds of Tsuna's footsteps made the Chinese man looked up. His handsome face was painted with surprise before a brilliant smile appeared replacing it.

"Good morning, Sawada-san! I wasn't expecting you so early in the morning but I guess it's okay. Go inside, Luce's waiting for you."

Tsuna blinked, surprised at Fon's inviting and friendly demeanour.

"Err, okay." The brunet awkwardly walked passed Fon who was humming under his breath pleasantly. He opened the door and the chiming sound surprised Tsuna lightly before he smiled at it. He contemplated whether to go outside again to ask Fon or follow his instinct to search for Luce. He followed the latter.

He walked straight to the hallway and rounded a corner. He was mildly surprised when he saw a door; with kitchen's utensils showing from what little space Tsuna could see. He followed his guts and walked to the kitchen. As he neared, he wasn't too surprised when a familiar song was sung softly.

The song of the three fated royalties.

The king of the sea.

The princess of the rainbow.

And the crowned prince of the clam.

Tsuna smiled lightly. The song that he, Luce and Byakuran loved to sing as children was their favourite song until now. Tsuna saw Luce was happily cooking something as the girl continued the chorus in a hummed version. The brunet chuckled, and it attracted her attention. She whipped her head to his direction and she beamed happily at the sight of Tsuna.

"Tsu-kun!" she caught the brunet in a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh my goodness, I haven't seen you in a few months and you had grown a few centimetres taller! Keep going and I won't be able to hug you like a doll anymore!" the white cladded girl continued gushing as she totally ignored Tsuna who was turning blue.

'This is it. I'm going to die in this mortifying way. Dad, if you find the porn magazines under my bed, they're not mine. They're Julie's, somehow accidentally got slipped when I was packing my stuffs. And no, I definitely didn't take Adel's naked picture. It was Julie. Enma, I will beat your highest score in DDR in next lifetime. Dino-san, I never thought I'd say this but you actually sucks at games. Uncle Massimo, you would kill me if I'm not already dead when you know this but it was me who got the frog into your coffee. It was purely by accident though. Not my fault that Basil- oh you know what, I'm going to make amends for my sins later.'

"Luce! Let go of me!" Tsuna gasped out with more effort than he wanted. Luce looked at her cherished brunet and gasped in mild apologetic way.

"Oh I am so sorry! I was excited and I just couldn't help myself! Are you okay?" she patted the brunet on his back. Tsuna painfully smiled.

"Don't worry, I'm still talking, don't I?" if Luce detected the sarcasm, she ignored it as she smiled brightly.

"Well, dig in! I've made your favourite!"

"Thank you for the food."


"Luce, what in the world is this?" Reborn asked while eying the steak on his plate like it's the most disgusting thing ever existed in the universe.

"Reborn, don't say that. That's Tsu-kun's favourite. He visited this morning." Luce chided.

"Oy, what kind of people eat steak for breakfast?" Verde wrinkled his nose.

"Well, apparently, it's Luce's beloved 'Tsu-kun'." Viper chuckled.

"When are we going to get to meet this 'Tsu-kun'?" Colonello asked as he wolfed down the steak on his plate. The other three junior Arcobalenos stared at the gluttonous blond before sighing and reluctantly started eating.

Luce smiled brightly, "Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out, kouhai-tachi."


"Luce just loves playing with us." Verde muttered bitterly.

"You mean, toying with us." Viper said instead.

The two Arcobalenos with the most unusual hair looked at each other before sighing.

"Really? I think it's cool, though! I mean, we've met Byakuran-san and he's fucking creepy. I'm so pumped up to find the last of the royalties." Colonello grinned boyishly.

Reborn rolled his eyes, silently thankful that the street was empty.

"But why are they called the royalties though?" Viper's question was met with silence.

"Vye, either you're deaf or just plain ignorant to not hear it when Luce told us. Hell, she even sings it every day! Every! Friggin'! Morning!" Reborn said through gritted teeth. Colonello and Verde looked at Reborn and silently pitied the black haired Arcobaleno. Out of them all, Reborn was the most annoyed one with the song.

They rounded a corner and Reborn, who was ahead of them all, bumped into something, or rather, someone.

"Owh! What the fuck! Watch where you're going, ye bastard!"

They looked down, and there, almost sprawled on the ground, was the new transfer student, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

End chapter.