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"OI KAKASHI SENSEI YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME HERE! KAKASHI SENSEEEEEEEEI!" Sasuke could hear the loud and gravelly voice of one Naruto Uzumaki long before he could see him, screaming his displeasure for the world to hear. The noise itself was irritating to listen to but today the familiar sound soothed the young Kusanagi. It was familiar, unchanging and similar to an anchor, grounding him from his thoughts.

Sasuke's mind was a mess of speculation and confusion, everything the shinobi veteran had said last night weighed heavily in his gut, churning and knotting it; depriving him from much need sleep. Question upon question overwhelmed him, leaving him completely at a loss with what to do. He had considered asking his mother this morning over breakfast about the 'Uchiha' but whatever significance the word had it wasn't a topic he felt comfortable breeching with his sick mother.

The woman was ill painfully so, her sickly complexion had turned ashen, her sunken frame barely withstanding the burden of her already light weight and her once lively and honeyed eyes where no more than a clouded muddy mess. Sasuke was no stupid child, he knew she was dying; each day one step closer than the last.

The determination and drive his mother had, had for life was dwindling considerably. She no longer swallowed her medicine, refusing adamantly to prolong the inevitable even though it hurt her son immeasurably.

"BASTARD! THANK FUCK AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU!" Sasuke's shadowed eyes snapped up from the dirt ground he had been staring at, he had apparently arrived at the training grounds.

The Kyuubi host hadn't gotten wider, broader across the shoulders and taller since the last time he had seen him. Naruto waved his arms enthusiastically at the brunette, his obnoxiously orange and black get up nearly blinding as he swayed back and for from a rope trap swung over a tree branch by his ankle. The sight wasn't uncommon but still earned an amused raised eyebrow from Sasuke.

"Idiot why are you upside down?" Sasuke stood with his hands in his pockets and a warm slight smile twitching his lips. It really was a familiar change to see the blonde.

"Hehe" Naruto rubbed his nose with embarrassment before answering. "Kakashi sensei the old pervert was running me and Sakura-chan-" Sasuke shudder minutely at the name before glancing around for the pink menace. "-through some stealth training."

"Stealth..." Sasuke smirked with a pointed look at the blonde. Naruto's scarred cheeks puffed out immediately with indignation.

"Shut up you prickly bastard, I'll have you know-" He missed this, the playful but insulting banter he often shared with the Uzumaki. It too was a familiar and a grounding routine for Sasuke, everything about Naruto was bright, his grin, his outfit, his personality, his goals…everything, it was a nice escape from the hovering darkness everywhere else. It was a pity because Sasuke was about to dreg up dark things in their friendship.

"Naruto what do you know about 'Uchiha'?" Naruto insistent babbler stopped with a sharp 'huh?' his face looking confused.

Sighing irritably as well as tiredly, Sasuke moved closer towards the struggling blonde. "So retarded." He grumbled, picking up a fallen weapon from near his sandal slicing the rope and freeing Naruto. Landing hard with a loud thump the Uzumaki sat up abruptly with a groan of pain rubbing his abused skull with a pout.

"You could have given' me a bit of warning, ya know?" Naruto protested rising to his feet.

"So what did you come here for, looking for a beat down eh?" Sasuke shook his head, glancing around at the empty training grounds.

"Uchiha...do you know what it is?" Naruto's brow pushed down into a confused frown.

"Sure I do, who doesn't know who the Uchiha are?" A pang of shame and anger rippled in Sasuke, how goddamn out of the loop was he?

"I don't." He gritted.

"Oh." Naruto rubbed the back of his head to cover his surprise, continuing quickly to save the Kusanagi further embarrassment.

"They're a clan, one of those stuck up one's with creepy eyes." He wiggled his fingers to add affect to the whole statement.

"What else?"

Naruto scratched his head once more, his brow pushed down in confusion. "Well I dunno, they're elite like top of the top, like that snobby prick Neji. Their eyes turn red and do this spinny thing but that's all I know. I've never met one, only seen them." The Uzumaki shrugged his shoulders.

Determined to know everything there was to know about these Uchiha's, Sasuke pressed.

"What do they look like?" Naruto had already begun gathering his strewn weaponry as he answered Sasuke's questions.

"Tall, dark hair, black eyes when they're not all red and spinny-' he wiggled his fingers again, kunai in hand. "-and tough, like super tough oh and they're like all and I mean all blank faced it's rather freaky."

"Kind of like you!" The Kyuubi host chirped unaware of the impact his words had just given Sasuke. Air hissed through Sasuke's teeth sharply, the way Naruto had described the Uchiha was eerily similar to Sasuke own appearance.

"Wow come to think of it you do really look like them, uh." Shrugging Naruto strapped his weapons back into they're respected places before looking at his best friend.

Sasuke gut was twisted painfully as he swallowed the lump in his throat. "Where can I find an Uchiha?"

"Why would you want that? They're all assholes who will look at you like dirt for being lower than them." The words were spoken with a sneer uncommon on Naruto, whatever bad blood the Uzumaki had with the Uchiha's wasn't Sasuke's concern.

"Just tell me where I can find one." He snapped, patience waning.

"Gee don't bite my head of ya bastard." Naruto grumbled staring with indignation.

"You probably want to go find one of the brothers, they're more likely to be found and a lot less likely to throw you down for even looking at them." Sasuke listened intently.

"Madara, Izuna and Itachi Uchiha but our best bet is Izuna, he's a ladies man so he should be the easiest to find." Sasuke tasted they're names on his tongue, he had never heard of them.

"Why do you want to know about the Uchiha so bad for anyways?" Naruto's insatiable curiosity was a blessing and a curse, best friend or not, Sasuke wasn't comfortable discussing this whole matter yet.

At least not until he had answers.

"That's none of your business." Naruto's face turned red with anger but soon cooled. Screaming and yelling at Sasuke was useless, the teenagers emotions were so tightly sealed up that nothing short of a breakdown would divulge anything.

"Alright then fine, I'll leave it be." He conceded.

"Thank you, now can we go find this Izuna?"

A contemplative look crossed Naruto's face. "Well first we've got to think like Izuna if we plan on finding him."

Sasuke waited patiently as a evil look crossed Naruto's face. Tendrils of fear crawled up Sasuke belly at the look it promised humiliation and evil.

"Come on Sasu-chan, let's go find ourselves an Uchiha."

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