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Bright teal orbs were slid open.

White. Flawless white ceiling.

The vision was averted; now it was looking at a platinum digital clock.

06.30 o'clock. Always that time, every morning.

"Hatsune Miku, the day has started. Get ready to do today's schedule," a rigid masculine voice spoke from the mini speaker just above the bed.

The commanded girl got up slowly from the silver-framed bed, sliding out of the white bedcover. Her teal, silky crown flowed as she got up and walked to the bathroom. She slid her white one-pieced pajamas of her body and went into the shower. Then, drops of water could be heard.

Several minutes later, Miku was already dressed neatly and was sitting quietly on the dining table along with the crews of Krypton Corporation's CV_01 diva project while the maid robots served their breakfast. After all the maids excused theirselves, everyone was busy stuffing their meals into their mouths, not bothering to waste any more time. It was the deadline, the deadline.

Miku stared blankly at the meal in front of her while swallowing in a steady speed. Today, the menu was plain fried rice with eggs. She registered the taste: salty, dry, oily. Exactly same like the one before. Well of course, those robots must had surely made the fried rice precisely like in the menu.

After meal, everyone went to the recording studio, just like usual. Miku wordlessly walked into the recording room, putting her headphones on and waited for Kiyoteru—the music arranger—to arrange everything, then began her part—singing. Her voice was beautiful and flawless, and they finished it in one take.


The same routine; programmed in her head. She followed along without any word.

The recording was finished. Miku walked in the hallways, going to the piano room to learn more songs. As her legs swung with each taken steps, she recalled her dream the night before.

"Here," a man's voice spoke. A bowl of green-colored ice cream was put on the table. Miku stared at it, hesitant.

"So… what is this? And why in the world are you recording me?" said the tealette, she stared deadpan to the person holding the camera—or seemed so.

"It's leek flavored Ice Cream! I made it just for you! And I'm going to proof to Gaku-chan that my homemade ice cream tastes good!" said the man cheerfully. Miku raised a brow, then scooped a small spoon of the green thing, gulping before stuffing it into her mouth. After a few seconds, her expression turned bright and she smiled widely. "It's really good! I absolutely love it!"

The camera was turned harshly—the man holding it seemed to be attempting to record himself, but failed miserably since the displayed picture was actually only the tip of his ahoge and the wall as background. "Did you hear that, Gaku-chan? I won the bet!"

The image stopped in Miku's mind.

A familiar voice, who was he?

So familiar, yet unknown.

Then it snapped.

All the planted memories that was kept behind the curtains, flooded into her mind. Her brain hardly processed the data coming so suddenly, her head hurt. She fell onto her knees while her hands clutched her hair desperately. Then she got her senses back; but lost her other's.


Suddenly she was on rage.

Everyone panicked when the security alarm screamed loudly and the guards stormed to the evidence place. The metal wall was somehow destroyed, a big hole formed. Outsiders stared wide in shock. The director sighed deeply. "Who was it?"

"U-uh.. it was Miku Hatsune, sir!"

Another deep sigh.

"Find her, no matter what."

White—but stained—boots tapped loudly to the street, bringing the figure of a girl who moved slyly between the complicated, maze-like narrow alleys of the big town. She didn't seem even a little bit tired, but if you were to look carefully enough, you would see the extinguishing light in her eyes as she slowed down with each taken steps. She didn't know why, she just got to run, run as far as she could.

She barely reached the end of the alley, almost reaching the main street when she ran out of power. Helplessly, she tumbled forward and landed with a loud thud on the hard ground.

Water started to pour from the sky.



A blonde boy, aged not more than 18 walked fast while flipping on the hood of his yellow jackets, avoiding the light rain. A black phone was on his left hand, and while his grip loosened, he clumsily dropped the phone, which landed and flung away—a bit farther—to the ground. He cursed under his breath as he bent over to pick his phone and he noticed a glimpse of teal.

His head was turned to a figure of a teal-haired lady, laying on the ground and drenched in rain.


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