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Nasir smiled to himself as he went to fetch more food and water. It was good to hear Agron laughing so heartily with his new brothers. There had been little to laugh of in recent days and the Germans boisterous good humour was infectious. He knew there remained some of their number who were uncomfortable with the presence of the new arrivals, it was not surprising. They were newly captured when the boat set sail from their homeland and until rescue had not set foot on Roman soil. They had not been broken down and tamed as the others had, and their spirits were still high. They were coarse and also loud and still spoke mostly in their native tongue but most were making attempt to fit and Nasir was certain that in time they would prove their worth and find acceptance.

As he dipped his cup into the water a gruff voice behind spoke something in German. Agron had taught him a little of his language and he mostly understood the words.

"Water is no drink for such a night." He turned to see the mountainous Sedullus watching him, flask in hand and arm outstretched. He spoke now in common language. "Wine. We share."

"Gratitude." Nasir answered with a smile. "But water quenches thirst more thoroughly. Another time perhaps. I must go, Agron awaits me."

Sedullus nodded slowly and said with deep voice.

"Agron brother. Brothers share."

Nasir felt suddenly uncomfortable and the way the German giants eyes roamed his body did nothing to quell rising concerns. The intent in his gaze was quite clear.

"I am no plaything to be shared. I lay only with Agron."

Sedullus growled in anger.

"Then Sedullus take."

"No! Sedullus will not."

Nasir's assertion fell to deaf ears. He made to duck beneath the larger mans arm but found escape thwarted by the Germans strong hand upon his chest. He was thrown against the table. Jugs and platters clattered together but sound was drowned out by noises made in celebration mere strides away. He fumbled behind himself in search of something, anything that may serve as weapon but his hands came away empty.

"Attempt to lay hands on me again and you will find that even a small dog will have savage bite when cornered."

Sedullus roared out in laughter and advanced upon Nasir. Filled with fear, the Syrians eyes darted about him, searching desperately for means to escape but found none before he found himself lifted from ground and pinned to wall by hand around his throat.

His breath stolen, he could not call for help and with Sedullus' large body pressed against him there was little room for struggle. But struggle he did, he would not give in, he would not go still with fear or silent with shame as he had in the past when his dominus had forced himself upon him. No, he would fight this as he would fight for his very life. Sedullus would not find him easy prey.

His struggling angered the giant but Nasir did not care. He struck out with his feet and fists and knees and whatever else he could but he could not summon the strength needed to give the blows much substance.

Sedullus growled again and with his free hand, struck him across the jaw causing his head to snap back into the wall behind him. His vision blurred slightly.

"You fight, I hurt." The giant threatened.

Heavy, unyielding hands fisted in his hair, turning him roughly, pushing him face first into the wall. Nasir could feel the rough hewn stone scraping against the skin of his cheek. It would leave a mark but he knew this to be the least of his concerns. He tried again to call out for help but still could find no breath to give strength to his voice, even as he felt his bracae being torn from his hips, leaving him bare and vulnerable.

He heard the rustling of fabric behind him as Sedullus divested himself of his own garments and he knew what would happen next, knew that his only hope of rescue now lay with a witness to this assault but the very thought of being seen in such a position, so helpless, filled him a shame that equalled his fear of the violation itself.

Sedullus was a giant in all ways. Nasir felt his flesh being ripped apart as he forced his way inside him and the pain was greater than anything he'd ever experienced before. Not even the Roman sword that had almost claimed his life nor the sealing of his wound by fire which had saved it, had hurt so much as this. He could not prevent a small sob from escaping his lips, but any further noise was muted by the clenching of teeth. He would not allow himself to scream.

Upon the second thrust his already torn flesh burned horribly, though it offered less resistance. Nasir knew his blood to be slicking his rapists way, could feel it as it trickled slowly down his thighs.

By the third and forth thrusts he felt the full force of Sedullus's immense strength, brutally stabbing at his insides and he feared he would suffer injuries far more grievous than simple torn flesh. As Sedullus continued to rut, Nasir could only pray to the Gods that the monster would soon reach his completion and relieve him of this torture so that he might get away from this place and grieve what he had lost in private.

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