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Accidental marriage

"Oh it looks like we have a call, let's see what problem it is and hopefully I can help" a blue haired beauty spoke through the microphone in front of her, pushing a button on the large keyboard, the young beauty waited for the caller to speak. "Hello Hinata-san my name is Kiyomi and I have a huge love crisis" a nervous voice was amplified in the studio, the beauty just smiled "Hello Kiyomi-san I hope I can help you with whatever problem you have" her soft voice seemed to sooth Kiyomi because now she spoke with a bit of confidence, "Well you see, last week my boyfriend proposed to me and our relationship has been kinda rocky lately, he said with marriage everything will be fixed, but I don't think so" she stated sadly, Hinata frowned at this and she knew this girl was right, "How old are you sweety?", that question surprised the caller "Oh I'm 21."

Hinata sighed "Kiyomi, I'm sorry to say this but you are right if your relationship is rocky from the beginning how can you have a happy marriage, and young couples get divorced quickly, in America there a percentage of 56% of young couples who get divorced early. So in my opinion I think first you should stable your relationship then think about getting married. And honey your too young, enjoy life first then think about those ties because you don't know what might happen next" Hinata breathed as she heard a squeal from the other line, "Oh thank you so much Hinata-san they didn't lie when they said you are the best, thank you, you made my life better", Hinata smiled "Your welcome and I hope everything works well, good bye" cutting off the call Hinata blinked to see the producer signaling her to end the show since times up. Lifting a thumbs up Hinata neared her lips to the microphone "Well everyone looks like times up so I'll talk to you next week, have a great day" she chirped before lifting her hands on either side of her head, taking off the headphones. The young girl stood from her seat, walking out of the studio after waving good bye to her colleagues.

"…And honey your too young enjoy life first then think about tho-..", 'What a bunch of lies' a raven head thought turning off the radio in his car. Sighing and ruffling his hair a bit he sped through the high way trying to get home quicker, and after a long day in the fire brigade he just wanted to cuddle next to his girlfriend or what's he is hoping for his soon to be fiancé.

Reaching his house, he parked his black Porsche in the driveway and got off hurrying in the house eager to hear her answer. "Kiyomi I'm home" a smile tugged his lips seeing his girlfriend cuddled in a blanket watching TV, he walked towards her and sat beside her "Oh hi Sasuke" she said with less enthusiasm than she usually say it but he quickly dismissed it. "So did think about my proposal?" seeing his girlfriend frown at this he raised a brow questioning her. "Sasuke I've been meaning to tell you this, I can't get married to you, we're young and we have our whole lives to get married, so why the hurry?" her green eyes shifted to him, he was frowning not liking her answer "Who told you this?"

Kiyomi bit her lip "I called Hinata; the lady who fix relationships. I couldn't help but agree with her about getting married young, we need to fix relationship first then think about marriage, did you know 58% (Haha she got the percentage wrong!) of young couples get divorced early, you don't want that to happen to us do you?" she looked at him in the eye and she could see the hurt in his black orbs "So that was you on the radio who said our relationship is rocky?" he whispered, she bit her lip and nodded scared to use her voice.

Sasuke stood from the sofa, he felt so hurt that his girlfriend did this to him. Running a hand through his hair he turned to Kiyomi quickly "I can't believe you asked advice from that fake" he hollered angrily. Tears glistered her eyes "It was the best option that I had and I think she is right I don't want to get married now", Sasuke grimed looking at her "Ok fine if that's how you want it, get out of my house. We are through" he hissed at his now ex-girlfriend.

Kiyomi's eyes widened "T-t-that's not what I meant! I don't us to break up, what I don't want is getting married" she shrieked, Sasuke just glanced at her disgustingly "Humph, you are right I don't want someone like you in my life, if now you are taking advice from fakes I wonder what will happen next, now if you don't want to get kicked out, you better leave" he stated coldly making the girl burst into tears and leave his house running. Sasuke sighed heavily and crashed in the couch "Can't believe that fake ruined the perfect relationship, but again…" he whispered as he thought back to his ex-girlfriend and how she was with him.

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