Life is never normal when you're a Dimitriv

It was the last Saturday of the term. Time for the Equestrian Inter-Schools Championship. We exercised the horses, walked through the course.

I was worried Josh hadn't been back and I was getting worried. He had never been gone for that long. Now my eyes needed to be on the prize. This was the biggest competition in our circuit other than the nationals.

All of us were dressed in cream jodhpurs, white shirts, black boots and helmets and over our shirts; we had our school blazers on. I had enough time to watch the dressage that we won with a lot of trouble. For the last time I walked over the course. Mentally calculating how many strides I neede and what to look for.

I was on last and so I watched the others go through the course. I hated going last it made me more nervous than I already was. We started.

Clearing the jumps was easy now it came closer to the pond. There was a jump to clear before that and I was praying like made. We nearly landed in the water but Excalibur pulled through. I was so proud of him. Overall, we came second only being beaten by our brother school.

I was dropped off home by one of the other girl's mum. I entered the house. It had been so silent since Josh wasn't there playing his guitar or singing. Mike had called a couple of times and told us school was fine and up in the mountains it was freezing.

My cell phone rang. No one called me on there unless it was an emergency.

"Hello, may I please no who's speaking?" I asked

" Hey, thought you missed me," I heard the voice of Viktor

"Why the hell are you calling?"

"Well can't I call my number one girl," he said plenty of cheek in his voice

" No, you can't," I answered furious

"You ride very well,"

"Thanks," I said accepting the complement not thinking about it

I heard the bell ring through the house and went to open the door. A part of me wished it were my brother there. No instead, I was greeted by the blinding grin of Viktor Armani. It took all my self-control not to beat him up on the street.

I let him in not saying a word. He stretched out onto the comfort couch in my bedroom.

"Move, I need to change," I ordered

" Believe me I've seen much worse," he answered

I wasn't in the mood for this. I shoulder flipped him out of the room into the passage. I locked the door as he got up and laughed. I changed into blue jeans with a Star Wars shirt.

He was in the kitchen polishing off the rest of my whole grain crackers. I rolled my eyes at him as I drank orange juice straight out of the carton.

" So that's snacks right?" he asked

"No, that's lunch," I said

" But, that's six crackers with cheese on them," he argued

"Yes, and that's practically a feast," I answered back

"Well, I need you to come with me to a track race," he said

" You think I'll just come with you," I demanded

" Please," he added

"Fine, where?"

"I'll tell you when time comes," he answered

I locked the house and went with him. At least he didn't come in a Ferrari. School had ended on Friday for the Christmas Holidays. We drove out of the town and to the airport. We boarded his luxury jet. I stowed the bag pack I had brought.

The bag pack was filled with a couple of clothes and my toiletry bag. The sneakers I was wearing were my only shoes. He rolled his eyes at my choice of clothes. We flew for about twelve hours and landed at an open-air landing strip. By that time I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. I curled up on the passenger seat of the Mercedes next to him. He drove fast.

We pulled up into the driveway of a mansion. It was modern with plenty of glass. He lifted me up and got me into one of the rooms. The bed was so soft. The best that money could buy, I suppose. I fell asleep tired from the travelling and riding.

The next morning I was pulled out of bed by the smell of breakfast. I hadn't had anything since the orange juice. I sat at the table and watched the maid flip cheddar cheese omelettes. Viktor came down the stairs drinking a cup of coffee. I could smell the coffee. I was like a breath of fresh air.

I made a grab for the cup as he set it down and drank all the remaining coffee in it. It was black with no sugar, how could anyone drink coffee without sugar in it. I pulled a face as I set the cup down. The coffee tasted bitter but it woke me up better than anything else would.

'Help yourself to anything," he said gesturing towards the cupboards

I found a bowl and milk in the fridge. I was now looking through the cupboards for cereal. I looked through every single cupboard and found nothing. Not even a box of instant oats.

"Do you own any cereal?" I asked

"No, breakfast is custom made and my family despises cereal."

" How can you live without cereal it's fast and on the go and tastes great plain," I said ticking of the benefits

"And it's for people who don't have time and we've got all the time in the world," he countered

I grumbled and settled down with beacon sandwiches and chocolate milk.

" So the race is today at noon. We'll be having lunch at the club," he said

"Great that means I need a shower,"

" Yes, that and some clothes,"

I gaped at him doing a brilliant impression of a fish. He took out from under the table four boxes. I opened the red one, which held a dress. The dress was green and strapless. It was tight around the upper body and flowed down straight halfway between my knee and thigh. The dress had embroidered purple flowers around the waist.

The smallest box held jewellery. The same purple flowers were done with the jewellery. It contained a necklace, earrings and a watch.

The biggest box had a hat in it. I pulled my face. The hate meant it was some rich event.

The last box had purple stilettos. Not practical for fighting but great for looking at.

I could visualise the whole thing in my mind.

"So why do I have to come with?" I asked

"My mum and brothers are trying to set me up. So I need you to help me and besides I did take your first kiss," he answered

"Like you did with a million other girls,"

"Well, yes," he said with a smirk

It was hard to believe that he was only eighteen. He acted like an adult. Partied like an adult. He was an adult. He was a playboy and being rich helped. He wasn't forbidden but parents would still keep their girls away from him.

An hour later, I was downstairs with the dress on. It fit me perfectly. I wasn't too happy about the strapless part. The maid busy curling my hair to fall obediently down my back. I held my breath again as she reached for the hairspray and sprayed one last time at the curls.

I tied the ribbons on the shoes and put the hat on. Viktor met me outside. He was wearing a black suit with a broad green tie.

"So you see you can be a girl," he said

I glared I didn't mind dressing up but half the time it wasn't practical.

This time we drove in a black Ferrari which I enjoyed. He went way past the speed limit of every country I knew and we got there in no time.

I was met by the shock of my life when I saw Josh. He was walking around with some lady his age. I felt a surge of over protectiveness for him. He was dating and he didn't tell me. Then it hit me it was all part of the mission.

Just to see if it was true. I turned Armani to face me and kissed him. He wasn't even shocked. His muscles were completely relaxed as he pushed my head forward to deepen the kiss. I kissed him with one eye open.

My brother didn't even flinch which meant he was on a mission. Viktor looked back at me as if it was perfectly normal. He had just kissed a girl who was meant to be his steady girlfriend. We made our way toward the club doors.

Both our faces had fixed smiles on them. I met his whole family. His brothers said it was good that I settled him down. I felt a little bit bad as I lied to them. I met other people, friends and business partners. I switched languages so many times that I even stopped thinking in English after a while.

I had a massive headache I think it was because of the stress. The day was long and my legs felt like it would give up on me any moment. Again, during supper I was put next to a man who spoke Spanish. Now I didn't even think of what I was saying. I think I must have repeated a million times in a dozen different languages how I'd fallen in love with Viktor.

I was grateful when the time came for us to leave. I kissed each of his three brothers on the cheek and hugged his mom and dad. He drove that lovely car out back to the airport. I changed in one of the airports changing rooms.

He carried me all the way out to the jet. We said our goodbyes and parted. Even though I was tired, the bloody insomnia stopped me from sleeping. I took out some random hard covered book and began reading. Not even taking in the information that lay in front of me. A buzz from my BlackBerry told me someone was desperate to reach me. i picked it up because after five minutes the person still wouldn't give up.

"Hello, may I please know who's speaking," I asked annoyed

" This is the Royal and General there seems to be a problem with your account," said a voice over the phone

I sighed and asked the pilot to take me to Heathrow airport. This was going to be long.

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