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Natsu and Lucy - The Last Chapter

A little girl with long pink hair sat on a sofa, hugging her bunny doll tightly as her eyes sparked, getting all excited. The red head old man, who sat beside her, chuckled as he patted the little girl's head gently. He always and really adored that cute girl. She just was too cute. "And theeeen? What happen next, Grandpa?"

Igneel laughed. "I can see you're not patient to know the rest of the story, aren't you? Ah..." He saw an older figure than the girl walked toward them. "Why don't we let Shiki continues the story? I'm sure you'd love it more."

The little girl turned her head only to see a grinning boy. "Onii-chan!" The little girl ran as the boy hugged her.

"You want me to continue the story, Nashi?" Shiki asked. Nashi nodded. Shiki grabbed her hand to sit next to their grandpa again. "Well then, Mama opened the door and saw her friends and family inside that room. She was so surprised that it was a wedding for her. Then Papa and Mama were getting married and happily ever after. The end." The blonde boy finished his grandpa's story about their parent's wedding day. He could tell that his cute little sister loved it.

"It was so romantic! I didn't know Papa could plan a romantic wedding." Nashi stated innocently. Igneel and Shiki couldn't help but laugh out loud. Igneel slapped his knees.

"You got that right, kiddo." Igneel said between laughs.

A sound of a man cleared his throat was heard by the trio. "Old man... What are you laughing at?"

"Hey! It wasn't just me, your son is-" Igneel wanted to blame Shiki too but the blonde boy didn't laugh again and whistled instead. "Shiki... you..."

"What was that?" Natsu frowned. Igneel puffed his cheeks. Okay, bad side of his father had been effected this boy.

"Nah, don't be mad at your own father, Natsu." A female voice said as he felt something warm joined hands with him. "Hi, Igneel-san and my wonderful kids." A blonde woman smiled softly at her family.

"Mama! Papa!" Nashi and Shiki walked toward their parents.

"Happy Birthday, Nashi dear." Natsu and Lucy said as they lowered to kiss the pinkette's cheeks. "How was your day in grandpa's house?" Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the Dragneel's house was now in Natsu's hand. Igneel, Grandine, and Wendy had been moved to a house which almost as big as the old one near the Heartfilia house.

Nashi grinned. "Thank you, Mama, Papa. We had so much fun!"

"Who was the first to say 'happy birthday'?" Natsu asked.

"Of course it was me." Shiki smirked as Igneel snorted. They had a competition who would say it first to Nashi.

"You cheated! You were in the same room as her." The red head said. Shiki just grinned victoriously at him.

"I think we should go home now. We have a small party for you, Nashi. Shiki, let's go! Let's race to the car." Natsu shouted as he started to run.

Shiki grinned. He began to after his father. "I'm all fired up!" Lucy and Nashi just laughed at them. It was just like Natsu and little Natsu with a different hair color.

"See you later, Dad. Say my hello to Mom and Wendy." Lucy kissed his father-in-law's cheek. Nashi did the same thing like her mother.

"Bye, grandpa!" By that the mother and her daughter walked out from the room to go to their car, going back to their own house. And things would be more fun when they were arrived at their house. Igneel sighed happily.

"Guess, things won't change soon." He said and chuckled as he stared at the sight outside through the window.


The Dragneels were standing in front of a familiar door. But it wasn't familiar with our little pinkette, Nashi. "Papa... Where are we going?" Nashi tilted her head. Her clothes had changed into a cute pink dress by Lucy.

"Just you see. This is your first time, eh?" Shiki grinned as he lifted up his little sister and spun her around. Nashi laughed when he did. "Wait here okay?" With that, Shiki put her down and came into the room with Lucy.

Lucy winked at her daughter. "See you down there, Nashi."

When the two blondes entered the room, Nashi looked up to her father who grinned at her. "What room is it, Papa?" Her big brown eyes stared at his onyx ones. She was really inherited her mother's eyes.

"A dance room." Natsu said before he opened the door. He extended his hand which gladly accepted by Nashi, his daughter. "Shall we go, my little Princess?" Natsu smirked. Nashi nodded excitedly. Then they walked in and walked down the stairs that connected to the basement. It was so dark in there.

"It-It's dark, Papa." The little girl said, grabbing his father's hand tightly.

"You don't have to worry." Natsu said. "Now we're here." Natsu stopped and suddenly...




"Happy birthday, Nashi. Happy birthday, Nashi. We wish you all the best. Happy birthday, Nashi!" In the dark, 5 candles were lightening up. And Nashi's family was singing a happy birthday song for her in the dark. Shiki, who held the cake, walked closer toward Nashi.

"Make a wish, sist." Shiki grinned.

"A wish?" Nashi leaned down to blow the candles. "I wish for our happiness." She wished inside her heart before blew the candles away. And Natsu turned on the light while the rest were clapping their hands. The room was decorated with pink such as balloons, ribbons and there were only a table, sound system, bean bag couch and Christmas light around the room.

"Thank you, Mama, Papa, and onii-chan." Nashi giggled happily.

"Cut the cake!" Natsu cheered as he stole the cake from Shiki's hands.

"Natsuuu...! Don't do that!" Lucy smacked his head. Shiki chuckled as he watched the scene in front of him.

Natsu whined, "It hurts, Luce..." The pink haired man rubbed the spot where she hit him.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "It can't be that hurt, you big baby." Natsu pouted as he glared at his wife.

"You want me to make you feel it?" Natsu smirked as Lucy gulped. "Nah, I'll do that later. Shiki! Turn off the light." Natsu asked the blonde boy.

Shiki turned off the light and turned on the small lights. The music started to play as Natsu and Shiki started to dance. "Hip hop dance again?" Lucy smiled. She was always loved to see them danced like that. And her favorite part was when Natsu and Shiki were doing the robot dance.

Nashi clapped her hands. "Amazing! Papa and onii-chan are cool!" She ran toward her father who lifted her off the ground. "Do it again."

Natsu laughed. "Later, girl. And when the time comes. Your mother will join us." Natsu smirked at the blonde. "Luce is a great dancer!"


Lucy smiled a bit. "Who knows." Then she glanced at Shiki who sat on the bean bag couch. "Can you give Nashi a plate of cake?"

"Why me?" Shiki whined.

"You're his brother, Shiki-kun." Lucy stared at him. She didn't glare but her eyes were dangerous, making the blonde boy shivered.

Shiki walked toward the table to cut some pieces of cake. Then suddenly a slow song started to play. The blonde boy smirked, he knew that it would be like this. He sat beside his sister. "Here you go, Nashi."

"Thank you, onii-chan." She ate her strawberry birthday cake. She watched how Natsu and Lucy danced around the room. Nashi couldn't help but smile happily. Lucy was in Natsu's arms, one of his hands linked with hers and the other resting on her slim waist. She blushed at their proximity. Natsu started to take a step to the side and some others step. They swung around the room. She let him lead her with the rhythm that the music gave.

Nashi poked a piece of cake with the fork and offered it to Shiki. "Do you want some, onii-chan? Say 'Aaaaa'." Shiki opened his mouth and ate the cake. Nashi smiled big at him.

"She's so cute, isn't she?" Shiki thought.

"Is it fun to be a big brother?" Nashi suddenly asked. Shiki raised a brow before he grinned.

"Yes, especially when I have a cute sister like you." Her brother pinched her cheeks. Mere seconds passed before Shiki saw a smirk on Nashi's face. Okay, this was the first time he saw her smirked like that. It was kinda creepy for him.

Then the lights went on as Natsu and Lucy walked toward their kids with plates of cakes. "Since it's your birthday... Do you want something?" Lucy asked.

Nashi tapped her on her lips. Shiki stared at her, waiting for her answer.

"Well... I want a little sister!" Nashi grinned innocently.




"Huh?" Natsu blinked.

"Lit-tle sis-ter." Nashi spelled


Shiki held a laugh, seeing his parents' expression. It seemed like they were so surprised by Nashi's request. Nashi just blinked, making his brother patted her head gently.

"Onii-chan... Did I say something wrong?" Nashi looked up to her handsome blond brother.

Shiki shook his head. "Nope... I think."

"Mama, Papa... Are you okay?" Nashi asked as her parents were frozen. "Your faces are burning."

"They're not, Nashi... They're blushing." Shiki just chuckled at his sister.

Natsu rubbed the back of his neck. "Y-you know... It's not that simple." By that, Nashi pouted. How cute.


Lucy carried her daughter. "Well, let's just see." Nashi wanted to say something, but her brother gave her a grin, saying 'don't worry'. Nashi couldn't help but smile too. Just like Natsu's smile, Shiki's smiles was like a sun that radiated around it.

"Let's go to sleep, shall we?" Lucy asked as Shiki yawned big followed by Nashi. "Your brother is sleepy as well."

They walked Nashi to her room. "Good night, Nashi Dragneel. Have a nice dream." Lucy said as she pulled the blanket over the little girl's body. Then they walked put from her room. Natsu carried Shiki on his shoulder.

"You've gotten taller, huh?" Natsu grinned.

"Of course." Shiki sighed. "Let me down, Papa."

"Oww... My baby Shiki has grown up." Lucy teased. Shiki blushed a bit as Natsu put him down.

Shiki opened his room. "Good night, Mama, Papa."

"Good night, Shiki. Have a nice rest." Natsu patted his head before Shiki closed his room. So now, it was only Natsu and Lucy now. They sighed in unison, making them looked at each other.

"What's up with that smirk?" Lucy asked, raising a brow. "Natsu!" Lucy gasped when suddenly Natsu scooped her in his arms, carrying her in bridal style.

Natsu chuckled before kissed the tip of her nose and slowly led her out of the room into their own bedroom.

"We still have to grant Nashi's wish, haven't we?" Natsu said, before he swung the door shut. Before the door had completely closed, the last thing that could be seen was Lucy threw her arms around Natsu's neck as he grabbed her waist, pulling in for a passionate kiss.

The End

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