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Harry Potter and the road to revisit

Book II

Chapter 1

Call my name.

"Harry Potter, it has been decided that it is too dangerous for you to be on your own, we are here to escort you to a place the ministry is assured you will be safe." One of the Aurors stated professionally. There were two, one male and one female. The woman remained impassive and said nothing while the male looked at the two children with contempt, as though he really didn't want to be dealing with schoolkids.

Hermione stared at her friend. Harry hadn't moved and was just staring the two Aurors down. "Why does he have to go?" She asked tentatively.

"Because we have orders." Said the male Auror. "We don't have to explain ourselves to you." He finished. He had short, cropped brown hair that was starting to fade to grey and a few scars from incidents long past.

"But you will explain yourselves to me as Lord Potter." Harry stated, pulling himself to full height. He wasn't going to be pushed around by the ministry without reason anymore.

"Well Lord Potter." The man started with a sarcastic drawl. "Because of the latest events at Hogwarts, the ministry has decided to ensure the families of our ancient and noble houses are protected."

"What he means is that we want to make sure you won't be in anymore danger." The woman spoke up for the first time. She had a slightly round face and looked to be younger than the man. She was about a head and a half shorter than the man, but still far taller than the two kids. Her voice was nervous as though she still was getting used to her new position.

"Why can't I use the protection of the Potter houses?" Harry asked.

The man laughed. "Do you know where they are?" Harry shook his head and the man grinned superiorly, royally pissing Harry off and getting reproachful looks from the woman. "Well we have to take you with us then. You don't know where you're going and so the ministry has to play babysitter."

Harry glared at the man as he turned and started towards the exit. He was beaten; he didn't know where he was going to go. With a quick goodbye to Hermione he walked with the woman towards where the man was talking with a group of other Aurors. "Is he always like that?" Harry asked. "Not always, but he really didn't like the idea of using ministry resources to pick you up when we are so tightly stretched as is." She said with a sigh. "My name is Abbey." She added with a smile while holding out her hand. "We probably won't talk much, but courtesy is best I think."

Harry shook her hand gratefully. "Harry." He said with a nod. "I agree with you." He said with a small laugh. "Do you know where we're going?"

Abbey shook her head with a frown. "Not a clue. Marcus, the rude guy, is the only one allowed to know because he's the one heading this little field trip." She said with an apologetic smile as the two reached the entrance just as the rest of the Aurors fanned out around Harry.

"Alright, keep formation and protect the package" Marcus called and signalled for the group to move towards an entrance Harry had never noticed before.

"Where's that lead to?" Harry asked Abbey quietly.

"It's the direct link to the ministry. From there we'll take you to... Wherever it is we were going." Abbey said, grinning with her own lack of knowledge.

"Why have I never noticed it before?"

"Well no one is supposed to. It has charms to prevent anyone who isn't going to use it from actually noticing it, even wizards are affected by it."

"Ah.." Harry could only say as they started down the passage and onto a platform with a few seats, much like the Gringotts carts but bigger, Harry noticed.

Marcus stood at the front and pointed with his wand. "Forward!" He said into the gloom and the platform started its journey.

The trip was uneventful but soon they had made it to the ministry building.

"Ah Mister Potter." A familiar voice rang out. With a slight groan Harry turned to see the Minister grinning at him.

"Minister." Harry said, pasting on his best political smile. "What may I do for you?"

"Well Harry my boy, it's more what I can do for you. In light of the tragic event that occurred I wish to extend the Ministry's protection so that we may all sleep a little easier at night." Fudge said with a winning grin.

'No wonder he's minister, he obviously only knows how to suck up to people' Harry thought sourly as he walked up to the Minister and shook his hand giving thanks for the 'support'

'It may be better to just keep low and play their little game for a while' He decided and followed the Minister to his office whereupon he turned to Harry. "Sit my boy" He started gently, motioning towards a chair on one side of a large desk, while Fudge stood leaning against the fireplace. The office was mainly decorated for show, Harry noticed, with grinning pictures of Fudge everywhere and few other adornments aside from very expensive looking objects that one would only begin to hope to understand the functions of. Pulling Harry out of his reverie the Minister coughed lightly before beginning the inevitable questioning. "Such a terrible accident. Dragon attack on the school, just before the end of term and everything. I suppose you don't know anything about it do you Harry?" Fudge asked lightly, while looking into the depths of the fire.

"No Minister." Harry answered calmly. "It all happened so quickly I don't know what went on."

"I didn't expect you would." Fudge said jokingly as he looked up at Harry. "But Hogwarts is supposedly the safest place in Britain, aside from the Ministry of course, but of course you know that don't you Harry?"

Harry knew then what the Ministers game was. Mentally smirking he gave the Minister an almost admiring smile. "Of course Minister, but I didn't think the Dragon would have been able to get anywhere close to the school with the Ministry to pre-empt it and stop it."

That had Fudge beaten, and it was noticeable with the frown that suddenly adorned his face. "Well that was an inter-departmental mistake, I'm having a full investigation, no need to worry it'll be sorted." Fudge huffed out quickly, before moving towards his chair at the other side of his desk.

"Minister, what will happen now?" Harry asked curiously. "Where am I going?"

Fudge smiled warmly again before answering in a condescending tone. "We have a place lined up. Marcus, who I'm sure you met earlier, will be taking you there directly. From there you will be under the supervision of three of our elite Aurors."

"Where is it though?" Harry asked, starting to get impatient. "I think I deserve answers."

"It is one of our Ministry locations so unfortunately I can't give you exact details." Fudge stated calmly enough, but the look in his eyes was that of enjoyment. "You're just going to have to trust me."

Harry sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Fine." He said, already sick of the games of the 'adults'. He was never a political person, and this situation just annoyed him more. "Can I just go?"

"Of course Harry." Fudge said and led him out to Marcus. "Take care of our guest Marcus." Fudge said to the Auror.

"Yes sir." Marcus said and led Harry to a Fireplace, guarded by two Aurors. Turning to Harry Marcus held out a slip of paper. "Read this, and memorize the address. This is a secure line and only goes to one place."

"Then why the address?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"Don't be smart. Lord or not, you're in our world now." Marcus said and gave Harry some Floo powder.

The paper only said 'The Hiding place.' And Harry was left wondering what he was being thrown into. Stepping into the fireplace and throwing the powder Harry was whisked away only to land face first on a carpet in a scarcely decorated room. Sick and disoriented from the ride Harry was hauled to his feet by Marcus.

"Welcome Lord Potter to the Hiding place." Marcus said.

Harry had been in the Hiding place for two week, and as far as he could see it was underground with the fireplace being the only way in or out. There were fake windows, like in the Ministry building, but aside from that it was a four bed roomed building with one central area that served as a kitchen and living room, where the Aurors and Harry ate meals and listened to the radio. The bedrooms were sparsely decorated but had individual bathrooms, which Harry was grateful for. Newspapers were delivered daily, how Harry couldn't figure out, but he kept himself up to date with the news, while awaiting any sort of time where he could get out.

It was one night, or at least that's what the windows told him with the darkness they showed, where Harry laid in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about his life and what would be happening now when he remembered. "Dobby!" He said out loud, but quietly so that he barely heard himself. He had forgotten about the elf's visit to the Dursley's and wondered if he would still go there. He figured that he had a few days left, but sighed as he guessed the elf would think Harry was safe as he couldn't be found. No mail, no word from anyone other than The Prophet and Harry knew no one would be able to find him if the Ministry could help it.

Putting the thought aside he rolled over and allowed his body to succumb to his tiredness.

He stood up in a field of black smog. It floated around his feet, and he could see nothing else. He started walking, not knowing why but knowing it was the right thing to do, he travelled for what felt like hours before he saw anything.

A gleam of red

Rushing now Harry came across a girl. He knew who it was instantly without question but something was odd. "Lily?" Harry asked tentatively, reaching out to the girl.

"DON'T COME CLOSER!" She cried out, startling Harry. Her voice was distorted, half growl and half girls cry. Her body was distorted with black scales and a few horns erupting at random points on her body and ripping the robe she wore. Her black, yet glowing eyes were filled with a kind of fear and pain Harry could never hope to understand.

"Lily what can I do?" Harry asked, he didn't know how to help and he was scared of the feeling of helplessness filling him.

"I don't think you can Harry." She said through a fit of choughs as she fought back the growling. "I fused with dragon-mort in the explosion. It should have destroyed both of our magic's but we just ended up in this big mess. Harry, I'm so sorry" She said with tears welling in her eyes.

"You tried Lily, no one died and you got rid of him at least. Don't beat yourself up." Harry said, afraid to reach out to comfort his friend.

"I wish it was that simple." She said with a sad laugh. "He'll still be around."

Harry nodded his agreement, while he stared into the distance. After some time just sitting he came up with an idea. "Lily, hold still. This may hurt a bit." Harry said before facing the girl.

"Harry what are you-. " Lily started before Harry interrupted her with a tight hug. As he hoped the blood protection still worked as the deformities fizzled away with a high pitched scream from the part of Voldemort that was forced out of Lily.

As the last of it left Lily shrank back from Harry, before her own body started to fizzle away.

"LILY!" Harry called out but was only met with a small smile and a giggle from her quickly disappearing visage.

"Well you did it I guess." She said happily. "But stop freaking out. I just have to be reborn, I am a phoenix you know."

"Oh." Harry said blushing at his own over reaction. "How long will it take?" He asked.

"I don't know, a while I guess." She said as she finally vanished, leaving Harry to awaken, covered in sweat but happy none the less.

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