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In a pretty big house, a group of people already gathered in the garden. It was their family tradition, breakfast together in the garden in the morning once a month in different house every month. The Dragneel's father, Igneel, sat next to his wife, Grandine, and a blonde woman sat between Grandine and her husband, Judo. The child, sat opposite them. Wendy Dragneel, sat next to her brother, Natsu who sat next to Lucy. This month was in the Heartfilia's house.

Grandine happily ate the breakfast, "They are grown up faster than we realize, don't you think so?" Layla smiled, "They are. Especially Natsu and Lucy."

Igneel chuckled, "I bet their child will be as stubborn as them." Judo grinned, "We'll find out soon, right?" Wendy giggled at the older. Natsu and Lucy chocked from the food.

"What are you talking about, old man?" Natsu glared at his father. Igneel smirked, "You heard it, son. Or you want to hear it again?" Natsu hissed, "No thanks."

Lucy sighed at the older. They always make fun of them, like grandchild thingy, or their relationship. Even though, there nothing special between them, except argument.


The family still ate their breakfast calmly.


Lucy glared at her pink haired friend.


Natsu muttered under his breath, "Who the hell is that?" The phone inside his pocket kept ringing.


The phone got louder, making Lucy twitched, "Answer the phone, Natsu!" Natsu growled, "No need to tell me, Weirdo!" He took his phone out.

"Who are you calling weirdo, Pinky?" Lucy tapped her index finger on the table. Wendy and the others just ate their food, ignoring the fight between husba –ahem- I mean, fighting between friend. Or maybe enemy?

"You, Lucy! Who else?" Natsu rolled his eyes, he pushed the answer button on his phone, "What do you..."


Grandine throwed a baby orange to his head, standing up, "I told you to keep silent your phone in this beautiful breakfast moment, young boy!" Natsu fell from his chair, growling in pain. Did I say that his mother was a mo –ahem- I mean, his mother was freaking strong? Even Igneel sometimes gulped and scared of her anger. Layla calmed her friend down. Judo just watch them.

Igneel and Lucy laughed together, "Serve you right, Natsu!" Natsu stood up, with annoyed eyes, back to his phone, "What do you want, ice freak? What the..? Are ya kidding me? Fine then."

"What is it, Natsu-nii?" Wendy stared at her brother. Natsu shrugged, "I don't know. We're having ceremony. 15 minutes in school before the the bell." He quickly ran out from the house, and messing Wendy's hair before he went off. Wendy pouted.

Lucy's eyes got wide, she quickly stood from her chair. "I'm going, Mom, Dad, Wendy, Grandine, Igneel!" She ran toward Natsu who already on the street. If they late, Mrs. Aquarius will drown them in the pool. Soon, two maid came to them, placing a piace of cake each.

Judo shook his head, smiling, "They never change, do they?" Layla sat back on her seat, "Yeah, like you who always eat the cake with one bite." Judo looked at his cake's plate, "Where is my cake?" The plate was empty. Igneel laughed, "You ate it already, Judo." Judo blinked, "Did I?"

"Anyway, what about your plan, Mom?" Wendy asked at her mother. Grandine smirked.

"Natsu, you cheating!" Lucy panted as she kept running behind Natsu. Natsu turned his head back, and stucked out his tounge, "Feel that, weirdo!" The school gate is in front of them. Just when Lucy want to take a step in to the gate, her foot hit something, making her fell to the ground. Lucy accidentally, grabbed Natsu's clothes.

"What the hell?" Natsu fell with her.


"Ouch..ouch..ouch... That's hurt." Lucy muttered. Natsu groaned, "What was that for?" Then suddenly smirk's aura surrounding them.

"What are you guys doing exactly? In front of the school?" Gray smirking. In their view, Natsu fell on top of her, his right hand was behind Lucy's head. Lucy was on the bottom. Lucy blushed as soon as she knew how their posisition now is.

Natsu got up and head-butted with Gray's. "What are you smirking about, underwear prince?" Gray glared at him, "Say that again, flame breath!"

Lucy stood up, "Look Natsu! What have you done to my skirt? It's dirty now!" Natsu sighed, "Like I care? It's your fault, Luce."

"But if you didn't left like that, this things would never happen!" Natsu twitched, "Listen up, Heartfilia! It's not my fault, it school's! And that stripper's fault." Gray's eye widened, "The hell are you talking about?"

Lucy put her hands on her hips, "But if you told me first and not ran away first, I wouldn't be in hurry, Dragneel!"

Then suddenly, Erza and Levy came to them. Levy laughed at the blonde and pinky. "Always fight, even in the morning." Erza nodded, "Like a married couple."

Hearing Erza's word, Natsu and Lucy yelled at them, "WE AREN'T MARRIED!"

"Surreee..." They smirked, making the two teens growled.

"This is your fault, Luigi!" Natsu crossed his arms. Lucy hit his head, "The name's Lucy, tobasco freak! And it's yours, not mine!"

Gray and Levy exchanged look, then an evil smirk spread on their face. Levy walked behind Lucy, while Gray behind Natsu. 1...2...3!

Gray pushed Natsu, and Levy pushed Lucy in the same time. "Kiss the bride!" Gray and Levy shouted. Erza giggled at them.

Lucy and Natsu's face only few milimeters, (un)fortunately, the kiss the didn't happen. There was a silence.






Both of them yelled in unison. Levy laughing, ran away from her angry best friend. Lucy chased her bookworm friend. Natsu already fought with Gray.

After some minutes, Erza grabbed Natsu and Gray's collar, "Done with fighting, boys? Ceremony will begin soon." She dragged the boys inside the school.

~After School~

"Bye, Levy-chan, Erza, Gray!" Lucy waved at them. Natsu lifted his right hand into the air. And they walked to their house. "Why are you following me?" Natsu scoffed.

Lucy looked away, "It's not like I want to, but my mom told me we're having a meeting in your house." Natsu hissed.

Soon, they arrived in Natsu's house. They walked to the living room in that big house. When they were in the living room. Grandine, Layla, Judo, Igneel, and Wendy already gathered there. They sat on their usual seat. Next to each other.

"We have something to tell you." Grandine smiled, making Natsu shivered. A creepy smile for him. Oh, Natsu.. her smile is beautiful. Why you don't like it? *smile too*... or maybe smirk?

Igneel coughed, "You two..."

Layla clapped her hands, "Are..."

Judo slipped his coffee, "Engaged."

Lucy's eyes got wide, Natsu blinked.





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