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Haruhi nodded glumly, "They don't even know what's happened to them. It's sad to think about, but for all we know, something terrible could've befallen them..."

"They say the police have no idea whose doing it, or what criteria besides being a youth and rich they need to fall under to be targeted."

Haruhi smiled at them, "I don't know what we would do if one of our lovely roses such as yourselves got hurt in this scary business that's been happening lately."

The girls squealed and Ed could've sworn they almost fainted from the cheesy line and dazzling smile the brunette was offering them.

It didn't really take much to get them going now did it?

Ed sighed, that conversation didn't really get him anywhere. This was going to be a long mission.

Ed was never expecting to receive any proof on the children who were captured being murdered. At least, that was until he found a giant clump of students standing outside Ouran.

Naturally, the group wasn't too extremely large seeing as it was still very early and a few hours before school started, but it was large enough to be worthy of attention. Elbowing his way through the crowd, the alchemist let Winry wait for him at the edge of the pool of students. Finally reaching the front of the crowd, Ed's jaw dropped in disbelief. Yellow police tape spread across the expanse of the entryway, blocking any entry. And lying just inside the school grounds was the mangled body of a student, appearing to be male if the remains of the lavender coat were anything to go buy.

Ed had to force himself not to blanch at the sight which caused his stomach to knot uncomfortably. He couldn't stand to imagine the horrors the student must've gone through. He immediately noticed an investigator staring right at him. Looking around nervously, Ed gestured for the man to come over.

Quirking a brow, the officer got up and made his way towards the barrier.

Fishing around in his pockets, Ed quickly retrieved his silver pocket watch from his pocket and showed it to the man, whispering quietly near the man's ear, "I'm Edward Elric, the alchemist from Amestris that you requested for assistance."

The investigator looked incredulously down at the teen and then at the pocket watch and back at Ed.

"Could you please clear the area, for both the students' safety and for the sake of keeping my identity a secret," Ed continued, snapping the man out of his trance.

The investigator nodded dumbly before heading back to his group and explaining the situation. They all nodded and immediately walked over and began to clear the area and seal away the crime scene. In the midst of the confusion, Ed slipped inside and briefly caught Winry's eyes. She only nodded and began to turn away, heading back the way she came.

Once safely inside the crime scene Ed walked calmly over to the body. Turning to who assumed was the one in charge of the investigation, he began asking various questions.

"Do you know the identity of the victim?" Ed inquired, noticing that the poor (presumed) boy had what seemed like his whole head bashed in, his face barely resembling that of a human any more.

"Not at the moment, we are planning to find out his identity with dental records," The investigator replied, handing a manilla folder to the alchemist, "We've somewhat narrowed down the lists of victims."

Ed opened the folder and flipped through the files of the missing male students and looked back at the body between each new file. Finally, after going through them once, he flipped back to the center and picked out a file. Kneeling down, Ed inspected the body and looked back and forth between the information and the corpse. Straightening a few minutes later and stretching to loosen his muscle, he passed the file back to the inspector.

"I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that that kid is probably your victim," Ed said, continuing to inspect the corpse.

"How can you tell?"

"Well, based on the information, it gives his height, build, and general body type along with some other details. Going on that, you can use general deduction and knowledge of Biology and science to deduce the most likely answer. Furthermore, it's definitely male, given the size of his femurs and other key bones, it's definitely someone masculine. It would be easier to determine, but unfortunately whoever did this to the poor kid is one sick, sick monster. He completely minced this guy and there's barely any trace of being a man left. I also didn't want to defile him any further by inspecting... certain places," Ed coughed awkwardly into his hand, "Anyway, the key thing we need to determine now is if this happened before he was completely killed or if he was cut up after the time of death."

The investigator nodded slowly, "For a kid, you're pretty good at this."

The corners of Ed's mouth twitched upwards slightly, "It's not something I'm necessarily proud of, but I guess you could say I have experience in this field."

Noticing the hardened gaze of the man on his back, Ed waved his hands dismissively, "Chill, I'm not a murderer or something like that. I to fight seriously only when ordered to or when attacked."

Inspecting the body further, Ed's eyes widened when he noticed strange markings along some of the only visible flesh left. Looking further, he noticed something truly shocking. Small rectangles covered a small portion of the skin, "This..." He turned to face the investigator, "This might not be good... Ok this just isn't good, no might about it. His body is showing signs of alchemy. Whoever did this, or someone in the group that did this if there is one, is capable of bio-alchemy. And judging by the low noticeability of it, he's either a really good one, or sure took his time."

The other officers there looked slightly shocked before turning grim.

"Sorry to break this to you, but your case just got a lot more difficult. You all should be careful," Ed said slowly, "When alchemists pass the breaking point and start doing this to people, they usually don't stop. And I really hope that this person, or these people, don't know about constructing a chimera, or else those kids are in for a lot of pain and suffering."

He straightened slightly when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, he read the caller I.D., clicking his tongue when he saw who it was. He flipped it open and irritably growled into it, slipping into a foreign language that no one knew.

A few minutes passed and he irritably shut his phone before turning to face the inspectors, "It looks like I'm done here for now, but my superior might come out here or to the investigation office at some point today or soon."

Turning on his heel, the blond quickly evacuated the crime scene and slowly made his way down the street and back to his temporary home.

Time Skip

Ed flung open the door and stepped inside once more, finding Mustang and Hawkeye sitting at the bar in the kitchen, talking quietly over coffee.

Hearing the door click shut, they both turned to face their 'son'. Mustang was the first to speak up, "So, I heard that the first body has finally shown up," He took a sip of the bitter liquid in his mug.

Ed nodded in exasperation, running his hand through blond bangs. He sighed heavily and his eyes turned downcast. Hawkeye, noticing the boy's slight frustration, spoke up, "Would you like me to fix you anything Edward?"

The alchemist shook his head and flopped onto the couch located nearby and shut his eyes, "I'm just tired now. Seeing that so early in the morning exhausted me mentally and physically."

"It was that bad?" Mustang asked his subordinate.

Grunting in affirmation, the oldest Elric brother replied, "The kid was disfigured to the point he wasn't recognizable as a human being any more. They know it's male, but it's hard to tell from far away. No kid deserves to go through that."

The duo in the kitchen could only nod in agreement as they sipped their coffee in silence. Eventually, sleep overtook the teen and he slipped into a nightmare infested rest.

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