My name…is Cookie. I was never the prettiest girl in school. The girls would push me around, make fun of my looks, and knock my books out of my hands while I'm walking down the hall. For no reason! It was the most embarrassing thing ever! That would happen every day…until…he came along. Lucky. He was the man of every girl's dream. He had the looks, the charm, and the muscle. He had a little group of two other friends. They were named Niblet and Squirt. They were all on the football team together. Lucky was quarterback, and Niblet was defense, and Squirt was offense. That was probably how he got all of his muscle.

Niblet is a big fella that loves to play rough with everyone. Sometimes he accidentally injures them in ways I couldn't even imagine! I'm glad I don't know him so well!

Squirt is a really scrawny character that just loves football to the core. He tries to catch it as much as he can, and when he misses a game or if his team lost, he would be in a bad mood for the whole day. Thank God I'm not a football fanatic!

As for Lucky, he always gets lots of girlfriends, whom are always prettier than me. They also get invited to all of his parties, which I never get invited to because apparently I'm not "cool" enough. There was no way he would pick me to be his next girlfriend. Or so I thought.

There's this girl named Molly. She's Dolly's little sister. Dolly already graduated a couple years ago. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Unlike her sister. Molly's been pushing me around since I first came to this school in ninth grade. She thinks she's the prettiest girl on campus even though everyone else thinks she's just a wannabe. She also tries to take my sweet Lucky away from me!

"Hey, Lucky," said Molly. "How was practice?"

"Fine," Lucky responded. "Why did you push that innocent girl?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Molly said.

"I'm sure you do," Lucky replied.

"I…I don't!" Molly stammered.

Lucky just stared into her eyes inventively. She finally cracked and yelled, "Okay! But I did it only because she's a loser!"

"Nobody's a loser on my campus," Lucky shot back.

"FINE! If that's the way you want it!" Molly shouted.

"Go," Lucky demanded.

With a look of anger by Lucky's words, she stormed off down the hall while everyone let out a happy cheer.

"YOU'RE ALL LOSERS!" Molly yelled and turned the corner in anger.

Lucky turned his head and saw me on the ground. So he grabbed my hand and pulled my up onto my feet.

"You alright?" he asked.

"I think I'll be fine," I replied.

He stroked his hand on the back of my head and neck. It felt kind of odd, creepy, and, yet, settling and satisfying at the same time.

"I'll make sure she doesn't do that again," he said to me.

I could only gaze in aw in his eyes. His beautiful brown eyes. They sparkled like emeralds. But my fantasy was cut short when one of his friends said, "Yo, Lucky! We gotta go!"

Lucky turned his head back to me and said, "I'll return for you." Then we was off.

I stared after him while he was running down the hall, thinking…thinking about what he said. "I'll return for you." I couldn't believe it. He picked me. Me! He was the man of every girl's dream! And he picked me! Of all people, why me? Was it my hair? My eyes? My…body? No. Couldn't be. I know he's handsome and all, but he's not a pig. I hope.

Just then, the bell for class rang. Crap! So then I ran down the hall as fast as my legs could run and I ran into my English room yelling, "Sorry I'm late!"

Mr. Learie looked at me. Just then, Molly piped up with a snooty, teacher's pet kind of look and said, "Well, well, well. Look who's late. Again."

"Shut it, Molly," I said to her.

"What? I ain't doin' 'nutin!" She said and made a little cutsie face. That irritated me quite a bit. Sometimes I wish that she just fall down a well and stay there. And we'll see if Lassie saves her or not.

"Just have a seat Miss Cookie," Me Learie said to me.

So I sat down still a little irritated at Molly, when I heard a little psst! I turned my head and there was Lucky waving at me, two seats down (the other chair was empty)!

"Pretty boring class…isn't it?" he asked.

I was so busy listening to the teacher and thinking of a way to get back at Molly that I immediately forgot that he was there! Man I'm such a loser!

"Yeah, a bit," I replied.

"Let's ditch it," he said to me.

I don't think I heard him right. Did he just say that we should ditch English class!

"Um…isn't that bad?" I asked him.

"Yeah…and?" he asked.

I couldn't believe I was saying this but, I said, "I don't think so."

"Atta girl," he said.

What did he just say?

"Normally, girls would accept my offer, but you're the only one that made the right decision. I like that."

He really likes me and the choices I make! I thought to myself and apparently I was daydreaming when I heard Mr. Learie say, "Ahem!" I almost jumped! I looked up at him.

"Who are you talking to, Miss Cookie?" he asked me.

"Nobody, sir," I told him.

"Then pay attention," he told me.

"Yes, sir," I replied.

He turned his head back to the board when I heard that psst! again.

I turned my head again towards the sound when I saw Lucky passing something to me. It looked like a note.

"Here," he said.

I opened up the piece of paper. Here's what it said:

You're invited to the wildest party ever! ~Lucky

The invitation had little party designs around it like balloons, streamers, and confetti.

"Is this an invitation for-" I started to ask.

"Yep," Lucky said.

I couldn't believe it! He's inviting me to one of his parties! Not many people are invited to his parties!

"So…you interested?" he asked.