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It had been nearly six weeks since the accident.

Roy stared down at all of the unsigned papers upon his desk. Sighing in exasperation, he briefly wondered how long it would take. How long it would take for Fullmetal to recover. It was no surprise really, those two had been so close, inseparable practically.

Roy clenched his teeth. After all that shit fate, god, whatever you want to call it, put them through, they had it all end like this. Where was the equivalency in that? There's no equivalent exchange in this situation!

He leaned back in his chair before opening a desk drawer and pulling out a file. Opening it up, he looked over a mission. A mission he need to give to Fullmetal. He thought about how maybe it was too soon for the teen to be going out, but he decided it would be good for the young alchemist to get his mind off of what had happened. What had happened... to Al.

It all started out as a simple mission, really. All he had to do was retrieve a convict that had escaped from prison. The convict was on death row, so they could kill on sight if need be.

Fullmetal was the one who found the escapee first, but the man had had enough time to draw a transmutation circle and create swords and weapons. Fullmetal thought he and Al could handle it, so they attacked. Things didn't go as planned.

The man was on death row for a reason. He was a dangerous alchemist. A serial killer that had been on the run for a while and was never caught. He somehow managed to sneak behind Ed and was about to kill the young alchemist, but Al intervened. He pushed the man away from his brother, but in the process, the man had managed to stab Al with the sword he had transmuted. Unfortunately, the sword pierced the blood seal that bound Al's soul to the piece of armor. Al died that night.

But so did the escapee... and by Ed's very own hand. By the time Roy had arrived, he could only see a hysterical Edward pulverizing the man's face. They had to literally pry Ed off of the man. They could tell that the man had been dead for a while. Roy remembered briefly wondering what could have made Edward go berserk. His unasked question was answered when he saw Ed, his golden eyes glazed over with tears pouring out, hunched over the suit of armor that was once his brother.

The lone brother pounded on the armor lightly, demanding that Al come back. Alas, it was not meant to be and no miracle occurred and Ed was left alone on that gloomy night.

It had been nearly six weeks and Ed hadn't come out of that small apartment he had rented. He refused to leave and stayed inside, locked in his room. Everyone tried to get through to the boy, but Ed's resolve remained firm. He wasn't leaving that apartment.

Winry and Pinako had dropped everything they were doing as soon as they heard the horrifying news and rushed over to Central to console Edward, only to come face to face with a locked door.

And finally, that brought us to this current time, with Roy holding the mission file in his hand firmly. He sighed and he finally decided that enough was enough.

Roy stood up and walked out of his office, ignoring the strange glances he received from the soldiers dotting Central headquarters. Not even bothering to take a car, Roy walked straight to the apartment building and up to Ed's room.

Knocking a few times, Roy waited for a reply. Receiving none, he knocked louder, "Fullmetal, open the door."

Again, only silence was his reply. Roy knocked even louder, "That was an order Fullmetal, from your superior officer!"

Eery silence filled the air and Roy grew slightly worried having always received a response, no matter how simple like grunts or some form of noise. Apologizing to the landlord in his mind, Roy raised his foot before kicking the door in. He would repair it later.


Roy walked inside Ed's apartment for the first time in six weeks. Looking around and finding nothing, he headed towards Ed's room in the back of the apartment. Knocking softly on the door and receiving no reply, Roy tested the doorknob to find the door, surprisingly, unlocked. A large creak filled the eery silence of the apartment and Roy finally came face to face with the distraught boy.

The state Fullmetal was in shocked him slightly. The boy's normally neat hair fell around his face messily with some strands clinging to his face because of sweat. Roy briefly thought it must be from nightmares. Normally, his golden hair would be in a braid or a ponytail at least, but now it was loose and unkempt. His eyes were red and puffy, proving the usually strong willed teen had been crying. Dark circles and bags were under his once fierce golden eyes which were now glazed over slightly and full of sadness. His automail was completely exposed as he was only wearing a baggy t-shirt and shorts. His gaze was fixed upon his hands which lay limp on his knees. His figure was slumped against the wall pitifully, like a toy that had been thrown away after the owner had gotten bored.

Roy walked over to his distraught subordinate and kneeled in front of him, "Fullmetal?"

"Al?" Ed asked, not looking at Roy, "Is that you?"

"No, Fullmetal," Roy replied sadly, "It's me, Roy."

"Heh, I should've known," Ed muttered, "Al never calls me 'Fullmetal'..."

Roy sighed sightly at how he said 'calls' instead of 'called', "Fullmetal, there's a mission you have to do."

"What's the point..." Ed muttered, looking to the floor, bangs shadowing the pitiful expression he most likely wore, "Al's not here anymore..."

"Fullmetal, Al wouldn't be happy at all if he saw you like this," Roy said with mild anger, "You and Al promised you would keep living even if one of you were gone, right?"

"I know that, Colonel Bastard..." Ed muttered, "But I didn't think it would be so damn hard."

Roy smirked. Cussing, an improvement. At first, Ed was practically incapable of swearing, "Well, here's what I came to give you."

Roy laid down the relatively thick folder on the floor beside of Ed, "You'll be going to a different culture, so I advise you read everything in there. There's also a few research files of the country and a guide to the language and culture as well as the technology. Read everything in it, you're leaving in a few days."

Without another word, Roy left the young alchemist to his thoughts. Fixing the door first though.

Ed sighed and reached over, gingerly picking up the file. He opened it up, taking out the mission briefing.

It was saying that in Tokyo, Japan at Ouran Academy, many students had been abducted by a group of mysterious people. They didn't know if the students were dead or alive and the overall situation was kept a secret from the current student body. That's where Ed, Roy, and Riza came in. They'd go to Japan with Ed enrolling as a student at Ouran to be able to search for the culprits. As a cover story, they would be playing the part of a happy family.

Ed looked at a small hand-written note from the Colonel saying Winry would be coming as well.

Ed sighed slightly and began to read about the culture of Japan.

~Large Time Skip~

It had been a week and the group had successfully arrived in Tokyo, Japan. Ed had been showing minor improvements, sometimes even helping with the unpacking of boxes. The whole house was large and Ed felt like it would take forever to get everything settled in. He collapsed on his bed, tired from even small physical strain as he had been sitting in his room for six weeks. It was time for Winry and him to start school the next day and he had already seen (and hated) the uniform. Thoughts swirling around in his head, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Ed awoke the next day as a gentle pair of hands shook him awake, "Ed, time to get up."

Ed cracked open his eyes and was met with the clear blue eye's of none other than Winry, "W-Winry... good morning."

Winry smiled, "Hurry up or you'll be late," She began to walk out of his room, "Your breakfast is getting cold."

Winry had been a lot happier lately. She could faintly see the improvements in Ed's demeanor. She was glad that her friend was finally coming back from the depression he had been captured by.

Ed got up out of his bed and threw on the uniform, not even bothering to wear the tie. Pulling his hair into a ponytail, he walked down the stairs, leaving the forgotten purple tie upon his bed.

Ed soon reached the kitchen and sat down, beginning to eat the breakfast in front of him quietly. A few minutes passed by and Ed looked up at the clock before getting up, "I should be going..."

Winry looked up and nodded, following her childhood friend out the door.

Winry and Ed stood in front of the closed door of their new classroom. Ed stared blankly ahead, causing Winry to look at him with mild concern. It wasn't an unusual occurrence, but she still didn't like it at all. Sighing softly, she walked in, pulling Ed with her, after she heard the teacher introduce them.

"Class, these are our new students," The teacher said, gesturing to the two Amestrians, "Treat them nicely. Please introduce yourself to the class."

"I'm Winry Mustang," Winry bowed to her new classmates, using her fake last name as well, "I hope to have a good year with you all."

Silence settled in the classroom and everyone stared at Ed who was looking at the floor.

"Is he shy?" One girl whispered to her friend, "How cute!"

Winry placed her hand on Ed's shoulder in comfort, "Ed? You alright?"

Ed nodded softly and looked up, shocking everyone with his golden eyes, "Edward Mustang..."

The teacher cleared her throat, earning everyone's attention, "Mr. Mustang, you will be sitting by Tamaki Suoh. Tamaki, raise your hand please."

Ed looked up, eyes soon landing on the flamboyant blonde boy whose hand was waving in the air excitedly. Ed sighed, walking over to the excited blonde. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Winry go sit somewhere on the other side of the room. Just great.

He took his seat by Tamaki and looked down at the book upon his desk. He failed to notice the pair of Violet-blue eyes looking at him, 'Hmmm, the Mysterious, Distant, and Shy type... a deadly and rare combination,' Tamaki thought to himself, 'Judging by the girls' reactions to him, he would be a good addition to the host club. I'll consult Kyoya and the others about this later.'

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