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Madara, Izuna and Itachi are brothers, all born to Mikoto and Fugaku. Itachi hasn't murdered the lot of them, Madara isn't bat shit crazy and out for power and blood, Izuna is alive and has his eyeballs intact and Sasuke isn't the cute little baby brother we all love who turns hateful. This is your only explanation so don't get all bitchy that their out of character because well fuck, they are. I'm only loosely using the setting and characters.

Madara – 23 , Izuna – 20, Itachi – 19, Sasuke - 16


The Uchiha had always been a proud family, strong and respected in the physical, emotional and social sense. Honour and strength were both highly praised attributes that the Uchiha had all possessed, each and everyone one of them, even the women; there was no failure or a weak link. If you fell you fell hard, there was nobody to pick you back up when you hit the ground, and you were to fight for your honour.

Mikoto Uchiha had never really had to prove her strength, she was a strong woman by social rank and naturally her high ranking in the family was enough to quell any doubts. The head Uchiha matriarch was by all means as bad and fearful as she was made out to be. One had to be something spectacular in those Uchiha qualities to be at side of the clan head, right?

Not necessarily.

The woman had never been on a mission higher than maybe a c-rank in her life, she wasn't immensely powerful or honed with incredibly powerful jutsu like others of her clan. She was beautiful yes, and had the almost perfect measurements to be more than ideal in carrying a child.

This was a grand thing amongst the elder ladies of the clan, wide hips, not incredibly narrow around the waist, medium size bust and just the right height; perfect for bearing children, strong children.

Though the title and honour of clan head was not decided through bloodline or family, it was decided through strength. A strong leader that would shoulder the clan's responsibilities and defend and uphold it to its well perceived glory; this was the job of the clan leader. Though naturally a strong leader was to sire strong offspring that would match if not rival his own strength and carry on to become the next clan head after the current one had passed.

The Uchiha matriarch's before her were strong because the produced ideal heirs to carry the clan in the future. Mikoto Uchiha was the perfect woman to carry the next heir, the perfect woman to stand beside the clan head and patriarch of the Uchiha clan, Fugaku Uchiha.

Providing not only one but three potential heirs for the clan had been her honour and strength. Surely a woman who could produce such strong and formidable geniuses of the generation was worthy of her title and had earned the clans respect as far as pride and honour went.

The events that would ensue however proved to test that strength, pride and - above all - family honour.

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