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It was a funny bet.

A perfect one.

Just the right amount of awkwardness while being able to prove you weren't a coward for backing out.

They didn't even see anything amiss.

Nothing had to be.

It was silly.

It was a strip club where they had superhero names and puns. They saw me reading comic books in spare time, so it was even more humiliating. They thought it was so hilarious.

I could only laugh with them as we entered the place, the smell instantly changing from cigarette smoke blown cold in the dark night air into musk, sweat, and sex. Bright lights shone into my eyes. The darkness matched the light with perfect little spots of it's own, dampening the audience's area around the stage. Blood and music pumped hard.

It was perfect.

I took a jab to the ribs getting me out of my daze and smiled cheerfully like I usually did, winking at a particularly lovely waitress who in turn blew me a kiss.

What was I thinking?

This is why I should have had my best mate here. He was the level-headed one in our little duo. However, he had been so much more quiet and contemplative as we grew alongside each other. Video games, movies, and comics came standard in the good old days. Not knowing his real name was always frustrating. Batman forced the secrecy upon him for safety, and he in turn listened. The guy would find sneaky little ways to hide his face. I was never quite sure if he was honest with me, having not been honest about who he was. Despite my own reluctance, I was made to comply with keeping my normal mask or a temporary one on at all times, as well. My Uncle was more understanding about how distant it made me feel than Batman would ever be.

The years went by, we both graduated from high school. My buddies from school had always hung around me. I was the center of attention, of course. Because I couldn't use my powers around them, I always had an endless supply of energy to burn on being goofy and active socially. Despite that, I was always honest about how things were with Robin.

Well, pretty much almost everything.

Except that tiny little part about this little crush on him.

No biggie.

Just a little fib that would keep things so much more peaceful.

He had my back and I had his. Slowly, he and his mentor drifted further and further apart. It had been about a year ago, a night of stubbornness and pent up rage. They had both had enough. He was on his own. He took to it like a fish in water, cut most ties with the members who urged him to bow to the Bat. He disappeared. He wouldn't tell me where he was crashing or frequenting,even as his best mate. He would turn up for our bi-weekly hangout at the diner, battered and bruised, to meet me for a late-night coffee. All other times he would be scarce.

Split lips and blackened eyes were now his staples. Sometimes some of the most horrific cuts that I had ever seen, I could catch only when he leaned over to tie a shoe. I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the injuries he wore under his heavy coats. I knew he could handle himself, and despite aching to help out, I let him be. It was like my best friend was a ghost. A ghost of Batman, walking in his dark shadowy footsteps. They were so similar, yet so different. I couldn't deny that I was slightly jealous, the Dark Knight and him finally breaking. I was still constantly being ordered around, even as I was twenty- one. I was an adult now, yet my Uncle was right at my heels, literally, watching my back for me. Rob didn't have that luxury anymore, not that I thought it was luxurious.

Having the Batman as his superior. It was always a strange coldness that came with a bit of mutual agreement when I watched them together. They were somehow doing a favor for each other. I was no real favor to my Uncle. Everyone knew that. I started and refused to finish my trouble, getting the lectures and long speeches over and over until my ears felt like they would bleed. He would pat me on the shoulder, shake his head with a smile on his face. I thought a girl might slow me down a little bit.

Rob had objected, thinking that it was an idiotic idea to put more people in danger. To care more about anyone. I had debated with him about that for hours. I always had to care. It was just...me. As he seemed to be falling apart, I could see what he meant. The pain in my chest when I saw the injuries. It was hard to care for other people.

It was distracting.

He was distracting.

He had crossed his arms and remained silent much like his old mentor, seeming to hold onto his image a little more tightly than he wanted to admit. He wouldn't speak to me about it. He always derailed me with questions about myself. I suppose I was happy to oblige, rambling on and on while he sat there, occasionally grinning and throwing comments my way. He brushed off my questions of where he had been. He used to be snarky. He used to be fun. Where had he gone?

" Earth to Wally," one of my friends said, snapping his fingers in front of my face, amused look on his face.

" What is up with you, lately? Staring off into the sunset like you're thinking of some long, lost love," remarked one, dramatically holding my hands to his heart.

I laughed and pushed him away playfully.

I had to stop thinking about it.

Stop thinking about him.

" Nothing, work has been giving me overtime. Getting home late," I said, which was halfway true, lying through my teeth with a smile like I had perfected early on in my youth.

Distract them with humor and smiles. They never asked.

" Ugh. That sucks,man! Hey! You know who I saw the other day? Kid Flash! Hah! He ran right by me. Wind from his running swept up the skirt of this totally hot chick I was ogling on the street. Pretty awesome. I wish I could thank him for that," he said, making a gesture with his hands.

" He's such a camera whore, huh? A little like our Wally. I guess those Supers are just human, sometimes, after all," the other said smugly.

" Enough with the convo, boys. Look at the tits on that one," I said, whistling loudly at the dancer on the main pole.

She was supposed to be a copycat of Black Canary, only more... slutty. Light gold hair tumbled down to her hips, which were covered in a shining black leather and satin. Over her fishnets, her boots bore many buckles. They seemed to be of good quality, unlike most stripper uniform. She easily moved in them. I noticed the other two girls dancing as well. They all looked rather...healthy and vibrant. It couldn't have been the lighting, but they were genuinely beautiful, and looked happy to be there. The crowd in turn was happy as well. It was curious to me, though. The other clubs I had been to more recently with my friends always smelled horrible and the strippers were half plastic with overdone make-up. People were usually drunk, and only the waitresses were cute. Most of them looked tired and reluctant, never wanting to be there.

This place felt different. It was like walking into a huge family gathering. I almost felt like I was intruding.

" I wonder how big the real Black Canary's are," my friend mused.

" Wouldn't really big ones get in the way of her punching guys in the face?" I asked reasonably.

" Shhh! It's pretend time! Fantasy, remember?"

" Sorry," I said, realizing I was sounding to mature for the small crowd I was in.

Eventually the three moved off the stage. Two more came in, not seeming too focused on the poles, yet. My jaw nearly dropped when I saw her. It was a female version of me. Long, straight red hair and these amazing cherry red lips. She winked over at me as she strolled out with her counterpart, who was a female Superboy. Both of their movements were directed towards each other, dancing against one another and not missing a beat. I smiled as I noticed how nicely put together the costumes were. Shining leather and bikini tops. All mimicking my own costume. It was pretty damn hot, I had to say. Costumes came off, bodies still moving against each other. I tried not to laugh about how Superboy himself would view the whole thing.

" Kitty Flash and Superslut," one of my friends whispered to me, and I couldn't help but chuckle.

I almost forgot about the bet I had lost as we all watched them, two of my friends running over to throw bills at them. A cute waitress with a blue wig asked me amid the loud music if I wanted a drink. I told her thank you but that I was fine. My other friends were already heavily enjoying the drinks, flirting with some of the waitresses until we got to some seats to watch. " Gotta get up nice and close so you can see who we lined up for you. Oh god, it's so great, I can't stand it!" my friend leaned in and shouted to me while we watched.

I knew that they weren't going easy on me. I knew it was going to be a male stripper. They were just like that. It was fine. I would get it over with. I never had eyes for anyone but my Rob..Ugh...well not mine. Just for Rob, though. I giggled along with them, rolling my eyes at how I had thought somehow that I would beat their wagers. I was an idiot, but I might as well find everything tonight funny.

There was a bright flash of lights and then the lights on the two dancers' sides went out. Everyone had been too dazzled to notice anyone at the middle pole. I sighed in annoyance and had to narrow my eyes as the spotlight rained down on the lone bar. Instantly there was a loud ruckus of cheering and whistling, even more than with the girls. I suppose it was Lady's Night or something. Where I contained myself earlier that day, my jaw literally dropped this time.

The man's suit was modified. Tight red leather and gold at the top, black leather boyshorts and belt on the bottom. Black thigh high boots clung to the silver pole, upside down. Even a damn cape, which was pulled off and used to slide down the very long bar. Legs curled agily around the metal, circling downward to the point I almost didn't want to watch, then halted as it was caught flush against his back, arms behind to catch him. Finally he kicked off, upside down to land and was met with more applause. He smiled, using his cape like a whip, cracking it towards the audience. He threw it behind him and went back to the pole, climbing with both hands and thighs.

I watched as he clutched the bar between his legs and literally spun around upside down, only his muscle in the inner thigh to hold him. He kicked a leg up to straddle the pole, and I watched as his crotch danced around it. Legs caught him and he propelled himself again, only hanging by one inner knee. Back arched against the metal rod, body moving in the most obscene and beautiful ways as he stretched further than any normal person could. I had always seen Rob flipping around in the gym, but this was so artistic. I had to push my mouth back up with my hand as he arched back and forth down the pole and landed to straddle it, dragging his crotch along it. Back curled and leg muscles tightened as he began to dance with the bar intimately.

The part that really topped it off, was the jet black hair and stunning smile of the guy. I couldn't tear my eyes away, not for a second. I knew it wasn't him...but it was enough. The coy and sensual smiles he gave the crowd as he threw the shirt off and slid over on his knees near the edge of the stage. He turned his back to us and bend backward, reaching out so that his head touched the ground, fingers reaching out to run along his face and shoulders. If my buddies weren't there, I would've jumped out of my seat and gone to touch him, too. I could feel my heart racing, the pulse clearly in my throat, chest, hands and groin.

Oh god, my groin.

I felt the most painful erection I had gotten save when Robin and I had changed together in the locker rooms before and after missions. I felt the blood draining from my head as my mouth went dry and my face hot. I had to make sure not to let it show on my face, at least in the wrong way.

I clapped a hand over my eyes and shook my head.

" You guys got me a guy? That guy?" I whined, trying to look devastated, which wasn't hard.

" Yup. Personal lap dance after his little show," one said, unable to contain the fit of chuckling.

They laughed and laughed. It was way too close for comfort. I could hardly stand it. It was almost like my fantasy was coming true, watching him take delight in a woman reaching out and squeezing his ass. He reached down into the audience and gave her a quick kiss and went back to dancing sensually, crotch just as lively as his arching back and quick feet. I felt myself panic and called the waitress over from before. I decided that I needed that drink. I bought a round of shots for my friends as well.

Perhaps they would forget if I bought them enough alcohol. Or maybe not.

They knew what I was trying to pull and pushed me towards the back rooms for the guests where they could be seen privately. They shoved me into one of the dark red and black velvet rooms despite my protest and shut the door. They had locked it from the outside, the bastards. I huffed and went to sit on the plush chair in the middle of the room. There was a polished wooden table with a miniature bar to my side. I swallowed hard as I realized there was a mirror on the top of the ceiling and one on the back of the door.

I downed the rest of my drink and put my head in my hands. This would remind me to never take bets again, especially with anyone who could put me in this sort of situation. I didn't hate my normal friends, but they were a pain, sometimes. I couldn't use my super speed around them. I couldn't beat anyone up for fear of being noticed. I had to keep my mouth closed about any sort of joke that someone would need to know a particular superhero to know.

I told myself to grow up.

It was a lap dance. Just get on with the awkwardness and be done with it, right?

I had just got my confidence when a key turned in the door. The man popped his head in and smiled, shutting the door behind him.

" Good evening. Would you like anything to drink?" he asked.

I melted in my chair, confidence gone once again instantly. I nodded and flushed deeply. He chuckled and went over to the table where he poured me something. It was something hard enough that I could smell it from there. He smirked and handed it to me. I had to remember my coordination to make sure to grab the damn glass and take it. I tried to keep my fingers from shaking as I brought the stuff to my lips. It already burned, but I downed it anyway. It couldn't get too much worse, tonight. It might have been weird but more humorous if they had found him a Kid Flash look-alike.

" So. You seemed to be enjoying the performance outside, now you look..quite nervous, if you don't mind me saying," he said, sitting down on the armrest of my chair to look down at me.

I melted into a puddle at his voice. He had the shirt back on mostly, except for the fact that it was completely open. I couldn't tell in the light what color his eyes were, which was probably a good thing. I drank down more of the hot liquid and tried my best to fake a silly smile.

" M-my friends..." I said, losing my way and unable to finish.

" Ah, I see. Bachelor party, or maybe lost a bet? I get it. Unusual place to come for that. I would think a regular place would be less pricey. We do super heroes and such. Why would they bring you here?" he asked, genuinely intrigued and not at all wavering from the confidence he had on the stage.

" I..um.. I like comics, so they figured it would be more funny this way," I said, pressing a hand to my forehead, which was burning hot.

" You do know, they paid me already, so if you aren't comfortable, we could just sit here and drink for the remainder," he said, getting off of the armrest to lean against the wall near me.

I brought a hand up to my mouth, contemplating whether to say anything. My mind was racing. I mean, it was private, and they thought I was getting a dance anyway. Things were kept confidential here, which I saw on their sign outside the rooms.

" Are you alright?" he asked, and I could tell he almost wanted to reach out to me.

" Y-yeah. Well, kinda. No, not really. You see. Oh fuck, this is embarrassing. Geez. You look like...a friend of mine. One who...I..um..shit," I stammered, unable to look at him as I said it, fists balled tight.

He nodded and came back over to me, leaning over to press his hands onto the arm rests. I could smell the cologne on his body mixed with a bit of sweat. I wanted to bury my face in his chest and clutch him tight. He was so close, I just couldn't stand it.

" Tell you what, I think I understand what you mean. How about we see where it goes. Take your time to relax. Nobody will know about it but us, and people don't know how to make me talk," he said, taking my chin in his fingers and turning my face up to look at him.

I breathed heavily and nodded. He smiled and took his mask off. His eyes were large and bright, full of sensuality and curiosity about me.

" Now, there's a no touching policy for some, but feel free to touch all you want, " he uttered, straddling me in the chair.

I let out a small squeak as he did so, unable to get my hand to my mouth in time without superpowers. The heat of his thighs pressed against mine as he slowly moved his hips around, hands reaching above his head. I didn't know if it was worse to stare at his leathered crotch or at his face. Both were in my vision. I settled for his chest, which honestly didn't help anything very much. I could feel my erection straining horribly against my shorts as he gyrated his hips dangerously close. His back arched and chest puffed forward. I grabbed the fabric of the chair to keep my hands in place, breathing hard as I watched him. Reaching up, he shrugged his shirt off, revealing a toned chest and lower stomach shining with slight oil and sweat. He smelled heavenly of musk and sex and every other thing that would drive someone crazy.

He leaned down and brought his chest against mine, faces inches apart and then slid all the way up, pressing with his legs. His crotch in my face as he kneeled, I had to calm my tongue to stop it from snaking out to taste the leather his body was under. Erection pulsed harder now, and I had to fight the small whimpers that I did not want coming out of my mouth. He smiled and reached down to take my hands and lay them on his chest, urging me to explore. The feelings overwhelmed me at that point, Robin's masked face flashing through my head and all the times I had gotten off to seeing him nearly naked in the shower. I felt so ashamed of myself. My fingers shook on his warm skin.

I sat there, frozen for a second and leapt up, bumping him off of me as I reached for the door, which appeared to be locked. I curled up against it, hands around my torso, fighting the pain in my groin and the ache in my chest. He silently had walked over, rubbed my shoulder softly. He very gently pried me apart, leaving me to face him. A hand flew over my face to cover it as I was sure that I was ridiculously pink at this point. He chuckled sexily, and I tried to catch my breath and calm down without any vision. I wanted so badly just to pull my pants down and relieve myself all over his pretty face. Even him sitting and watching in the chair would be fine.

I shook as I felt him toy with the button on my jeans. I tried to protest the thoughts that made the entire thing fine, but I finally gave in.

I wanted this. I needed this. I needed to get it out of my system.

He very quickly got my pants undone, slipping them gently down to my knees. He observed the erection inside of my briefs for just a second before pulling those down, too. The man seemed to know exactly what I needed, because he didn't tease or make me beg. He just went for it, mouth enveloping the tip of my cock and pushing it down into his awaiting mouth. I choked a grunt out. My hand came off of my eyes, and I looked down to watch. Immediately, my hand was on my mouth as I groaned loudly as I watched.

His hand came up, one to cup my ass and squeeze, the other against my hip for leverage. His head immediately bobbed harder up and down my hard member, making me have to bite my fingers to contain half of the moans welling up in my throat. His dark hair and sultry glance up made me gasp and, unable to control myself any longer, I began to fuck his mouth and throat, hands running though his hair and pulling. He didn't seem to mind, a slight choke sound coming up before he seemed to settle down and relax to take the whole thing in at my rigorous pace. I could feel my leaking tip hit the back of his throat, and I felt myself ready to go off.

" I'm s-sorry, I'm gonna..." I gasped out, unable to completely say what I wanted as the pleasure overwhelmed me.

I slammed into his face hard, almost forgetting that I couldn't use my super speed. I felt my body tighten and the familiar heat ignite as I exploded into his awaiting mouth. I clapped a hand over my mouth tightly as I shouted out " R-Rob!" into it, a secret only I knew. I rode his mouth as each pulse brought even greater ecstasy, five or six times. My back pressed against the wall hard as he completely swallowed everything that I had given him. I nearly collapsed as he licked along my shaft in circles to make sure I was clean before taking my thick member out of his mouth. He licked his lips and smiled coyly up at me, pulling my brief shorts back up and tucking me back in before doing the same with my jeans. I got the feeling that he'd done that quite a few times. My legs shook, despite the fact that I was used to running amazing lengths in hardly much time at all.

The pleasure had been perfect, not just because he looked like Rob. He releasing me, seeming to have enjoyed himself. I could see the erection in his leather shorts and felt a bit bad for being responsible, but he waved me off.

" I'm used to that. Don't worry about it. I'll get it later. I'll leave you to get straightened up, okay?" he said, smiling softly in understanding as he undid the lock and left me on my own.

I waited until he had gone to let myself slide down the wall onto the floor, still calming my breathing. I could hardly believe it. I had just let him suck me off, and per usual, I had choked out my best friend's name. I curled up my knees to my chest, wondering what the hell to do.