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Chapter 8

Getting Back to Normal

"I remember when, we used to laugh, about nothing at all. It was better than going mad. From trying to solve all problems we're going through. Forget 'em all. 'Cause all Those Nights, we would stand and never fall. Together, we faced it all."

A couple of days had passed. Everyone had told Mrs. Knight and Mr. Taylor about the progress Jo had made, and were all ecstatic. Logan was also healing fast, and he was finally out of the sling again. So he, Kendall, and Jo decided to take a walk through the Palm Woods to stretch their legs and prevent cabin fever. Kendall was being extra cautious, making sure that what had happened to them before, was not going to happen again.

Bordering on paranoia, he would search around every corner, going through every hallway first, before giving Logan and Jo the clear signal. Most might find this over-protectiveness annoying and embarrassing, but Logan and Jo found it sweet and rather amusing. They walked outside through the park, where Kendall searched for anything that could be a threat. Logan and Jo snickering with every dramatic turn he took.

"Kendall, calm down." Logan chuckled as he held Jo around the shoulders. "Must you be so extreme?"

"Yeah," Jo agreed with an arm wrapped around Logan's waist. "We've been out here for a half an hour. If something was going to happen, don't you think it would've happened by now?"

"But-" Kendall started.

"Just relax." Jo said. "Enjoy the walk. That's why we came out here in the first place; to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. Not to worry about anything that could go wrong."

"Yeah, you're starting to act like me." Logan joked.

Kendall sighed and slung his arm around Jo's shoulders, reaching Logan as well, as he chuckled. "You're right guys, I'm sorry. I'd hate to be a Logan." He joked. Logan smacked the back of his head playfully, and everyone laughed.

"Hey." The voice caused them to stop where they were and turn around.

"Oh hey Jett." Jo said. "I haven't seen you since. . ." She trailed off.

"A month ago." Jett said, somewhat dully. He seemed, troubled.

"Yeah." Jo said quietly. "So, how have you been?"

Jett sighed. "Okay, and you?"

Jo looked to Kendall, then Logan, who both smiled at her. "Getting better everyday." She answered honestly with a smile. She let go of Logan and wrapped both arms around Kendall as if to prove this point while also showing her boyfriend affection.

"You look it from the last time I saw you." Jett said with a small smile. "I'm glad."

"Thanks." Jo answered.

"Listen. . ." Jett started nervously. "About. . .That day, on the roof. Jo, I'm sorry about, you know, pushing you."

"It's okay." Jo said. "I know it was an accident."

Right then, it looked like a tiny bit of the weight that seemed to reside on Jett's shoulders had lifted slightly, and he nodded with a smile. "Thanks." Then he looked nervously again as he turned to the guys. "Um. . .Also. . .Kendall."

"Look," Kendall started. "I'm know we've had our differences, but I so didn't mean to push you off the roof, and. . .I'm sorry." He said reluctantly.

Jett smiled. "Thanks, but that's not what I was going to say."

"Oh." Kendall said in surprise and confusion. "Well then, what-"

"I know you didn't mean to bump into me," Jett started. "Because before I fell. . .You tried to grab me. And like you said, we've had our differences so, that didn't make any sense to me. But still, you tried to help me and, I just wanted to, you know. . .Thanks." He finished helplessly.

"Wow," Kendall said in awe. "Uh. . ." He trailed off, not knowing how to respond to that. "You're, welcome, I guess?" He said uncertainly.

Jett smiled and nodded, letting Kendall breathe out a small sigh of relief with the knowledge that he'd said the right thing. Then Jett turned to Logan. "Logan, I don't even know how to say this." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Jett it's okay," Logan said. "You don't have to-"

"No," Jett said. "I do. Logan, I owe you my life. When I was falling. . .It felt like forever, and. . .I thought for sure that I was going to die. But then you saved me. I don't know how I could ever make it up to you. You saved my life and, I just needed to, thank you. I just wish I could do more."

Logan smiled. "There's no need, that's good enough. And you're welcome."

Jett smiled back with a nod. "Well, I gotta go now."

"It was nice seeing you again." Jo said.

"You too. I'll, catch ya later." He said and waved as he walked passed.

"Huh." Kendall said once Jett was gone. "Well that was unexpected."

"Who knew Jett was mature enough to swallow his pride?" Logan teased.

"And just what do you mean by that?" Kendall asked.

"Oh nothing, just that I know some people who aren't that mature." Logan said with a cheeky grin.

"Is that so?" Kendall said as he ominously advanced on his smaller friend, towing a giggling Jo with him.

"Now now," Logan said as he backed away slowly. "No need to get rough here. What about Jo? You wouldn't want to upset her!"

Kendall turned to Jo. "Would it upset you?" He asked with a smug smile.

"You know," She started with a smile of her own. "I don't think it would."

"Aaaw come on!" Logan said in defeat.

"Logan," Kendall started. "I think you know what's coming." Then Kendall wrapped an arm around Logan's neck and rubbed his knuckles against Logan's head in a 'nuggie' type fashion, Jo still held onto the arm that Kendall was using to rub Logan's head. Everyone laughing the entire time.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Kendall asked.

Jo nodded. "Yeah."

"You're positive? 'Cause we could always do this later." Kendall said.

"Kendall," Jo said firmly but with a smile. "I'm ready."

Kendall sighed and smiled back. "Okay." He said and they both turned to Logan. Kendall held Jo firmly in his arms and they stood in the dining area of the apartment, with Logan facing them, back to the door. As usual, everyone else had left to give them privacy.

Kendall nodded to Logan and he nodded back, then slowly started backing away from them. Jo watched as Logan got further and further from her reach, fear in her eyes. She started to shake, but Kendall held her tight and she calmed down a little. Further and futher, Logan backed away. Finally, he reached the front door, and opened it.

Jo let out a whimper. "It's okay Jo." Kendall whispered.

"I'm not going anywhere." Logan said softly. "You know I'm not leaving."

Jo closed her eyes to compose herself, then nodded. "Okay. I know. Okay." She said, mostly to herself. Logan nodded and continued to walk out the door.

"I'm not going anywhere." Logan repeated as he slowly closed the door and Kendall and Jo walked closer. Once it was finally closed tight, Kendall and Jo could hear Logan on the other side. "One. Two. Three. . ." He yelled.

"Four, five, six. . ." Jo counted with Logan to herself as Kendall rubbed her arms comfortingly.

"Ten, eleven, twelve. . ." Logan continued.

"Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. . ." Jo's voice was breathless and scared.

"Hey." Kendall whispered, causing Jo to stop counting and look up at him. He smiled warmly at her. "I love you." He said.

Jo suddenly felt the fear wash away from her. She'd heard those words from Kendall before, but there was just something about the way he said it this time that made her fear slowly dissipate until she completely forgot she'd had it in the first place. The sound of Kendall's voice, and the look in his eyes, just told Jo, that she was okay, that she was safe.

Logan's voice began to fade as she stared into Kendall's eyes, and she just knew, that she really was safe. "I love you too." She whispered. Then they kissed.

"Thirty." Logan said and opened the door of the apartment to find them locked in a kiss. He smiled. "Well, I see I'm not needed anymore. I'll just leave you two alone." He joked as he started to leave.

Immediately, Kendall and Jo broke away with smiles on their faces. "C'mere you." Kendall said and pulled Logan into a group hug, Jo wrapping an arm around him as well, and they all laughed.

Finally they all pulled away and Jo wrapped both arms around Logan's neck. "Thank you." She whispered. "For everything."

"You're welcome." He said, then lowered his voice to a whisper. "I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Jo smiled. "I know." She said meaningfully, then they pulled away and she wrapped an arm around Kendall again.

"So," Kendall said. "What now?" Everyone thought for a bit, then Kendall and Logan grew wicked smiles.

"I'm in position." Carlos whispered into a walkie-talkie. He lay on his belly, looking through a bush in the Palm Woods park.

"Good. Stay there and wait for my signal." Kendall's voice came over the device.

"Right." Carlos nodded as he spoke.

"Where's Logan?" Kendall asked.

Carlos looked around the park. "Um," He said into the walkie-talkie. "I see you, but I don't see him. Logan what's your twenty?" Carlos asked into the device.

"I'm right behind you." Logan whispered as he crawled up behind Carlos, scaring him half to death and making him jump.

"Geez Logan!" Carlos whispered. "Don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry." Logan whispered as he mimicked Carlos' position on the ground beside him.

"How did you even do that? You're so quiet." Carlos said.

Logan shrugged. "Oh look here they come." He said and got into position, Carlos following.

"Get ready boys." Kendall's voice came from their walkie-talkies. "One. . ."

"Two. . ." Carlos counted.

"Three!" They all yelled and jumped out from behind their bushes.

"It's an ambush!" James yelled.

"Fire at will!" Camille screamed.

Foam darts flew this way and that, everyone screaming battle cries and charging. They rolled and flipped and jumped and dodged. Camille and Jo took refuge behind a picnic bench as they shot at their targets. Camille aimed for Kendall but he dodged. Jo aimed for Carlos but he rolled out of the way. Then Carlos aimed for Camille.

James looked over. "Nooooo!" He yelled dramatically and ran for the girls. He jumped just in time to catch Carlos' dart before it hit Camille, but it hit him in the shoulder and he fell to the ground.

"James!" The girls cried and ran to his side.

"Stay with us." Jo said dramatically.

"I'm. . .So cold." James said with fake shivers.

"That was incredible." Camille said.

"What can I say?" James fake strained out. "I'm an incredible guy." Then he fake coughed.

"Don't die on us now!" Camille said, bringing out her fake tears. "We need you to finish this!" Off to the side, Kendall, Logan and Carlos stood and watched, trying, and failing to hold back their giggles.

James fake coughed again. "I'm afraid. . ." He said weakly with another cough. "I'm not. . .gonna make it."

"No James!" Jo yelled. "Don't say that! You have to make it! You have to stay with us!"

"It's okay girls." James said weakly. "You can still fight on. Stay strong." Another cough. "Stay strong for me."

"We will." Camille said as she sniffled.

"Keeping fighting. . .the good fight." James said.

"James!" Camille yelled. Then James' eyelids closed, and his head lolled to the side.

"You killed him!" Jo yelled.

"Yeah yeah," Carlos said. "I'm a monster. Boo hoo James is dead. Can we go eat now?"

"Hello? We're still in the game." Camille said.

Simultaneously, Kendall and Logan both shot their dart guns nonchalantly and hit Camille and Jo in the shoulders, the darts sticking to them. "Aaaand, now you're not." Kendall said. "Let's go eat now."

Jo and Camille dropped their guns in disappointment and took the darts off their arms as they stood. "Alright." Jo said. "Let's eat."

"James is buying." Kendall said.

"What?" He said as he rose from 'the dead'. "How is that fair?"

"You were the first one out." Logan said. "The rules clearly stated that the first one out buys lunch, remember?"

"Well yeah but I should at least get some points for that awesome save!" James said.

"Sure, whoopie for you." Kendall said.

"Oh come on!" James said. "You have to admit that was cool. I'm like a hero!"

They all started walking back towards the hotel. "Sure James," Camille said as she slung an arm around Jo. "The hero of the foam darts!" They all laughed.

"Come on!" James whined as he followed behind the others. "I jumped in front of a dart to save my teammate! That's what true heroes do!"

"Heroes of dart tag maybe." Carlos said.

"Seriously?" James asked. "Logan falls off a roof and he's a hero for a whole month! I save my teammate from disqualification and lunch duty without so much as a 'thank you'?" Everyone laughed at him. "Well maybe next time I won't save any of you!"

"Okay okay." Camille said once she sobered from her laughter. "Thank you James for saving me." She humored.

"And in Logan's defense," Jo started once she sobered up. "He actually saved real people from real danger."

"Yeah," Carlos agreed. "Not foam danger."

"Do that, and maybe we'll call you a hero." Kendall said as he walked near Logan and slung an arm around his shoulders. "Like our Logie here." He said proudly, causing Logan to blush.

"Unbelievable." James said, causing everyone to laugh again.

"Hey," Logan started. "If you really want to be a hero so badly, you can save us all from the terrible fate of; Starvation!" He joked, causing James to let out a groan and everyone to laugh once more.

"Through all the hard times in my life, Those Nights kept me alive. Oh oh. Those Nights, belong to us. Oh oh. There's nothin' wrong." - 'Those Nights' by Skillet.

Hope y'all enjoyed. :)