Chapter 1: Pain

It was always rainy in England. Well, almost always. Water was currently hitting the windows of Arthur's room, while said person sat huddled up on his bed, waiting for his father to come home. He was not at all excited at the prospect of his drunk father coming into his bedroom at night. His sober self was bad enough, having beaten his son time and time again. However, whenever he came home drunk, he liked to touch Arthur and everynow and then, he actually raped his own son.

He didn't do it often, but there was still the posibility of it and that's what scared Arthur. He could handle the curses thrown at him or being beaten, but being raped, especially by his father, almost once to twice a month, left the poor teen's mind a jumbled mess. He was 17, but that didn't stop his father.

Now, of course, his father didn't used to be abusive, he was actually a very loving and caring man. That was until Arthur's mother died when the boy was only 5. His father turned into a drunk and began to abuse Arthur at that young age, because he looked too much like his mother. For 12 years, the boy had to put up with the abusiveness. Throughout the years, depending on his age, there were stages to the abuse.

It all started a month after the death of his mother. The first time, Arthur's father came home one night, drunk and took one look at his son before he burst into tears. He dragged his 5 year old son to the bathroom turned on the shower and nearly toss him into the tub. Grabbing a bar of soap and a rag he began to scrub his son "clean" all while saying, "Stop looking so much like her!"

The poor boy screamed as his skin was rubbed raw. Afterwards, he was left in the tub full of pink, dyed water, shaking from pain and fear. That was the first time he experienced his father's abuse and it left him confused. He thought it was the only time it would happen, but when it was done again and again, his love for his father dissolved into fear.

So many times, Arthur wondered why his brothers William, Sean, and Connor didn't come and rescue him. When he was only 4 years old, the last of the three moved out to go live their life. They haven't talked much with his father since. They never visited so they never knew what had become of their youngest sibling. Every once in a rare while, Arthur could hear his father talking on the phone with William, the latter never asked to speak with Arthur, leading the young boy to believe that his brother's didn't care about him.

When he turned 9, his father slowly stopped trying to "clean" him and instead switched to beating him. The man, at first, only slap him across the face when he was angered. Even if Arthur wasn't the cause of the anger, it was still an outlet for him. Eventually, he decided that slapping wasn't enough and would punch and kick him. Occasionally he would throw in a few choice words to show the boy how pissed off he was. Then came the thrown objects. At first, the man would miss everytime, but soon, his aim caught up with his fury and the objects would collide most often with Arthur's backside because he was in retreat.

When he turned 14, his father noticed changes in his body and it seemed to draw him to the poor boy. He pulled him, struggling and fighting to get away from his father, to the boy's bed and began to touch him in areas Arthur didn't think existed. Curious, and extremely sex deprived, his father stuck a finger into the poor boy's anus and began to wiggle it around. The boy screamed in terror and pain, trying to force the foreign object from his hole. Sadly, this seemed to turn on the man even more and he pulled off his pants, and began to rape Arthur. Once he was finished, he left the boy on the bed with blood and semen pouring from his entrance. Arthur couldn't find the will to move and even if he did, he wouldn't be able to. Every movement cause him extreme pain. Luckily his father didn't come back into the boy's bedroom for the two day he spent resting.

Arthur looked out the window and shuddered at the memories. He pulled his legs closer to his body and tried to dispell the thoughts but they kept forccing their way through the young man's mind. What he wouldn't give to be free of his father. A loud noise from down stairs brought him out of his past and he looked to the door with fear present in his eyes. Silence followed for a good minute, before stomping was heard in the kitchen and the slamming of cupboard doors resounded off the walls. Another shudder went through his spine as he tried to avert his attention. However, he was too enthralled by what was happening. He was afraid that if he stopped paying attention, his father would punish him.

"Bastard!" Arthur heard his father yell. He often said that when he was out of any kind of alcohol.

The boy shuddered and wished that his father would have gone to the store and picked some up. Now that there was nothing to keep the man entertained, he was going to turn his attention to his son. Within a few minutes, stomping was heard coming up the stairs.

"Oi, you little Brat! Get down here now!" His father yelled.

Arthur didn't respond, but instead drew his legs closer to his chest, willing himself to stay put and hoping that his father would lose interest. Like that would ever happen. Once his father started something, he finished it. A trait that Arthur wished had died when his mother did. The stomping ceased when it reached his door, and the boy held his breath for what seemed like an eternity. What felt like hours, had really only been 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds, his door slammed open to reveal his father looking completely disheveled. A grunt escaped his mouth when he saw Arthur and he began his approach.

"Why didn't you answer me? Huh? You always like to open your mouth when I'm fucking you." The boy began to tremble violently as his father continued his approach. "You're such a fag, you know that? I can tell you enjoy every minute of it."

The man paused and leaned over, bringing his face close to Arthur's. He could smell the alcohol on his father's breath, but didn't dare attempt to plug his nose, in fear that it would provoke him.

The man huffed in annoyance. "Well too bad you aren't going to have any fun tonight. I'm tired."

He straightened back up and walked out of the room, swaying slightly. Arthur breathed a sigh of relief and got up from his bed to close his door. He didn't want any surprise visits from the man. Crawling back onto the bed, he stayed awake, afraid that if he fell asleep, he would wake up with his father hovering over him. It has happened before, so it wouldn't surprise him if it happened again. His thoughts drifted as his mind began to shut down, in need of the forgotten rest. Eventually he gave in, convinced that his father was now asleep.

His mind played tricks on him, while he attempted a peaceful sleep. His thought's, however, did not think he needed the rest. It brought nightmares of the past and what he was afraid of. He jolted awake and saw light streaming through he window. The rain had let up, and for that, he was grateful. He had grown tired of the constant storms and gloom. The light was a nice change. A small smile graced his lips. The smile felt foreign to the boy as he didn't do it often. A knock on the door brought him out of his small world of momentary happiness. He looked at the object on hinges and cringed as it was opened. His father stood there with a strange glint in his eye. It scared Arthur.

"Hey, I just wanted to come see you before I headed off to work."

Arthur tried to hide under the covers, knowing full well that "seeing" him was not what he meant. What he really meant was touch him. The boy spared a glance at his clock and dread filled him. It was two hours before the man needed to be at work. That meant at least an hour-and-a-half of his father "playing" with him as he liked to call it. The man walked towards Arthur and pulled his hands out from behind his back, revealing a long, thin stand of rope. The boy's eye's widened in fear, he didn't want to be tied up. That was the worst feeling in the world to be raped while tied up. You feel helpless while being raped period, but when you're tied up, it adds to the helpless feeling and you realize that you can't do anything.

The blonde released a shaky breath as took his father took the final step towards him. He flipped the boy over so the he was lying on his stomach and grabbed his arms, jerking them behind the boy, painfully. He tied both forearms together and yanked the boy's pants down to his waist. Arthur could feel everything that was being done to him. He could feel his father breach his entrance and pound into him, causing the boy unbearable pain. Not long after the torture began, his saving grace came in the form of a cellphone call.

"What do you me you need me sooner than 10?" Arthur's father let out a growl. "Fine, I'm coming."

He hung up and looked back at Arthur, who currently couldn't move.

"Looks like I'm going to work early. See you tonight~!" The man said with a sing-song voice that made Arthur feel sick.

Once the man was out of the room, and Arthur heard a slam on the front door, indicating that he was no longer in the house, the boy finally allowed himself to relax, He sat on that bed for what felt like hours, arms still bound behind him, before the familiar sound of the front door opening resonated through the house. Arthur still couldn't move from the morning's activities and was instead focused on calming himself down.

"Hello?" Came a mysterious voice. Arthur had never heard this voice before, of if he had, he couldn't recall. Soft foot steps were heard through the house until they finally stopped at Arthur's door. The knob twisted and the door was shoved open. Arthur couldn't see was was currently going on as he was still on his stomach and tied up.

Strong hands gripped his small, underweight body and turned him over to get a beter look at his face. After a few moments of staring the man spoke. "Arthur?"

Arthur stared at the face of the man and slowly, he recognized who it belonged to. His eyes widened. "W-William?"


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