Family: prologue

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Hanna Dimitriv nee Rider looked at both her children. Joshua the older of the two was teaching Annabelle the basics of pick pocketing.

Most parents would have been horrified at the thought. Someone so young, at five was learning the basics of thievery.

Hanna wasn't surprised she at eighteen the age of her son had been teaching her two younger brother Latin. Now that was hard. She smiled at the memory.


"Why do we have to do this?" whined Ian

"Because it will help us tell secrets without mom and dad knowing." Explained the ever patient Hanna

"It's still stupid." said John the older of the two boys

Knowing the only way to make them agree with her, Hanna took a deep breathe. " Stop arguing with me you imps." in Latin

"What did you just say?" asked the ever suspicious Ian.

" I'm not telling you until you study Latin for a whole year. Promise." She said with her signature smirk

They both agreed with fake enthusiasm.

End of flashback

Hanna smiled at the good old days. She only hoped her children would share the same bond she and her brothers had, had.

Later on in life her brothers and herself worked for the MI6. There she had met her husband. For obvious reasons what they did in the organization was classified.

So far she had lost both her husband and brother, John. It was part of the business package.

Glancing at her watch she realized it was time to go home. She never made it. The moment she got up a bullet made its way through the air and hit her in the heart.

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